Best 7 String Guitar Models for Versatile Musicians in 2024

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Guitars have been the cornerstone of music for centuries, evolving through time to accommodate a wide spectrum of sounds and genres. Enter the 7-string guitar, a relatively modern variant that provides a broader range of notes than the traditional 6-string models you’re probably used to. This extra string, typically tuned to a low B, extends the instrument’s bass range, opening the door for more technical playing styles which are particularly popular in metal and jazz genres.

The introduction of the 7-string guitar has allowed musicians to push the boundaries of creativity. You’ll find that this wider neck and additional string encourage intricate chord structures and solos that are not possible on a 6-string guitar. With these possibilities come certain challenges, such as mastering the unique fingering and picking techniques required. Despite this, the desire for musical innovation and greater harmonic depth has made the 7-string guitar a sought-after tool in many guitarists’ arsenals.

Choosing the best 7-string guitar for your needs means considering several factors. You’ll want to look at the guitar’s construction quality, the materials used, the electronics, and how the instrument feels in your hands. The guitar should not only sound great but also feel comfortable to play for extended periods. It’s about finding that balance between playability, sound quality, and reliability—all of which are paramount for both beginner and professional players.

As you explore the range of 7-string guitars available, think about the music you want to play and the features that will help you achieve your sound. We’ve dedicated hours to researching and playing a variety of models to help you pick an instrument that won’t just meet but exceed your expectations.

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Discover Your Perfect 7-String Guitar

Ready to explore deeper musical realms with an extra string? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best 7-string guitars available, perfect for both seasoned players looking to expand their range and newcomers ready to embark on a sonic adventure. Whether you’re into metal’s growling riffs or the complex layers of jazz, these guitars will have you covered with their rich tones and versatile playability. Let’s find your next six-string companion’s bigger sibling and unlock new musical possibilities together!

Jackson Dinky JS22-7

Best 7 String Guitar Models for Versatile Musicians in 2024

If you’re aiming to expand your musical range with a seven-string guitar, this Jackson Dinky JS22-7 should be on your list for its playability and affordability.


  • Comfortable maple neck and smooth amaranth fretboard cater to fast playing styles.
  • High-output pickups provide a full, rich tone suitable for modern music genres.
  • The string-through-body design improves sustain and tuning stability.


  • Factory setup may be inconsistent; you might need to adjust the action to your preference.
  • Satin finish on the body could be prone to fingerprints and smudges.
  • Not including a case means additional investment for protection.

Slinging the JS22-7 over your shoulder, you’ll first notice its lightweight and well-balanced body, which allows for marathon jam sessions without the strain. A handy mix of versatility and extended range, the extra string opens up new creative avenues, whether you’re crunching out heavy riffs or exploring complex chords.

Playability is a standout feature here; the one-piece maple neck facilitates swift hand movement, and the amaranth fingerboard’s smooth surface proves inviting for both seasoned guitarists and newcomers to the seven-string scene. Its sharkfin inlays add a touch of edge to the overall aesthetic, serving as a guide for your fingers while also making a bold visual statement.

Plugged in, the Dinky JS22-7’s pickups deliver a powerful punch that can handle a gamut of tones, from deep, growling lows to sparking highs. The HT7 bridge anchors the strings firmly, contributing to a pleasing sustain that makes every note ring out clearly. A quick setup to your liking will ensure that this guitar doesn’t just hang on the wall—it’ll become a mainstay in your musical arsenal.

Ibanez GRG 7-String

Best 7 String Guitar Models for Versatile Musicians in 2024

If you’re aiming to elevate your metal game without breaking the bank, this Ibanez GRG 7-String is a serious contender.


  • Thick, distorted tones perfect for metal
  • Comfortable playability with jumbo frets
  • Eye-catching quilted maple art grain finish


  • Factory setup may need adjustment
  • Limited tonal versatility beyond metal
  • Absence of a tremolo system

Holding the Ibanez GRG 7-String, the first thing you’ll notice is the sleek, high-gloss finish that commands attention. The quilted maple art grain top shimmers, giving it an aesthetic that matches the intensity of its sound. Ibanez’s reputation for crafting instruments tailored to shredders and metal enthusiasts is well represented here.

The jumbo frets on a treated New Zealand pine fretboard make for effortless bends and fast fingerwork, which I found to be a huge advantage when playing for extended periods. The neck feels sturdy and comfortable, which is crucial when you’re navigating through complex riffs and chords.

Sound-wise, the embedded Infinity R7 humbucking pickups deliver punch and clarity, driving the chugged riffs and searing leads you’d expect from a quality metal-oriented axe. While this guitar thrives in creating robust distorted sounds, I did wish for more flexibility for cleaner genres. But for its intended use, it doesn’t disappoint.

Strumming through a powerful riff, you get a sense of the guitar’s solid construction. The poplar body contributes to a beefy tone while keeping the weight manageable, which is handy during long jam sessions or gigs. The fixed bridge is stable, holding the tuning well even after aggressive playing.

Despite its many strengths, it’s worth noting I had to tweak the setup to get the action just right. Some players might find the lack of a tremolo a downside if that’s a feature they rely on. However, for a guitar at this price point, it’s a small concession for the quality and playability it offers.

Ibanez GRG 7-String

Best 7 String Guitar Models for Versatile Musicians in 2024

This Ibanez GRG will invigorate your metal riffs with its satisfying blend of comfort and punchy tones that makes it a top pick for its price.


  • Offers a blend of high-speed playability and aggressive tones
  • Quality construction that feels substantial in your hands
  • Fixed bridge provides stable tuning for extended playing sessions


  • Factory pickups may be less nuanced compared to higher-end models
  • Poplar body may not produce the resonance of more premium woods
  • Included strings may not suit all playing styles and preferences

Pulling the Ibanez GRG 7-string out of its packaging, the glossy white finish immediately catches the eye—it’s a sleek-looking beast. The maple neck feels smooth under the fingers, and those jumbo frets are indeed friendly to string bending, just as advertised. It’s lightweight but feels hearty enough to withstand rigorous playing, whether you’re practicing at home or turning heads at a gig.

Strumming the first chord, the Infinity R7 humbuckers roar to life, producing a meaty, distorted tone that will satisfy most metal enthusiasts. The fixed bridge is a key feature, eliminating string slippage and detuning so you can dive into aggressive riffs without losing intonation—truly a workhorse for extended jamming or recording sessions.

Yet, after playing around with it, you begin to notice that while the sound packs a punch, seasoned players might find the stock pickups lack the fine-tuned clarity of more expensive pickups, a small trade-off given the guitar’s accessible price point. Additionally, you might consider swapping out the factory strings to match your specific tension preference, a common adjustment for any new guitar.

In conclusion, the Ibanez GRG offers an impressively balanced experience. While not without its limitations, the pros overwhelmingly tip the scale, making it a worthy addition to your collection or a solid starter for those venturing into the seven-string domain.

Jackson Dinky 7-String

Best 7 String Guitar Models for Versatile Musicians in 2024

You’ll be absolutely thrilled with the Jackson Dinky 7-String if you’re diving into the realm of extended-range guitars without breaking the bank.


  • The 26.5″ scale length offers crisp, clear lows perfect for heavy riffs.
  • Includes accessories and an instructional DVD for immediate playability.
  • Sturdy construction with graphite-reinforced neck for long-term stability.


  • High-output pickups might be too aggressive for genres outside metal or hard rock.
  • Factory setup may require adjustments to suit personal playability preferences.
  • Limited color options may not appeal to all guitarists.

The moment you lay hands on this guitar, its sleek design stands out. It’s not merely a visual treat; the arched top coupled with a lightweight body makes playing for hours comfortable. The satin black finish is like an invitation to those who appreciate subtlety over flashiness.

Now, let’s talk feel and playability. The extended range requires a neck that can handle low tunings with ease, and the Dinky doesn’t disappoint. Whether chording near the nut or flying up to the higher frets for solos, the transition feels seamless. This smoothness is crucial when navigating the extra string—without it, your music wouldn’t flow as effortlessly.

Sound-wise, the Jackson high-output humbuckers pack a punch. Metal enthusiasts will find the aggressive tone ideal for drop-tuned riffage. However, if your musical tastes lean towards softer genres, the pickups might overpower subtler nuances. Keep this in mind, as versatility is key for many players.

Ultimately, the Dinky 7-String is a fantastic starting point for those keen to explore a wider sonic landscape. It challenges you to push your musical boundaries, and with the right adjustments, it can become a mainstay in your guitar arsenal.

GStyle TARIO 7-String

Best 7 String Guitar Models for Versatile Musicians in 2024

If you’re searching for a unique 7-string guitar without breaking the bank, the GStyle TARIO might just hit all the right notes for you.


  • Robust build quality with an Okoume body and burl poplar top
  • Vibrant tone with ample sustain thanks to the maple neck and composite ebony fretboard
  • Great value for an entry-level 7-string electric guitar


  • Might require some setup adjustments right out of the box
  • Factory tuning and intonation may need your attention
  • Hardware quality is adequate but might not satisfy all experienced players

Handling the GStyle TARIO, its build feels sturdy. The Okoume body provides a solid foundation while the burl poplar top gives it an appealing aesthetic. The guitar’s maple neck with a composite ebony fretboard offers smooth playability, and Mother of Pearl inlays add an elegant touch. There’s a balanced weight as you strap it on, and it doesn’t feel cumbersome even during extended playing sessions.

Sound-wise, the TARIO doesn’t disappoint. Strumming the first chord, you can sense the guitar’s vibrant tone and the sustain that resonates quite well. The hardware, while not top-tier, supports a decent range of sounds, suitable for various styles. Controls are simple – a volume knob, a tone knob, and a three-way switch – letting you dial in your desired sound with ease.

Over time, you might find yourself tweaking the setup to get it just right. Adjusting the truss rod and action could enhance your playing experience. Initially, it may not be perfectly in tune, so giving it a good setup is recommended to bring out its full potential. All in all, this 7-string guitar is a solid choice, especially if you’re new to the extended range territory or need an affordable backup for your collection.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before selecting a 7-string guitar, consider your musical genre and playing style. This will guide your choice regarding body type, neck construction, and additional features.

Construction and Materials

Examine the construction quality. A solid wood body resonates better than laminate, but comes with a higher price tag. Check the neck attachment method; bolt-on necks are easier to adjust or replace, while set necks offer more sustain.

Neck and Fretboard

A comfortable neck profile is crucial for playability. A wider fretboard is typical for 7-string guitars to accommodate the extra string.

Pickups and Electronics

Decide if you prefer passive or active pickups. Active pickups usually offer higher output, while passive pickups provide a classic tone.


Quality tuning machines ensure stable tuning, while a robust bridge can improve sustain and intonation.

FeatureWhy It Matters
Wood TypeDetermines tone and sustain
Neck ProfileAffects playability
PickupsInfluences sound output
Bridge TypeAffects sustain and tuning


Ensure that the guitar feels comfortable in your hands, and the extra string does not hinder your ability to play.


Set a realistic budget. More expensive doesn’t always mean better, but investing in a quality instrument can save money in the long run.

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