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Guitar Tabs: Video Game Tablature (Easy to Hard Level)
Super Mario Series for Guitar: Guitar TAB
Guitar Tabs: Video Game Tablature (Easy to Hard Level)
The Legend of Zelda Series for Guitar: Guitar Tab
Guitar Tabs: Video Game Tablature (Easy to Hard Level)
Video Game Music for Guitar: A Songbook for Easy Guitar with Notes & Tab

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Welcome to the world of Jone Ruiz Guitar, where you’ll find a unique YouTube channel that speaks to your love for both guitar playing and video game music. Thousands of like-minded fans have already discovered the perfect blend of improving their guitar skills while indulging in that instant rush of nostalgia.

Dive right into the content, which caters to guitar enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or just starting out, you’ll appreciate the captivating melodies familiar to anyone who loves video game music. So join us on this musical journey, and let your guitar skills and passion for gaming create a memorable experience.

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Unlimited Access to Expert Guitar Tabs

One-of-a-kind Guitar Tabs

Experience the benefit of unique guitar tabs, curated specifically for video game enthusiasts. Most major guitar tab websites may not cater to this niche, but by joining our community, you gain exclusive access to high-quality, personally developed tabs that cater to your interests.

Simple and Clear Tabs

Gone are the days of struggling with poorly formatted and confusing tabs. With over 10 years of experience in creating professional-quality guitar tabs, you can trust that our tabs are easy to follow, well-structured, and user-friendly—regardless of your experience with reading tablature.

Full Access to All Tabs

By joining our community, you can view, download, and print all past and future video game guitar tabs. Enjoy the freedom to use the tabs in any way you like, making it easier for you to practice and learn. Indulge in your favorite game tunes like Super Mario, Pokémon, The Legend Of Zelda, and many more!

Monthly Tab Requests

Stay involved in the decision-making process by participating in our monthly polls on Patreon to choose which video game song should be turned into a guitar tab. Cast your vote during the first week of each month and influence which tabs are produced and made available to you.

Custom Arrangements

As a valued member of our community, you can request a personalized guitar arrangement based on your favorite video game song every six months. Enjoy the excitement of having a unique, custom guitar tab based entirely on your chosen song. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to download the tabs and learn to play the song yourself!

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Connect with Like-minded Enthusiasts

Imagine being part of a thriving community consisting of thousands of guitar and video game fans, sharing your passion for this unique fusion. Sounds fantastic, right? By joining Jone Ruiz Guitar’s Patreon, you gain access to a private group where you can build connections and engage meaningfully with fellow enthusiasts, beyond just YouTube comments.

Enhance Regular YouTube Content

Admiring the content on the Jone Ruiz Guitar Channel? Show your appreciation by becoming a Patreon supporter. Your contributions enable better and more consistent content than ever before. It’s the ideal way to ensure you continue enjoying fantastic videos and uphold the channel’s quality.

Get Exclusive Access to Guitar Videos

As a Patreon member, you’ll be among the first to view new videos before they’re accessible to regular YouTube subscribers. This privilege ensures that you stay updated and informed about the latest happenings on the channel. Plus, engaging promptly could even result in your comment earning a pinned status!

If you enjoy Jone Ruiz Guitar’s YouTube videos, you’ll undoubtedly love the perks Patreon members receive. From exclusive video game guitar tabs to unlimited access, becoming a Patreon has plenty to offer. So, why wait? Join today and reap the benefits of this fantastic guitar-loving community!

Guitar Tabs: Video Game Tablature (Easy to Hard Level)

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