Best Guitar For Kids Guitar on Amazon | Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you are in the market shopping for a guitar for your kids? You have come to the right place. Check out our review of the electric or acoustic guitars for kids.

The best guitars for kids on Amazon are:

  • Fender CC-60S
  • Yamaha JR1 3/4-Size Dreadnought
  • Martin LX1 Little Martin
  • Ibanez PN12E Mahogany electro-acoustic
  • Epiphone SG
  • Ibanez GRGM21 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar
  • Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar Bundle
  • Jackson Dinky Minion JS1X
  • Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top
  • Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor

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Best Guitar For Kids Guitar on Amazon | Reviews and Buying Guide


Best Guitar For Kids

Guitar ModelTypeFeatures
Fender CC-60SAcousticSolid spruce top and mahogany back and sides.Smaller concert size, ideal for kids.Scalloped bracing for better sound.Check Prices
Yamaha JR1 3/4-Size DreadnoughtAcousticCompact 3/4 size, ideal for children.Spruce top and Meranti wood back and sides Smooth fret finishes and quality tuners.Check Prices
Martin LX1 Little MartinAcousticSpruce top, mahogany back and sides.Durable and suitable for travel.Slightly smaller frets ideal for small hands.Check Prices
Ibanez PN12E Mahogany electro-acousticElectric / acousticEntirely mahogany body for warm, rich tone.Electro-acoustic capabilities with active Ibanez preamp.Ideal for both acoustic and electric guitar learning.Check Prices
Epiphone SGElectricMahogany neck and body for rich sound.60s slim taper neck for comfort.Standard Strat single-coil pickups for classic tone.Check Prices
Ibanez GRGM21 3/4 Size Mikro Electric GuitarElectricPoplar or basswood body.Two humbuckers (Infinity R pickups) for powerful sound.Short-scale length perfect for kids.Check Prices
Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric GuitarElectricCompact size with a 22.75-inch scale length.Maple neck for comfort.Standard Strat single-coil pickups for versatility.Check Prices
Jackson Dinky Minion JS1XElectricSmaller-sized, suitable for young players.High-gain Jackson humbuckers for rock and metal tone.Poplar body with maple neck and rosewood fretboard.Check Prices
Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat TopAcousticShort-scale, perfect for kids or beginners.Laminate basswood body for durability.Clear, crisp tone.Check Prices
Taylor BT1 Baby TaylorAcousticSmooth transition for beginners.Low action and great intonation.Loud sound for its size.Check Prices

Fender CC-60S

Fender CC-60S Solid Top Concert Size Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Strings, Picks, Fender Play Online Lessons, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD – Mahogany
  • Solid mahogany top
  • Comfortable walnut fingerboard with rolled edges
  • New, easy-to-play neck shape
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Includes the CC-60S, along with Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Strings, Picks, Fender Play Online Lessons, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD

made with solid spruce top, with mahogany back and sides, this acoustic guitar promises a robust and resonant sound. Its smaller concert size, ideal for kids, offers a comfortable playing experience, especially for those with small hands or beginners learning guitar.

A standout feature of the CC-60S is its solid top. Unlike a laminate, a solid top resonates better. It improves with age, ensuring that this guitar not only serves as a beginner guitar but also grows with your child’s skills.

The scalloped bracing, a technique that removes material from the X-brace, enhances the top’s resonance, contributing to a louder and richer sound. This is not a toy guitar but a real guitar, perfectly sized for young enthusiasts.

For kids transitioning from acoustic to electric guitars, the CC-60S offers a smooth path. Its neck profile, designed for comfort, is suitable for kids and features rolled fretboard edges, ensuring a played-in feel from the get-go. 

This is crucial for kids learning guitar, as it helps them play guitar for longer periods without discomfort.

The guitar also comes in a standard acoustic version and a cutaway electric model, the latter featuring a Fishman pickup. This versatility means your child can explore acoustic and electric guitar realms with the same instrument, a rare find in guitars for children.

Yamaha JR1 3/4-Size Dreadnought

Yamaha JR1 FG Junior 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, Natural
  • The FG Junior is a 3/4 sized guitar modeled after the acclaimed Yamaha FG Series
  • The JR1 has a smaller body and shorter neck, perfect for young players or those with smaller hands
  • Yamaha craftsmanship and a spruce top give this compact guitar an authentic acoustic tone
  • Great for use as a travel guitar when space is limited
  • Gig bag included for safe storage and easy transport. Saddle material: Urea

The Yamaha JR1 3/4-Size Dreadnought guitar is a gem for kids and beginners. It’s not just an acoustic guitar for kids; it’s an instrument that brings the quality of Yamaha guitars into a compact, manageable size for young learners or those with small hands.

Why is the JR1 a great choice? Firstly, its size is perfect for children. The 3/4 size makes the guitar easier for kids to play, especially when a full-size dreadnought can be overwhelming.

This site isn’t just beneficial for comfort. It helps develop proper playing techniques, which are crucial in the early stages of learning guitar.

But don’t mistake it for a toy guitar. The JR1 is a real guitar, offering the quality sound Yamaha is known for. 

With a spruce top and Meranti wood back and sides, it delivers a sound that’s impressively full and rich for its size. It’s an ideal guitar for your child to start playing guitar and grow with.

What makes the JR1 stand out in the crowded field of beginner guitars? It’s the attention to detail. The frets are smoothly finished, there’s no discomfort when moving along the fretboard. 

The tuners are also of great quality, ensuring the guitar stays in tune, a common challenge for many beginner guitars.

The JR1 also doubles as a travel guitar, thanks to its size. It’s light, portable, and comes with a gig bag, making it a convenient option for trips or guitar lessons. It’s an excellent first guitar, balancing playability, quality, and affordability.

Martin LX1 Little Martin

Martin X Series LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar Natural
  • Body Body type: Concert/O Cutaway: Non-cutaway Top wood: Spruce Sitka Back & sides: Mahogany pattern HPL textured finish Bracing pattern: X Body finish: Hand-rubbed top, unfinished back & sides Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Modern low oval Nut width: 1.687″ (42.8mm) Fingerboard: Richlite Neck wood: Birch laminate Scale length: 23″ Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Unfinished Electroni
  • While the Little Martin is Martin’s smallest guitar, it is very big on tone, quality and versatility
  • The LX1 model features a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany high-pressure laminate HPL back, sides and top
  • It’s ideal for travel, student practice or for just playing around the house or campfire
  • Includes gig bag

Despite its size, the Martin LX1 Little Martin packs a punch that makes it an excellent guitar for kids and beginners. 

This guitar, known for its quality and durability, is an ideal first guitar for a child or any guitar player with small hands. It’s not just a kids’ guitar; it’s a real instrument designed for real music.

The LX1 features a spruce top, mahogany back, and sides, materials you’d expect in higher-end guitars. This combination provides a rich, full sound not usually found in guitars of this size. 

It’s perfect for learning guitar, as the sound quality can inspire and motivate young players.

One of the standout aspects of the Little Martin is its durability. You get a guitar that withstands the rigors of learning and traveling. 

Its size makes it an ideal travel guitar. It’s easy to carry and manage, especially for kids or individuals who find a full-size guitar cumbersome.

The neck of the LX1 is smooth and comfortable, making it easier to learn to play the guitar. The frets are slightly smaller than a standard acoustic, but this doesn’t detract from its playability. In fact, it might be the best feature for young players or those with smaller hands.

While it might be priced higher than some beginner guitars, the Little Martin is an investment. It’s a guitar that grows with the player. This guitar isn’t just for kids; it’s for anyone looking for a compact, quality acoustic guitar.

Ibanez PN12E Mahogany electro-acoustic

Ibanez PN12E Mahogany Parlor Acoustic-Electric Guitar Vintage Mahogany Sunburst
  • Body shape: Parlor
  • Bracing: X bracing
  • Top: Mahogany
  • Back and sides: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany

The Ibanez PN12E Mahogany electro-acoustic guitar is easy for small hands to navigate and offers a bright, clear sound that’s encouraging for those just starting to learn to play the guitar.

What makes the Ibanez PN12E particularly appealing for children and young guitarists? It’s the combination of its size and the quality of construction. The guitar is entirely mahogany – top, back, sides, and neck – contributing to its warm, rich tone.

This is not your typical toy guitar; it’s a real guitar designed with the aspiring guitar player in mind.

The PN12E’s electro-acoustic capabilities add another layer of versatility, making it one of the best electric guitars for kids. It includes an active Ibanez preamp with an inbuilt tuner, volume, bass, and treble controls, powered by a 9-volt battery.

This feature allows for easy amplification, perfect for guitar lessons or small performances.

For parents looking to get their child a first guitar, the Ibanez PN12E is an excellent choice. It’s a guitar that will grow with your child and is suitable for acoustic and electric guitar learning paths. 

The playability, high-quality sound, and ability to plug into an amplifier make it a great guitar for children.

The Ibanez PN12E combines affordability, quality, and practicality, making it an excellent starting point for kids who want to start playing guitar. Whether your child is interested in traditional guitar playing or wants to explore the electric side, this guitar covers all bases.

It’s a solid, reliable instrument that could be the perfect acoustic guitar for kids on the market.

Epiphone SG

Epiphone SG Junior Electric Guitar Player Pack with Gig bag, Strap, Guitar Picks, Amp & Cord – Worn Black
  • The Epiphone SG Junior Pack includes everything you need to start playing electric guitar right away
  • Electric Guitar: the SG Junior is slightly smaller version of the classic with a Solid Alder body, Hard Maple neck, smooth Torrefied Composite fretboard, 700T open-coil humbucker in the lead position, controls that include a master volume and a master tone
  • Guitar Accessories: All the accessories you need are also included; an Epiphone Electar-10 watt amplifier, plus gig bag, clip-on headstock tuner, strap, cable, and picks
  • For Beginners and Advanced: Our acoustic and electric guitar packs include everything you need
  • For Every Stage: Epiphone offers innovation, history, and a lifetime guarantee. Whether you are learning your first song in your bedroom, or rocking an arena, Epiphone has always been there, for everyone, for every generation, for every stage

The SG, short for “Solid Guitar,” has long been a hallmark in electric guitars, offering a distinctive look and sound. But what makes it particularly appealing for kids?

The Epiphone SG’s size and design are ideal for children, especially those with small hands. It’s not as bulky as some full-size guitars, making it more manageable for young players. The 60s slim taper neck of this guitar is a significant advantage.

It caters to the majority who might find a thick neck cumbersome, ensuring comfort during those long practice sessions or while taking online guitar lessons.

The Epiphone SG doesn’t compromise on quality, either. It features a mahogany neck and body, common in high-end guitars. This choice of wood contributes to its rich and warm sound, making it an excellent electric guitar for kids just learning to play.

The alpine white finish, described as “very, very alpine white,” adds a visually striking appeal, which can be a big motivator for kids. They’ll love showing off their cool, bright guitar to friends and during guitar lessons.

The guitar has Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro pickups, offering a clear and vibrant sound perfect for various music styles. This versatility is essential, as kids often explore different genres while learning the guitar.

The 22 frets and 12-inch fretboard radius provide ample room for practicing chords and solos, making it a great instrument for learning guitar.

The Epiphone SG’s simple yet effective setup, with a three-way toggle switch and no complicated push-pull pots, makes it easy for beginners to navigate. 

The guitar’s tunamatic bridge ensures stable tuning, an essential feature for beginners who might not yet be familiar with tuning their instrument.

In short, the Epiphone SG is not just a smaller version of an adult guitar; it’s a quality instrument, perfectly sized and designed for young players. Its blend of playability, comfort, and quality sound makes it one of the best electric guitars for kids.

Ibanez GRGM21 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar – Black Night Finish
  • The first Ibanez compact guitar
  • 22″ scale Maple neck offers low tension and small size
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Set-up like the full-size GRG models
  • Left-handed model available model (GRGM21BKNL)

The Ibanez GRGM21 Mikro, a 3/4 size electric guitar, is a fantastic option for kids venturing into the world of guitar playing. 

The smaller size makes it a perfect fit for young musicians, especially those with small hands, ensuring that learning to play the guitar is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Despite its compact design, the Mikro doesn’t skimp on quality. It boasts a maple neck and fretboard, which stands out. The maple fretboard, particularly its bright dot inlays, looks attractive and contributes to a smooth playing experience, which is essential for beginners.

This guitar comes with a choice of poplar or basswood body, materials known for their lightweight and resonant qualities, making the Mikro a great guitar for kids.

Equipped with two humbuckers (Infinity R pickups), the Mikro delivers a powerful sound that’s surprising for its size. This makes it ideal not just for traditional guitar lessons but also for young rock and metal enthusiasts.

The guitar includes a volume control, a tone control, and a three-way switch, providing ample sonic versatility without overwhelming beginners.

The Mikro’s short-scale length of 22.2 inches is perfect for kids, making the guitar easier to handle and play. This feature is particularly beneficial for children just starting to learn, as it reduces the strain on their fingers. 

This allows them to focus more on technique and less on the physical challenge of handling a larger instrument.

However, it’s worth noting that some Mikros have been reported to have issues with fret ends and high frets. While these issues are not universal, they are something to be aware of when choosing the right guitar for your child.

In many cases, a simple fret dressing can resolve these issues, making the Mikro a solid choice for a child’s first guitar or a travel-friendly option for guitar players.

Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar Bundle

Fender Squier 3/4 Size Kids Mini Strat Electric Guitar Learn-to-Play Bundle w/Amp, Cable, Tuner, Strap, Picks, Fender Play Online Lessons, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD – Brown Sunburst
  • 3/4-size body; 22.75″ scale length
  • Ideal size for children ages 6 to 12 years
  • “C”-shaped maple neck and 20-fret fingerboard
  • Three single-coil Stratocaster pickups with five-way switching, and vintage-style hardtail Stratocaster bridge
  • Bundle includes Guitar, Amplifier, Instrument Cable, Tuner, Strap, Picks, Fender Play Online Lessons, and Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD

The Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster Electric Guitar is a delightful choice for kids and beginners. 

This guitar, a smaller version of the iconic Fender Stratocaster, brings the classic electric guitar experience into a more manageable size for young players or those with small hands.

You might find this guitar’s compact size particularly appealing. Its 22.75-inch scale length is significantly smaller than a full-size guitar, making it easier for kids to handle and play.

The body is made of poplar, a wood known for its lightness and resonance. This means the guitar is easy to hold and delivers a quality sound, a crucial factor in keeping young learners engaged.

The Mini Stratocaster’s neck, made of maple, provides a smooth and comfortable playing surface. This feature is vital for beginners learning chord shapes and scales. 

The guitar also comes with a hardtail bridge, ideal for maintaining tuning stability — a common challenge for new guitarists.

This guitar is equipped with standard Strat single-coil pickups and offers the classic Stratocaster tone. The sound is bright and clear, perfect for various music styles. 

It’s an electric guitar that can grow with your child’s skills, from strumming basic chords to more advanced guitar playing.

The Mini Strat balances playability, comfort, and sound quality, making it an excellent first guitar for children. Whether for guitar lessons, practice at home, or as a travel guitar, the Squier Mini Stratocaster is a great choice.

Jackson Dinky Minion JS1X

The Jackson Dinky Minion JS1X is a shining example of a great guitar for kids, especially those keen on electric guitars and the world of rock and metal.

This smaller-sized guitar, often referred to as a 3/4 or 2/3 size, is tailored to meet the needs of younger players or those with smaller hands, making it an ideal first guitar.

What sets the Dinky Minion JS1X apart is its ability to deliver a sound and feel akin to its full-size counterparts in the Jackson series. For kids learning guitar, this means they get a real instrument experience, not just a toy guitar. 

It has two high-gain Jackson humbuckers, allowing for that distinctive rock and metal tone. This guitar will surely excite young shredders and inspire them to practice and improve.

The guitar features a hardtail bridge, a thoughtful design choice for a beginner electric guitar. This means fewer tuning issues, a common frustration for beginners. 

The poplar body of the guitar ensures a good tone. Coupled with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard, it provides durability and a comfortable playing experience.

Another standout feature is the guitar’s aesthetics, with classic Jackson shark-tooth inlays adding to its metal appeal. Available in vibrant colors like bright orange and pink, it’s visually appealing for kids. 

The guitar also has a cutaway on the neck, allowing easy access to higher frets and encouraging kids to explore the full range of the guitar.

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy 24 Inches Flat Top Guitar – 2-Color Sunburst Bundle with Strap, String Winder, Strings, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth
  • BEGINNER’S CHOICE: The comfortable parlor-sized body with X-bracing makes this an excellent guitar for beginners.
  • MADE OF BASSWOOD: The Basswood back, sides, and top make the guitar lightweight and offer several benefits including increased resoance, improved sustain, and a warm tone.
  • INCREASED VOLUME: The 12-fret design alongwith elongated bouts offers more sustain, projection, and volume.
  • REVIVAL OF THE REX: As a part of Gretsch’s Roots Collection, the G9500 aims at reviving the classic Rex acoustic guitar.
  • EVERYTHING IN ONE BOX: Bundle includes Strap, String Winder, Strings, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top guitar, ideal for kids, blends the essence of a traditional guitar with the playability suited for small hands. It’s not your typical toy guitar but a real one, perfect for those just starting their musical journey.

At the heart of Jim Dandy’s appeal is its size. It’s a short-scale guitar, which makes it a great guitar for kids or beginners with smaller hands. The compact size makes it not only easier to play but also a convenient travel guitar.

Imagine your child comfortably wearing the guitar with a guitar strap, confidently strumming chords. That’s the kind of accessibility the Jim Dandy offers.

Despite its size, the guitar doesn’t compromise on sound. While it may not be as loud as a full-size guitar, it produces a crisp tone. This is especially important for kids learning guitar, as it encourages them to keep playing and improving. 

Plus, its simplicity makes it an ideal acoustic guitar for kids who aren’t ready for the complexities of an electric guitar.

The Jim Dandy also stands out for its durability. Unlike many guitars designed for children, which often feel flimsy, this one feels robust enough to withstand the learning process. 

Though not as prestigious as other woods, the laminate basswood body offers durability and resilience, a must-have for any kids’ guitar.

This guitar also serves as an excellent bridge for ukulele players looking to transition to guitar playing. Its small body and narrow neck resemble a ukulele, making the switch less daunting.

Whether your child is advancing from a ukulele or picking up an instrument for the first time, the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy could be the best acoustic guitar for kids on the market.

Finally, the aesthetic of the Jim Dandy, with its vintage look and variety of colors like nocturne blue, adds an element of fun that will surely captivate your young guitar player. It’s not just a guitar; it’s a statement piece that kids would love to show off.

Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor

Taylor Baby Taylor BT1 Walnut Left-handed Acoustic Guitar – Natural Sitka Spruce
  • 6-string Left-hed Acoustic Guitar with Spruce Top
  • Ebony Fingerboard – Natural
  • Walnut Back Sides
  • Maple Neck

The Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor guitar, renowned for its quality and size, makes an excellent first guitar for young learners. It can also work for adults seeking a compact travel guitar. 

It’s a prime example of a real guitar scaled down in size, not just a toy or a lesser version of a traditional guitar.

The Baby Taylor’s perfect blend of size and quality makes it stand out. Designed for small hands, its size is ideal for children learning to play the guitar, making it one of the best acoustic guitars for kids on the market.

The neck is standard enough to feel familiar to an adult player but also comfortable for a child. The guitar’s smaller scale doesn’t hinder playability; it’s not overly “mandolin-like,” ensuring a smooth transition for beginners.

The Baby Taylor offers exceptional playability. The action, comparable to that of an electric guitar, is low and comfortable, which is crucial for beginners just getting used to pressing down strings. 

This feature, combined with great intonation, helps maintain a pleasant learning experience.

Even though it’s a small guitar, its sound is surprisingly loud for its size, making it a great instrument for kids learning guitar.

Durability is another key aspect. The BT1 is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of travel and the learning process. Plus, as mentioned in the transcript, it comes with a gig bag with a big pocket, ideal for carrying it on a plane or a boat.

What Makes A Good Acoustic or Electric Guitar For Kids?

When you’re looking for a good acoustic guitar for kids, the key factors are size, playability, and durability. 

A great guitar for a young learner should be a real instrument, not just a toy guitar, offering the authentic experience of guitar playing while being suitable for small hands.


Size is crucial. A full-size guitar can be overwhelming for a child. That’s where short-scale guitars come in. These guitars are designed with a smaller body and neck, making them ideal for kids.

The Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor and the Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top are excellent examples. They are compact, making them easy for a child to hold and play, and double as travel guitars due to their size.


Playability is another important aspect. The guitar’s action, which refers to the distance between the strings and the fretboard, should be low enough to make it easy for small fingers to press the strings.

A guitar with a thin neck can also be easier for kids to grasp and play. Good playability encourages children to continue learning and enjoying their guitar lessons.


Kids’ guitars need to withstand the occasional bump or drop. This is especially important since kids are usually slightly loose on their fingers and may drop the guitars easily.

Guitars made with sturdy materials, like the laminate basswood body of the Jim Dandy or Epiphone SG, ensure that the guitar survives the learning process.


Even though these guitars are smaller, they shouldn’t compromise on sound quality. A good acoustic guitar for kids should have a clear, pleasant sound that’s not too loud for young ears but still gives the satisfaction of a real guitar-playing experience.

This is something not all small guitars achieve. Some may have a more ukulele, mandolin-type sound, especially if poorly built.


Children are often in the early stages of exploring their musical interests, so investing in a high-priced guitar might not be practical if their commitment is still uncertain. Secondly, kids outgrow instruments in size and skill level, necessitating future upgrades. 

A budget-friendly guitar allows this natural progression without a significant initial financial commitment. Additionally, kids’ guitars might face more wear and tear due to handling. 

Hence, a less expensive but durable guitar makes more sense as a starting instrument, balancing cost with the need for a playable and sturdy guitar.

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