Can Guitar Hero Be Played on Ps4?

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Guitar hero, first released in 2005, has its 7th main installment as Guitar Hero Live. Even though the game reached heights in its famous era, it was discontinued by its publisher and distributor, Activision Blizzard, in 2011 due to declining music genres. Fans of Guitar Hero are still confused if they can play it on Playstation 4.

You can still play Guitar Hero Live on the PlayStation 4, thanks to the compatibility of its guitar controllers. Most Guitar Hero controls, such as the vintage six-button guitar console and the more recent guitar console with touchscreen, are compatible with the PlayStation 4. However, the servers for Guitar Hero Live were also shut down; therefore, the Disc contains very few tracks. 

According to the publishers and distributors, controllers for Guitar Hero Live have been designed to be incredibly durable and sustain many hours of action. This article lists some of the most prevalent issues with Guitar Hero Live controls and tips on resolving those issues. Let’s get started by learning how to connect your Guitar Hero guitar to your PS4!

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Can Guitar Hero Be Played on Ps4?

How To Connect My Guitar Hero Guitar To My PS4?

This question does not have a universally applicable solution. 

Depending on the precise model and brand of guitar you are playing, the procedure for syncing a Guitar Hero guitar to a PS4 may differ.

In general, you’ll probably need to use a USB cable to attach the guitar control to your PS4. Then, to finish the synchronization procedure, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Fortunately, PlayStation also allows you to connect earlier controllers from the Guitar Hero series to the Playstation 4.

You can use a few methods to connect your Guitar Hero instruments with your PlayStation 4.

Here are two easy ways to connect your Guitar Hero Guitar to your PS4:

Method 1: Sync a Guitar Hero Live Controller to a Console

Read the instructions below on how to sync the guitar controller to your console. 

  1. Insert the wireless USB receiver into a console’s available USB port.
  2. Set the guitar controller to “on.” The power sync button on the guitar controller’s body will begin to glow.
  3. Activate the power sync button once more. If everything goes according to plan, this light should now be quickly blinking.
  4. The USB receiver will make the receiver’s light flicker quickly. Wait a moment or two.
  5. The guitar controller will have been successfully synchronized to your console. 

 Note: To sync another guitar, just follow these same steps (with 2 players’ guitar controllers.)

Method 2: Connect a Wireless Guitar to a PS4’s Guitar Hero Live

A cordless Guitar Hero guitar may be synced in several different ways. 

One method is to connect the instrument to your computer using the USB cord that was included with it. The guitar will immediately sync after being attached. 

Another method is simultaneously pressing the sync buttons on the receiver and the instrument. 

The final option is to hold down the guitar’s power button for 3 seconds until a red signal flashes. 

I would choose the second approach because it is manageable and can be completed in a few short steps, as follows:

  1. You must first obtain the wireless USB and connect it to your PlayStation 4.
  2. Following the USB’s insertion into the PS4 port, press the blue button on it. You’ll see that it begins to glow red.
  3. Push the guitar’s sync button as soon as the red light starts to flash, and it will then blink a few times.

Setting up might take some time, or it can happen quickly. It’s linked and synched when it changes to a stable solid color.

3 Common Issues You May Encounter With Tips To Resolve Them

No matter how great the quality of controllers and PlayStation is, they’re still prone to breaking down or malfunctioning. You may come across a few common issues or confusion while setting up Guitar Hero Live. 

A few of the issues are listed below:

1. Guitar Hero’s Guitar Control Unable To Connect To PS4

There can be several possible causes for your Guitar Hero guitar to be disconnected from your PS4. 

You should start by correctly ensuring the cords are connected to the instrument and console. If they are, you can try disconnecting and replugging them. 

You might need to upgrade the guitar software if the instructions above don’t work.

2. Guitar Hero’s Guitar Control Not Functioning

This problem might occur due to several reasons. 

First, ensure the guitar’s batteries are brand new. Replace them if necessary. 

Second, confirm that the Guitar Hero device is connected to the TV correctly. Attempt again after plugging it in if it’s still not working. 

Lastly, consider starting the game over. 

If none of these fixes work, the instrument could need to be replaced since it might be broken.

3. Controllers Incompatible With Guitar Hero’s Mobile Version (Or on Another Console)

The console controller of Guitar Hero is compatible with any device you are using. However, the wireless receivers in the form of USB are only functional with one console. You can not switch one USB receiver to another console. 

The button placed on USB receivers shows a color that indicates what system it is compatible with. These colors are given below:

Color Of The ButtonCompatible Devices
Blue PlayStation 4 
GrayPlayStation 3 or WiiU
Green Xbox 360
Black Xbox One


Tip: You can check the official website of the page to review some other common issues that may occur with the controls. 


Q. Can You Play Guitar Hero From The PlayStation 3 On The PlayStation 4?

You can play older versions of the game on PlayStation 4. If you still have your old guitar controllers, you may use them with the game because it is compatible with older versions (backward compatible.)

Q. Will The Controller of Guitar Hero Live Function With Guitar Hero’s Early Versions?

It’s possible, but it’s not advised because previous games were designed to work with a guitar controller that had five buttons. Therefore, an earlier game can receive wrong signals from the Guitar Hero Live controller, making it impossible to play.

Final Thoughts 

Even though the game is not as popular as it used to be, it still reminds us of a particular phase and childhood. If you still have your controls, connect them to your PS4 and reminisce about the good old days. Share this with a friend and jam together! 


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