What Color Guitar Strap Should I Get?

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Choosing the guitar strap can be identified as a minimum task, but in reality, it is really important. Each guitar might require a different kind of strap. Then again, when it comes to choosing the color, we can be a very spectacle. So, What Color Guitar Strap Should I Get? 

It’s better to get some bright or dark-colored Guitar straps if you want to create a contrasting vibe with the guitar’s color. You can also choose from different kinds of patterns like floral, flag, clipart, symbols, or stickers. You can also add some quotes. 

In this article, I will share numerous information regarding guitar straps. You will get an overall idea about choosing the best guitar strap for your favorite guitar.

Lastly, I will share some important tips so that you can differentiate the best guitar straps for electric guitar, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar. So, without any further ado, let us get started. 

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What Are The Key Features Of A Guitar Strap?

Guitar Strap is a very useful accessory for a guitar. It would help if you had it for your guitar. It helps to hold the guitar in its place while playing it. It also ensures you do not stress your arms and minimizes the pain. 

So, when it comes to the features, there are five key features of a guitar strap;

1. Materials

The guitar straps can be available in different materials such as Nylon, Leather, Cotton, Neoprene, or Memory foam. If you are wondering, which is best among these, then let me tell you all are the same. 

You can choose the one as per your own preferences. However, let me share with you that Nylon & cotton are lighter ones, whereas leather and neoprene are heavier ones. 

You can choose the lighter ones for acoustic or electric guitar and the heavier ones for bass straps. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the one that suits you. 

All you need to make sure of is you are using the one that is comfortable, durable, and matches with your budget. 

2. Width

Guitar Straps can be found in different thicknesses. However, you will find the thickness falling between 2” to 4”. The thicker the guitar straps are, the better support they will provide and offer extreme comfort. 

Even though the thicker guitar straps can be expensive, they can last for a long time and serve you best. However, some guitars might need thinner ones, as they are comfortable to play with. 

3. Length 

Guitar strap length can be adjusted for almost everyone; can you be a tall or short person, you will be able to find the one that suits you. However, the length of guitar straps can generally be adjusted from 40 to 60 inches. 

You can even find the extra-long straps if you are a tall person. The extra-long straps can go up to 70 inches. 

4. Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism can be very effective when it comes to playing the guitar without any disturbance. It mainly happens when people use leather guitar straps. It can move while playing on the stage. 

Sometimes heavy guitar straps might also make the guitar move while playing. That is when the strap locks and clip locks become useful. They help to lock the guitar and restrict the guitar from moving. 

Whereas there is a group of people who might find it unnecessary, there might be some people who might find it useful. Therefore, the preferences are all yours. 

5. Colors & Patterns Available

You will be able to find guitar straps in different colors. They can be in darker tones or lighter colors. You will be able to make your choice from various options. However, I would like to add that you will also find guitar straps with unique patterns. 

You will find floral patterns or some with different stickers or clipart. You can even decorate with different marks or art. You can also add some symbols or write some quotes on it. That is, you can customize your guitar strap in your own way. 

So, What Should I Look For In A Guitar Strap?

While choosing the guitar strap, all you need to make sure of is you are comfortable with the strap and you like its color and patterns. Sometimes it is not about the look or pattern; rather, the level of comfort is what matters.

You can find the heavy and leather ones to be a comfortable one, whereas someone else might feel the light cotton guitar straps are the comfortable ones. Take your time to decide which one will suit you, and you will be comfortable with it. 

Are Thicker Guitar Straps Better?

There is a saying the thicker the strap, the better. Yes, it can be true but not always. There is no doubt that thicker straps will provide greater support and offer comfort to many people. 

However, the player with lighter guitars will not find the thicker guitar straps to be the most effective ones. They might find it unnecessarily bulky and uncomfortable. So, in this case, it completely depends on what you are comfortable with. 

What Is The Average Price Of A Guitar Strap?

Guitar straps can be found in different price ranges. All you need to do is fix your budget and buy the one you love. You can find budget-friendly guitar straps under $30, which can be of good quality, so you do not have to worry about the quality. 

Then, you will find some midrange guitar straps, which can cost you around $30 to $70. The premium ones will cost you more than $70. However, depending on different marketplaces, the price can vary.  

Related Questions

What Guitar Strap Does Taylor Swift Use?

Taylor Swift has got her own signature Guitar strap which is 2 inches wide and made with Nylon with leather ends. It is beautifully designed and comfortable to use. It has got a gorgeous swirl designed with gold. The length can fall between 42 inches to 66 inches. 

Does The Guitar Strap Matter?

The guitar strap is useful because it holds the guitar perfectly while performing. It would help if you found the guitar strap that you are comfortable with. 

There are many options available in the market so that you can customize the color and pattern of it, and you can choose the length of it. So, find the guitar strap you are comfortable with and then use it effortlessly. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the guitar strap as per your preferences is not a difficult task. However, identifying what you really want from a bunch of examples can be hard. 

I would suggest going with your instincts. If you are a classy person, you can choose from Gray or Brown colors. You can also choose from any bright colors if you fancy. Or else you can choose any dark-colored guitar strap. 

Let me also tell you, you can add your own touch to the guitar strap, like adding some stickers, writing some quotes, or painting it in your favorite painting. 

That is, make yourself comfortable with the guitar strap or customize it in your own w

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