What Is Guitar Center’s Return Policy? | Get Your Answers Here!

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Many individuals who play an instrument establish an intimate relationship with them, and guitar players are no exception. It is almost as though there is a specific guitar for every player. So what happens when you purchase a piece that doesn’t feel quite right for you even though it comes with the best specifics and falls within your budget?     

The Guitar Center’s return policy is a 45-day satisfaction guarantee within which you can return an item you are not satisfied with, provided the product remains in its original condition. There must be no signs of wear or use. In-store and online returns are possible, but some exceptions or limitations apply to the policy.

The guitar center understands how normal it is to purchase regrettable items. Perhaps the item wasn’t a good fit, or you made a wrong choice. As one of the biggest retailers in the United States, protocols exist for every activity to ensure client satisfaction and business sustainability. So, this article will enlighten you about the guitar center’s return policy. Let’s get started! 

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What Is Guitar Center's Return Policy? | Get Your Answers Here!

Guitar Center’s Return Policy

The guitar center’s return policy is a provision for customers to return a purchased item (music instruments) quickly. As the largest musical instrument dealer in the United States with online and physical stores, the center’s return policy exists to increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously boosting sales. 

Although there are some limitations or exceptions to the policy, the list below summarizes the primary policy content:

  • Items can only be returned within 45 days of purchase.
  • All returned items must be in their original form without signs of use or wear, including the original packaging and all accessories such as instruction manuals, booklets, warranties etc.
  • You may have to pay a return handling charge of about 15 percent restocking fee for damaged items or items devoid of their original condition.
  • Your return may be disqualified if your item is excessively worn out or damaged.
  • Your returned item undergoes a two to three-day evaluation before processing your refund.
  • Refunds do not include shipping and handling charges. Also, free shipping orders have their uncharged cost deducted from your refund.
  • You can only avoid paying return shipping fees on online orders by returning the items to the nearest guitar center’s physical store.

What Is Guitar Center's Return Policy? | Get Your Answers Here!What Is Guitar Center's Return Policy? | Get Your Answers Here!

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Exceptions and Limitations of the Standard 45 Days Return Policy

The guitar center’s policy has some exceptions where it accommodates clauses that apply more stringent return conditions on some items. It is a way to maintain the company’s value and avoid abuse of the return policy. Here is a table highlighting the limitations of the guitar center’s return policy.

S/NException CategoryItems That Apply
14 days exceptionRecording equipment, DJ apparatus, workstation keyboards, rack signal processors, lighting machines, fog machines.
3 days exceptionVintage instruments.
Non Returnable 
Clearance items, anything marked as non returnable, Apple hardware, computers, electronic software downloads, discontinued items, vinyl records, videos, books, CDs, earbuds, harmonicas, turntable cartridges, special/custom orders, items not stocked by the guitar center.

Ways To Return Items at the Guitar Center

There are two ways to purchase from the guitar center: online or in-store. Similarly, these two purchase ways also apply to returning items if unsatisfied. However, you must ensure that you know what category your item falls under per the exceptions and limitations of the return policy to save yourself some hassle. The two ways to return stuff at the guitar center are:

In-Store Return

In-store returns allow you to return items in person by visiting any nearby guitar center store. This method requires you to bring a printout of your order email confirmation or packaging slip. 

The documents with your item for return and your physical presence allow you to avoid return shipping charges. As a result, it isn’t the perfect return method for people who do not want to pay return shipping charges and handling fees.

Online Return

The guitar center operates a website, guitarcenter.com, where you can purchase things online. As a result, you can also decide to return your purchased items by mail. 

However, you need a return authorization code which you can get by contacting the guitar center’s contact number on their website. They charge a restocking fee of 15% for products not in their original condition and decline returns for damaged items. 

How the Guitar Center Handles Return Request Decline

The guitar center can decline your return request if it doesn’t comply with the standard. Also, you could be banned from future returns if you consistently violate the return policy. 

Here are a few situations that attract a return request decline from the company. 

  • If there has been an abuse of the return policy. 
  • Returning purchased items without a receipt or proof of purchase.
  • Excessive item returns
  • Returning an item not purchased from the guitar center.
  • Returning mutilated or damaged items 
  • Returning purchased items beyond the return date. 

Guitar Center’s Return & Exchange Policy (Including Holidays)

Sometimes, it can be pretty daunting to purchase during the holidays as you might not find the time to return it. In that case, the guitar center offers a little extension —till January 31st of the following year or the standard 45 days on items purchased during the holidays. 

However, holiday returns are not immune to the exceptions and limitations of the return policy. Product exchange is only possible if you have received a damaged item from the company. On the flip side, you cannot exchange an undamaged item if it has been used or damaged.

Guitar Center Refund Policy

Now that you know how the guitar center manages returns, it is time to learn about refunds. When you return a purchased item, the guitar center reviews it within two to three business days to ensure it is in its original condition and complies with their return policy. 

The center then approves and issues you a refund which may be completed within 72 hours by your bank. If you experience delays in your refund, you can contact the guitar center’s customer care to rectify the inequality. 

Furthermore, all refunds are processed using the original payment form for purchase. For instance, if you purchased an item using your credit card, the guitar center makes your repayments to your credit card—the same goes for other payment methods like PayPal, etc. However, cash payments on items costing more than $250 are paid by visa debit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Return Used Guitars to the Guitar Center?

No, you cannot return used guitars to the guitar center. The guitar center’s return policy states that returned items must be in their original state without signs of wear or usage. All items returned in poor condition may attract a 15% restocking fee.

Does the Guitar Center Permit Free Return?

No, the guitar center does not permit free return. The customers cover handling charges and shipping fees. However, you can avoid online purchase shipping costs by returning your items to their physical stores.

What if I Fail To Pick Up My Guitar Center’s Order?

Usually, when your order is ready, you will get an email alert from the guitar center. Then if you fail to claim your order within two weeks of the email alert, the center automatically cancels your order. 

Final Thoughts

Although the guitar center is one of the biggest retailers of musical instruments, it is possible to make a regrettable order.   Remember to do your research before making a purchase and, more importantly, understand the return policy to avoid abusing it.

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