10 Best Guitar Stands: Reviews & Comparisons

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Guitar stands are important for many guitarists. They make storing and protecting guitars easier and more secure. However, so many guitar stands are in the market that choosing one can be a headache. What are the best guitar stands in the market today?

The best guitar stands you can from Amazon today are:

  • String Swing CC01K-BW
  • Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand
  • AmazonBasics Adjustable Folding Stand
  • ChromaCast CC-DGS-2PK
  • Hercules GS525B 5-Guitar Rack
  • Fender Universal A-Frame
  • Hercules Acoustic Guitar Stand (GS200B)
  • Hercules GS432BPLUS Guitar Stand
  • Stagg GDC-6 Guitar Stand
  • Lekato 5 Multi-Guitar Hanger

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10 Best Guitar Stands: Reviews & Comparisons


This post reviews the best guitar stands you can find on Amazon. We also examine its pros and cons and if these suit your needs. 

Best Guitar Stands

Guitar StandProsCons
String Swing CC01K-BWEasy installation, suitable for drywallSecurely holds various guitar types.Premium black walnut buildMissing “keeper rings” in some packages.May not be strong enough for heavier guitarsCheckPrices
Hercules GS414B A/GStable grip at headstock for security.Suitable for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.Special foam prevents damage.Adjustable height.Takes more floor space due to tripod design.CheckPrices
AmazonBasics Adjustable Folding StandAdjustable width for various guitar types.Portable, folds flat for easy storage/transport.Sturdy build with foam padding.Does not fit inside a standard guitar case.Foam padding might be thin.CheckPrices
ChromaCast CC-DGS-2PKPortable and folds flat.Accommodates electric, bass, and acoustic guitars.Space-saving in depth.Stability concerns.Fixed width may not suit larger acoustic guitars.CheckPrices
Hercules GS525B 5-Guitar RackDurable construction with soft and hard rubberEasy setupAccommodates various guitar types.Size may be too big.May be too wide.CheckPrices
Fender Universal A-FrameVersatile and adjustable for different guitar shapes.Easy height adjustment.Durable yet budget-friendly.May not be as sturdy as higher-priced models.CheckPrices
Hercules Acoustic Guitar Stand (GS200B)Portable and folds up compactly.Durable metal and hard rubber construction.Soft rubber cushioning for extra protection.Design may not be as stable.CheckPrices
Hercules GS432BPLUSAuto grip system securely locks instruments.Sturdy build.Padding on front legs for extra protection.Adjustable height.Heavy and not ideal for frequent transportation.Adjusting height requires some force.CheckPrices
Stagg GDC-6Portable, similar to a large suitcase.Plush velvet padding for protection.Flexible dividers for adjustable spacing.Straightforward assembly process.Takes up significant space when opened.Limited capacity for larger acoustic guitars.CheckPrices
Lekato 5 Guitar HangerAngled mounting saves space.Robust construction with heavy-duty metal.Rubber donuts prevent sliding.Installation requires alignment with wall studs.Protrudes more from the wall, requiring more clearance.CheckPrices

String Swing CC01K-BW – Best Wall-Mounted Guitar Stand

String Swing Guitar Wall Mount, Guitar Hanger, Wall Guitar Mount, Guitar Holder Hook for Wall, Fits All Size Guitars, Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Black Walnut Hardwood – Made in USA
  • LOCALLY SOURCED HARDWOODS: Our wall mount guitar hanger is Made in the USA with sustainably sourced North American black walnut hardwood which provides durability as well as a crisp look to your room/studio. Confidently place your instruments on a responsibly built guitar wall hanger.
  • RELIABLE AND PROTECTED: The String Swing guitar hanger is backed by a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY designed to provide musicians with a dependable wall mount for guitars, for generations to come.
  • DESIGNED FOR MUSICIANS: Our “Guitar Keeper” deep cradle design was pioneered and crafted by our team to hold your cherished guitars securely. The unique U-shaped guitar hooks eliminate the risk of twists, slides, or falls to provide your valuable instruments with sturdy protection. Our wall guitar hanger also features durable and high-density composite padding to preserve your instrument’s finish whether it’s a more durable poly or a delicate nitro.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR STUDIO: Our wall guitar holder allows you to customize the way your studio/room looks and feels by displaying your favorite instruments. Admire your guitars and let them transform or complete your desired aesthetic.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBLE: Our hanger’s pivoting and deep cradle design ensure your guitar hangs straight, distributing weight evenly, providing you with the confidence that your instrument is securely supported. Great for a wide variety of guitars, and will even support uneven headstocks like the classic Fender headstock.

The String Swing CC01K-BW is a guitar wall hanger designed to securely hold acoustic and electric guitars. This guitar hanger has gained popularity among guitar players for its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A standout feature of the CC01K-BW is its easy installation process. You can quickly set it up on your wall, and it comes with all the necessary pieces for mounting, even on drywall. This ease of installation is a boon for those not particularly handy with tools.

Its design also ensures that it holds guitars securely, giving you peace of mind that your instrument is safe. The guitar holder is sturdy and capable of holding different guitars, from a heavy electric bass to a delicate acoustic guitar.

The build quality of the String Swing CC01K-BW is notable. It’s made from black walnut, giving it a premium feel and look that can complement the aesthetics of any room. 

This wooden guitar hanger is functional and adds a touch of elegance to your space, whether it’s a living room, studio, or guitar collection display.

However, there are some downsides. For instance, despite the packaging indicating the inclusion of “keeper rings” for installation, some users have noted their absence in the package. This oversight might require a separate purchase for a complete setup.

Additionally, while the hanger is quite robust, its capacity to hold heavier guitars like a bass guitar hasn’t been universally tested, so caution is advised for those with particularly heavy instruments.

Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand – Best Freestanding Guitar Stand

Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand
  • AGS yoke System for security
  • SFF rubber on the legs allow the guitar body to rest with no harm to the finish.
  • Holds up to 33 pounds

The Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand caters to various types of guitars, be it an electric guitar, an acoustic, or even a bass guitar.

One of the most significant advantages of the Hercules GS414B is its stability. Unlike many guitar stands on the market, this one grips the guitar at the headstock, providing a secure hold.

This feature is particularly beneficial if you have a treasured electric bass guitar or an exquisite wooden acoustic. The stand’s stability is enhanced by its tripod guitar stand design.

Additionally, the specially formulated foam used in this stand is a thoughtful touch. It ensures that the guitar’s weight doesn’t cause any damage, which concerns those with guitars having nitrocellulose finishes.

The feature where you can adjust the length and height of this stand makes it versatile and able to hold different guitar sizes, from a bulky bass guitar to a slimmer electric guitar.

However, the stand isn’t without its drawbacks. The tripod design, while stable, can take up more floor space compared to an A-frame stand or a wall-mounted guitar hanger.

Also, opting for a multi-guitar stand or a guitar rack might be more space-efficient for those with multiple guitars.

Amazon Basics Adjustable Folding Stand – Best For Budget

Amazon Basics Adjustable Folding Stand for Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars and Banjos, Black
  • Tripod guitar stand for storing and displaying electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and 26-inch ukuleles (Note: not suitable for jazz bass or jazz guitar)
  • Durable iron frame construction with soft rubber padding (EVA) at all points of contact with your musical instrument
  • Sturdy tripod base with thick metal support bars and anti-slip rubber feet
  • Safe design with self-centering lower yoke and rubber end caps help prevent instrument from sliding or tipping
  • Secure height-adjustable mechanism with friction knob locks to prevent rotation of upper yoke

The AmazonBasics Adjustable Folding Guitar Stand is a versatile and economical choice for guitar players. This A-frame stand ticks many boxes, especially for those who own different types of guitars.

What makes this stand a strong contender is its adjustable width. This feature allows it to accommodate various guitar types, from electric guitars to bass and even acoustic guitars.

We tested it with several instruments – a P bass, a jazz bass, and even a banjo – and it comfortably fits them. This versatility is a boon, especially if you have a diverse guitar collection.

Portability is another significant advantage. The guitar stand can be folded flat, making it easy to store or transport. This is ideal for gigging musicians who need a portable stand that’s easy to carry alongside their guitar case or gig bag. 

However, it doesn’t fit inside a standard guitar case, which might be a drawback for some.

The build quality is sturdy, reassuring you that your guitar is well-supported. The foam padding offers additional protection, though it’s not as thick as some might prefer. This could be a concern for those with guitars that have delicate finishes.

ChromaCast CC-DGS-2PK – Best Double Guitar Stand

ChromaCast CC-DGS-2PK Universal Folding Double Guitar Stand with Secure Lock, Pack of 2
  • A-Framed Universal guitar stand with Secure Lock
  • Lightweight, durable, metal construction with Rubber feet
  • Folds flat in seconds for easy storage and travel
  • Stepped yoke Securely fits electric and acoustic guitars
  • Soft foam arms and rubber back rest to protect your guitar

The ChromaCast CC-DGS-2PK Universal Folding Double Guitar Stand is designed to hold two guitars, be it electric, acoustic, or bass; it offers a space-saving option compared to individual stands.

A standout feature of this guitar stand is its portability. It folds flat, making it a convenient option for musicians on the move. Whether performing on stage or practicing at home, this stand can easily be transported alongside your guitar case or amp.

This is especially beneficial if you own different guitars, as it accommodates electric guitars, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars.

However, the stand’s design raises some stability concerns, particularly for heavier instruments like a bass guitar or a full-bodied acoustic. The height of the stand from the ground, about four and a half inches, poses a potential balance issue.

This could be critical, especially if you live in areas prone to vibrations or accidental nudges, like during an earthquake.

The stand’s width is fixed, so it doesn’t offer the flexibility of adjusting the spacing between the guitars. While this might not be a problem for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, especially larger ones, may not fit as securely.

In terms of space-saving, the ChromaCast stand does offer a slight advantage. It measures less in-depth than two A-frame stands, saving around two inches. This could be significant in tight spaces or crowded stages.

Hercules GS525B 5-Guitar Rack – Best For Multiple Guitars

Hercules Stands GS525B 5 Space Guitar Rack Black
  • Accommodates five acoustic/electric/bass guitars with specially formulated foam (SFF) covering all contacting points of the body
  • One piece design for easy setup and carrying makes this stand the ultimate choice for stage or studio use
  • Yoke position is adjustable for a perfect fit for acoustic, electric and bass guitars

The Hercules GS525B 5-Guitar Rack is a robust solution for guitarists looking to neatly store multiple guitars, whether for a home studio, stage, or any space where organization is key. 

This multi-guitar stand is a middle-ground option for balancing budget-friendly and premium guitar stands.

Constructed of metal with soft-touch hard rubber and plush foam rubber where the guitars rest, the GS525B promises durability and protection for your instruments. 

This is especially vital for those with a mix of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, as the stand accommodates a variety of guitar types.

Its sturdy build ensures that your guitars, whether a hefty electric bass or a delicate acoustic guitar, are held securely.

One of the stand’s greatest strengths is its ease of setup. Unlike more complex stands that can be time-consuming to assemble, the GS525B is straightforward to set up right out of the box. This feature is a huge plus if you’re someone who values convenience and efficiency.

However, the stand’s size may be a drawback for some. While it can comfortably hold up to five guitars, including jumbo-sized instruments, its width may be excessive if you primarily own slimmer electric guitars or basses. 

In such cases, the stand might take up more space than necessary.

Another notable aspect is its understated design. The stand’s black color with subtle yellow accents makes it visually appealing without being too flashy, ensuring it blends well in most settings.

Fender Universal A-Frame – Folding A-Frame Stand

Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
  • A-Frame Stand for electric guitars and basses
  • Designed to hold not only offset instruments such as the Fender Jazz Bass and Jazzmaster guitar, but also instruments with more extreme shapes such as the Jackson Rhoads and Kelly models
  • Height-adjustable padded body rest and dual adjustable yokes
  • Adjustable retainer arm for securing instruments in place
  • DISCLAIMER: Tested and determined safe for standard polyurethane finishes. Not tested for compatibility with Vintage/Lacquer/Nitrocellulose finishes. Use at your own risk.

The Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand is a practical and budget-friendly choice for guitarists. It’s an appealing option for those who need an efficient way to store and display their guitars at home or on stage.

What sets this stand apart is its versatility and adjustability. It’s designed to accommodate various guitar shapes, making it a suitable choice for unconventional designs like the Flying V or the asymmetrical shapes of Jackson guitars.

This adaptability accommodates electric and acoustic guitars, adding to its utility. This stand is a wise investment if you’re a guitar player with a diverse collection.

The stand’s ease of use is another notable feature. Adjusting the height is straightforward, allowing you to customize the stand to the specific needs of your guitar. 

This adjustability also ensures that guitars with unique body shapes, like a Gibson Flying V, don’t touch the ground, providing extra protection for your instrument.

Despite its low price, the Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand does not compromise on build quality. It’s durable enough to hold guitars securely, though it may not be as sturdy as some higher-priced models. 

This stand could be a great addition to your collection, especially if you’re not looking to invest heavily in a guitar stand.

Hercules Acoustic Guitar Stand (GS200B) – Best For Travel

Hercules Acoustic Guitar Stand (GS200B)
  • The EZPack Guitar stand features a patented design that fits both acoustic and electric instruments
  • Featuring a compact and lightweight design, that folds down small to fit in backpacks, instrument cases or gig bags
  • Specially formulated rubber on all possible contact points protects your instrument

The Hercules Acoustic Guitar Stand (GS200B) is a notable option for those seeking a reliable and convenient way to store their guitars. This stand is tailored to meet the needs of acoustic guitar players. Still, it can also accommodate electric guitars and bass guitars.

One of the standout features of the Hercules GS200B is its portability. The stand folds into a compact size, making it easy to carry in a guitar bag or alongside your guitar case.

Portability is particularly useful for musicians who often play at different venues or those with limited storage space at home. It’s a perfect blend of convenience and functionality.

The build quality of the GS200B is commendable. Hercules is known for making sturdy, durable stands; this model is no exception. It features a mix of metal and hard rubber, ensuring your guitar is securely held without any scratches or damage.

The areas where the guitar touches the stand are cushioned with a softer rubber, adding an extra layer of protection for your instrument.

However, the stand’s design might not be as stable as some heavier, more traditional guitar stands, especially for larger acoustic guitars. While it holds the guitar well, those with heavier instruments might consider a more robust option.

The Hercules GS432BPLUS Guitar Stand – Best Overall

Hercules GS432BPLUS Auto Grip Triple Guitar Stand
  • Easily holds three instruments at once, ideal for stage or studio use
  • Instant Height Adjustment Clutch
  • Specially formulated foam (SFF) fully protects the instrument at all contact points
  • Upgraded Universal Auto Grip System

The Hercules GS432BPLUS guitar stand is a robust and versatile choice for players looking to securely hold multiple guitars on stage. Its design caters to various guitar types, from acoustic to electric and bass guitars.

A key feature of this stand is its ‘auto grip system,’ which locks the instruments in place securely. This system ensures that your guitars are held firmly, reducing the risk of accidental falls or damage. 

This stand’s adaptability can be a significant advantage, especially if you’re a guitar player who frequently uses different types of guitars.

The stand’s sturdy build is immediately noticeable. It’s heavy and well-constructed, which conveys a sense of durability. This sturdiness is crucial, particularly if you’re storing expensive guitars. 

The padding on the front legs, where the guitar body rests, offers added protection, ensuring that your guitar’s finish remains unscathed.

However, the robustness of the stand comes with its weight. It’s heavy, which might not be ideal if you need a portable stand. This factor could be a consideration if you frequently move your stand between locations, like a stage.

The stand’s height adjustment feature is another significant plus. It can be adjusted to suit different guitar sizes, adding versatility. However, adjusting the height can be tricky and requires a bit of force, which might not be ideal for everyone.

 Stagg GDC-6 Guitar Stand – Best Stand + Case Design

Stagg GDC-6 Universal Guitar Stand for up to 6 Electric or 3 Acoustic Guitars
  • Package dimensions:14.478 cms(L) x57.15 cms(W) x71.12 cms(H)
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Country Of origin: China

The Stagg GDC-6 Guitar Case Stand is a unique solution for guitar players who need to store multiple instruments in a compact and portable manner.

Resembling a large suitcase, this stand is designed to hold up to six guitars upright, making it an ideal choice for electric guitar players.

Acoustic guitar enthusiasts can also use it, although space might be slightly constrained depending on the size of their instruments.

One of the standout features of the Stagg GDC-6 is its portability. Its dimensions resemble a big suitcase, enabling it to fit snugly into most vehicles, which is a boon for musicians on the move.

The stand’s interior is lined with plush, velvet padding, akin to what one might find in high-quality guitar hard cases. This ensures your guitars are cushioned and protected from scratches or damage while in transit or storage.

The stand’s design includes flexible dividers, allowing you to adjust the spacing between guitars. This flexibility is particularly useful for accommodating guitars of varying widths. The assembly process is straightforward but requires a bit of time and attention to detail.

However, it’s worth noting that while the Stagg GDC-6 is compact when closed, it does take up a fair amount of space when fully opened. This might be a consideration for those with limited stage or room space.

Another potential downside is its capacity; while it can comfortably house six electric guitars, fitting in acoustics, especially larger jumbo models, might be challenging.

Lekato 5 Multi-Guitar Hanger – Best Wall Mount Multi Guitar Hanger

LEKATO Guitar Wall Mount Hanger, Aluminum Guitar Wall Rack Holder with 5 Adjustable Guitar Hangers, Multiple Guitar Holder Stand for Acoustic Electric Guitar Bass Banjo Mandolin
  • 🎸 Hold 5 Guiatrs: LEKATO Guitar Wall Rack Mount System with 5 adjustable guitar hangers and one 51.5 inch slatwall rail with endcaps display 5 guitars facing left or right or any desired angle in between.
  • 🎸 Innovative Design & Easy to Install: LEKATO guitar wall rack mount system slatwall rail uses 3 sections of splicing design. You can use one section separately or connect sections 1-3 according to your needs. The package comes with the screws and drywall anchors needed.Simple to assemble and install to a variety of walls. (Installation requires the use of a cross screwdriver. )
  • 🎸 Adjustable Guitar Hangers: Perfect accommmodate 5 guitars for various headstocks such as acoustic guitar, classic guitar, electric guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and etc. The guitar hanger 180°adjustable to display your guitar at the best angle.
  • 🎸 Safety & Durable Material: High quality thick aluminum alloy aluminum slatwall, sturdy and durable. Plastic-rubber foam padded arm give effective protection for your musical instruments, and avoid any scrapes or bumps when the instrument is placed in the yoke or remove.
  • 🎸 Space Saving – Guitar wall mount hanger helps you to save more space in your room. It makes more convenient to get instruments up and down. The design of the product is minimalist and fashionable that suits both home and professional environments. This hanger system an ideal gift for who like musical instruments on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day.

The Lekato 5 Guitar Hanger is a unique wall-mount system designed to elegantly display up to five guitars. This system stands out for its angled mounting, allowing more guitars to be displayed in a given area than traditional flat-against-the-wall mounts.

This feature is particularly advantageous for guitar enthusiasts with limited space or guitar shops looking to maximize their display area.

One of the key strengths of the Lekato hanger is its robust construction. The wall arms are made of thick, heavy-duty metal, ensuring the hanger’s durability and the safety of your guitars.

Each arm is equipped with rubber donuts, a thoughtful addition for those living in earthquake-prone areas, as these prevent the guitars from sliding off during tremors.

However, the Lekato system does have some potential drawbacks. The installation process requires precise alignment with wall studs, which may not coincide with standard stud spacing in some homes.

This could necessitate additional drilling or customization during installation. Moreover, the system protrudes more from the wall compared to traditional mounts, requiring more clearance space.

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