Why Is Playing Guitar So Cool?

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Playing the guitar is one of the most rewarding hobbies there is, and anyone who can play a bit has something amazing in them! Being able to play the guitar doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a rock star or even a musician. You don’t even have to be great at anything else but learn to play properly, and you will have something amazing! Guitarists stand out as they have a such unique instrument that adds so much more than just sound. It makes playing easier by giving you rhythm and melody, which any other instrument doesn’t offer.

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Why Is Playing Guitar So Cool?
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How Did Guitar Become So Cool? 

Some of the reasons that make the guitar so cool are;

Its Portable 

Acoustic guitar does not require amplification or electronics. It is lightweight and can fit easily in a car’s trunk or an airplane’s overhead bin. The guitar also requires little maintenance or assembly. Once you tune it, it’s ready to play.

It’s Polyphonic

A polyphonic instrument means that it can play more than one tone at a time and can play harmonies. The only other popular instrument that excels at being polyphonic is the piano. 

It has a Wide Range.

The guitar has a wide range of nearly 4 octaves, compared to the seven on the piano. The wide range can produce notes from the higher register of the bass range. If you add a few extra low strings, the range gets closer to that of a piano. There are guitars, like the 8-string guitar, that can do just that.

It’s Fairly Easy to Play

The guitar is relatively easy to learn to play the first note, scale or chord. The guitar has frets that provide a clear division between notes, and the good thing is that you do not even need to know precisely where those division points are. Unlike other instruments like the violin, without frets, it is relatively easy to play a correct note on the guitar.

It’s a Versatile Instrument 

With guitar, you will learn to play various music genres like rock, pop, blues, fingerstyle and classical guitar or bass, and many folk traditional styles. 

 Studying guitar will develop your complex coordination and offer exposure to complex musical concepts that are unavailable on many other instruments. Additionally, the guitar can feature as a solo, accompanying, or ensemble instrument. This range of versatility makes it a great choice whether a guitarist wants to master the art form or play a few favorite songs around the campfire.

It’s A Great Way to Improve Your Musical Skills.

Playing the guitar is a great way to express your creativity and expand your possibilities in your musical skills. Apart from building your self-confidence in your day-to-day life to become a more confident player, you can also become a multi-instrument player, a sound engineer, a producer or a studio musician someday!

You Can Play Guitar Solo or In a Band

It sounds cool when you can play in a band or play alone. It is not as difficult to play alone compared to other instruments such as drums. Learning a few simple chord progressions gives you the skill to play with just about anyone. Therefore, playing the guitar can help to improve your social life in many ways. Guitar gives you a platform to connect with others when you attend guitar workshops or play with your friends. Playing guitar with others helps you to bond over your shared love of music and have fun together. Additionally, playing guitar can help you develop important social skills, like communication and teamwork. The act of playing with other people also helps you build strong relationships with others.

It Helps to Relax and Destress

Cool music has been known to help people relax and destress from time immemorial. Playing an instrument, such as the guitar, becomes even more beneficial. When you play the guitar, your body and mind are occupied with the task at hand, and you have no option but to focus on the present moment and create beautiful music. Such focus can help to clear your mind and relieve stress. Moreover, playing guitar is a fun and enjoyable activity that can help to improve your mood.

You Can Learn Guitar at Any Age.

No one is too old to learn guitar, and you can start learning it at any age. Young people tend to learn faster, but if you are older, you can still learn guitar as a beginner. Ramblin’ Jack Elliot is the oldest guitar legend, and he played at 86 years. 

Guitars are Affordable 

This article is not advocating that you should get the cheapest guitar when you want to learn and enjoy the guitar. But you can find a used acoustic guitar or electric guitar of a decent quality for under $150 that would suit your beginner’s journey.

It’s Easy to Find Lessons.

There is a wide variety of sources to get lessons on playing the guitar. From free YouTube video tutorials to paid courses on Teachable.com or Udemy.com, there is no shortage of places to learn how to play the guitar.

Final Take Away

You might hear that if you play guitar, people will assume you’re a cool rock star or musician. Playing the guitar is cool for several reasons, including the ability to play solo or in a band, the fact that it is versatile and portable, and you can learn at any age, among other factors listed in this article. It also helps you to be calm, which can give you a cool look when you have to focus on playing it with concentration. Additionally, playing guitar is a great way to socialize and meet people, whether playing for them in a solo event or in a band environment. It gives the guitarists a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The guitar is a cool instrument and a great hobby for anyone to pick up and enjoy for years to come!

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