How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks?

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More people than ever are learning musical instruments, and the guitar is probably one of the most popular. However, not everyone can or can access in-person tutors to teach them the instruments.  

As a result, many turn to online courses, such as Guitar Tricks. However, how good is the course? How long does it take to learn guitar with Guitar Tricks?

If you are completely new to guitar, learning to play beginner songs takes 1-2 months. You will need around 3-6 months of learning to confidently play medium-difficulty songs. Actual time may depend on many factors, such as practice consistency, talent, and coaching.

This article explores how long it takes to learn guitar with Guitar Tricks. We also look at some common questions about the course, such as how to learn faster. 

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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks?


What Is Guitar Tricks?

Guitar Tricks is an online guitar learning site. It provides guitar lessons for complete newbies to advanced players. The course started in 1998 and has over 11,000+ lessons today. It also features professional guitarists such as Bobby Howe and Eric Barnett.

Guitar Tricks is an online learning platform focusing on teaching guitar. The course aims to help you play guitar at your own pace, regardless of your starting point. 

You can access 11,000+ lessons, converting all levels and genres of guitar-playing skills. There are also lessons on playing style and theory too. These lessons are taught by professional guitarists too.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks?How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks?

The courses are arranged in a step-by-step format, making it easy for someone to start. Just follow the flow without worrying about having to backtrack later. 

If you are experienced, you can easily identify where to start, since the lessons are arranged in difficulty level too. Just scan around until you can see a skill you have not mastered yet, and start there.

Guitar Tricks started in 1998, making it one of the oldest online learning guitar platforms. In fact, after so many years, it remains one of the most popular platforms for picking up guitar online. This also helps with the platform constantly refreshing and expanding its course offerings. 

Since its inception, Guitar Tricks have taught over 4 million students. It is also rather affordable, charging $19.95 monthly for full access. You can save more if you pay quarterly or annually.

Why Are Guitar Tricks Popular?

Guitar Tricks is popular for many reasons, such as having a proven curriculum and comprehensive lessons. It also features experienced, professional tutors with strong community support. The pricing is also affordable, only charging the price of a lunch meal monthly.

Guitar Tricks remains one of the most popular online courses for picking up a guitar. In fact, Guitar Tricks is probably the first place that people think about when it comes to learning guitar online, much like how people think of Toyota when it comes to cars.

There are reasons why Guitar Tricks are capable of achieving such a level of popularity:

Guitar Tricks Proven Curriculum

Guitar Tricks offers one of the most reliable curricula for learning guitar online, and the curriculum has proven to work. If you need further proof, just think about this instead. If the course does not work, would the website still be around after 25 years? 

Guitar Tricks achieved this by having a structured, step-by-step curriculum. As a beginner, you can spare the worries about where to start learning. Just follow the lessons one at a time and progress from there. 

This likely ensures you build a strong foundation before tackling more complex skills, ensuring you become a solid and good guitarist.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks?How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks?

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Comprehensive Online Lessons

Guitar Tricks also have very comprehensive lessons. On its website, Guitar Tricks claim to have over 11,000+ video lessons for you to follow. 

These lessons cover all aspects of guitar playing. These include technical skills, playing style, guitar care and maintenance, and more. There are also lessons on music theory and playing along. 

Some lessons also featured tutorials on popular songs licensed by the writers. This means you get to be taught how to play popular songs by professional tutors directly.

With such comprehensive lessons, chances are you can get all the lessons you need from Guitar Tricks. You should not need to go to anyone else for lessons.

Experienced Superstar Tutors

Guitar Tricks also teaches these lessons using experienced superstar tutors. These tutors are either professional or superstar guitarists who are masters of their own domain. GuitarTricks have a a great number of guitar experts in their lessons.

For example, suppose you are to learn how to play metal-style guitar. In that case, you will be learning it from Eric Barnett. Eric is the guitarist for the band Points North and the finalist in the Guitar Magazine’s competition in 2008. 

The competition was judged by legends such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, showing Eric’s skills as a musician. With him teaching you, you should be doing good in no time.

GuitarTricks Supportive Community

Guitar Tricks also offers an online community where members can exchange experience and knowledge about playing guitar. Here, you may pick up some skills that are more useful for a beginner than a professional tutor may not tell you.

Aside from that, you may also see other students’ progress and success. This inspires and motivates you to practice harder and improve your guitar skills.


Finally, Guitar Tricks is also affordable. Unlike personal tutors who charge up to a hundred per hour or sessions, Guitar Tricks keeps it cheap. At the time of writing, a subscription starts from as low as $19.95 a month for full access.

There are also options to pay quarterly and annually. If you pay this way, you are more likely to save more. Paying ahead also forces you to commit to not wasting your money.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar With Guitar Tricks?

On average, expect around 1-2 months of learning time to play basic guitar tunes. This is if you are learning guitar as a complete newbie. If you plan to play confidently at an intermediate level, you will need around 3-6 months.

Do understand that it could be hard to pick up an exact time you need to be good on the guitar with Guitar Trick. This is because many factors may come into play to influence the actual learning time. They include:

Practice Frequency

One of the foundations of picking up any skill is practice. The same could be said about learning how to play guitar too. The more time you spend practicing your guitar playing, the less time you need to pick up the instrument. 

Aside from the frequency, you also want to take note of the quality of practice. The last thing you want is mindless practicing without a specific focus on a particular skill. You will learn much faster if you can practice frequently and with focus.


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Musical Knowledge

One of the things about learning guitar is not just about the skill. Many foundational skills, such as having a sense of rhythm or recognizing good pitches, are also required.

For some of us, we may have some musical training. Perhaps you have sung in a choir as a child or played other musical instruments. You may have learned about concepts such as chords, time signatures, or keys from music theory classes

You could also have learned similar string instruments, such as Ukulele or banjo, meaning you have the skills to control your fingers on a fret. If you have this knowledge and skills, some can be transferred to learn guitar.

If you have had some musical training before, you can apply the skills and abilities you have learned to learn guitar. You can pick up the guitar much faster if you can do that.


This may be out of your personal control, but talent can affect how fast you pick up a guitar. The logic here is the more talented you are, the faster you can learn the instrument. 

Talent can be measured in many ways. Perhaps you have good kinetic intelligence, meaning you have good awareness and the ability to control your fingers. This should help you pick up fingering and chord shapes fast. 

You could also have a good sense of rhythm. You can listen to beats and mimic them closely. This skill may help when you learn strumming patterns or adjust your playing style to beat timing. 

However, do understand that talent helps but is not the major factor in learning guitar. You may not be talented but you can always beat talent with practice.

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Financial Ability

Finally, as much as your energy, passion, and talent are important, you still need to be able to spend money to pick up guitar playing. In fact, if you can spend a little more than normal, you may be able to pick up a guitar faster. 

You can start by spending more money and picking up better guitars. Better guitars may be easier to play since the fretboards are easier to press in and control. It will likely be easier to tune and maintain too. 

A good guitar can go a long way to help you learn guitar faster.

Another area where money can play a part is in tutorials. If you can commit to the monthly fees to access Guitar Tricks, you can access the lessons anytime. This should help you to get more quality lessons out of your practice and help you improve faster. 

Another area is that you can access external tutoring to ensure you play right. As much as Guitar Tricks is a good place to learn, there are still times when you need an actual tutor to work with you. 

Financial ability can help you get proper in-person instructions from a good tutor. The tutor can correct any technical bad habits or give feedback on your playing.

If Tiger Woods or Rafael Nadal still have face-to-face coaches, you can always benefit from having one. 

However, do understand that, similar to talent, money does not replace effort and consistency. You can own the most expensive guitar and be taught by Slash himself, but it does not mean you will be good without practicing.


Can I Download Guitar Tricks App?

Yes, you can download the Guitar Tricks app on your mobile device. The app provides an easy and convenient way to access the extensive library of guitar lessons and tutorials offered by Guitar Tricks. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the app offers a variety of lessons that are tailored to meet your skill level. You can also take advantage of the app’s tools and features such as practice exercises, progress tracking, and interactive feedback to help you improve your guitar playing skills. Additionally, the app is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and use. So, if you want to take your guitar playing to the next level, downloading the Guitar Tricks app is definitely worth considering.

Is There Any Other Online Guitar Instruction?

Yes, there are many online guitar instruction options available. It seems like every day there are new apps, websites, and YouTube channels popping up to teach guitar. From established sites like Guitar Tricks and Fender Play to newer options like TrueFire and JustinGuitar, you’ll find no shortage of online guitar courses. Some are free while others require a subscription, but all provide a wealth of instruction and resources for players of all levels. With the convenience of learning on your own schedule and at your own pace, online guitar instruction is a great way to improve your skills and master the instrument.

Can You Buy Guitar Trick on The Guitar World?\

If you’re looking to learn some new guitar techniques and take your skills to the next level, then you might be curious about the Guitar Tricks course available on Guitar World. While Guitar World offers a variety of instructional materials, including articles, videos, and sheet music, unfortunately, Guitar Tricks is not available for purchase on their platform. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! You can head to the Guitar Tricks website directly and check out their extensive library of lessons on everything from basic chords to expert-level shredding. With over 11,000 lessons available, you’re sure to find something that suits your skill level and musical interests. Don’t let a small setback stop you from achieving your guitar-playing dreams. Check out Guitar Tricks today and start honing your skills!

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