What is Guitar Hero?

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Guitar Hero refers to a series of music and rhythm video games, where the players use a guitar-shaped game controller to play. First released in 2005, it features simulated rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and lead guitar across numerous songs.

The game involves players matching notes that scroll on screens with the colored fret buttons on the controller by strumming it in time with the music to score points. This game resembles playing a real guitar, including using the fast-fingering hammer-ons and pull-offs. It also uses the whammy bar to change the pitch of the notes. Most of the games in this series support a single-player mode to play all the songs in the game and competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes. Since the introduction of the Guitar Hero for a four-player band, the question remains is there a Guitar Hero for real guitar? Continue reading to find out.

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What is Guitar Hero?
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What is Guitar Hero ?

Guitar Hero is a game that allows players to play all the songs they love out of the box. The Guitar Hero for real guitar is less complex than a real guitar. You don’t need to learn chords, strumming patterns, six strings, etc. It features four buttons and a strumming controller. Even when you know guitar chords, a few may still be hard to play. With guitar hero, you can’t poorly because there’s enough other noise in the background that makes it not sound that bad. Guitar Hero is ideal for people who like music without the inclination to learn to play a real guitar. The game is a fun activity that is easy to pick up and put down on a whim.

Benefits of a Guitar Hero

Used in Video Therapy- The Healing Power of Guitar Hero

An occupational therapy assistant Kelly Colwell found out the healing potential of Guitar Hero during a session with a patient who had injured his elbow and lost motion in his arm. Doctors had concluded that the patient would never regain full flexibility and rotation of his arm–motions used in playing with Guitar Hero’s plastic guitar.

Guitar Hero helped out with supination- flexing motions of limbs during video therapy from having to hold that pose. Apart from therapy, other benefits of Guitar Hero noted by Colwell were improved lower back, abdominal, and wrist strength, sitting balance, fine motor skills, and general endurance.

Getting Your Kids Active

Guitar hero works out the kids’ forearm muscles and sometimes gets them up and dancing to the music. This significantly helps improve hand-eye coordination.


Besides exercising the 20 muscles in your forearm, the major benefit of a Guitar Hero is exercising your mind. The game requires that you hit the correct colored button or strum at the exact time that the colored button appears at the bottom of the screen. As the levels increase, the songs get longer and more difficult, which help to exercise your mind and hand.

Helps With Real Guitar Playing

The Guitar Hero teaches you some intuitive aspects about rhythm, fretting, and musical notations. These include guitar tabs with the help of a video game guitar. Additionally, the video game guitar used on the guitar hero helps in finger strength and hand-eye coordination.

What is Guitar Hero?
Photo by David Bartus: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-playing-electric-guitar-435840/

What Do You Need to Learn About a Guitar?

The Essential

I consider the below essential to start playing guitar.

Guitar (Acoustic or Electric)

Select between electric and acoustic. The electric guitar is easy to play, and there is less force to make a note sound clear. The acoustic guitar is more beginner friendly, and getting a guitar that is smaller or with a slimmer neck profile is easy.


You need a pick even if you like the idea of learning finger-style. If you learn how to use a pick, the sounds you can get from it is essential to becoming a well-rounded guitarist, whether acoustic or electric.

Start with a softer pick for strumming. Try having a few different types around and ensure plenty of them, as some can get lost along the way.


When you are in tune is not only about making your learning process easier but also essential to proper learning. Learning to tune by ear is a good idea, but getting a tuner will ensure you are in tune when learning.

Spare Strings

It is inevitable to break strings, so having a spare set on hand is a good idea. Ensure you have strings that are beginner friendly to make the learning process easier both technically and physically- with regards to finger soreness and the pressure you need to apply to the string. Getting new strings is likely to sound better than those that came with the guitar.

Instruction (Lessons/books/youtube)

Whatever method you decide to learn, you need some instruction, whether from a friend, watching videos on YouTube, following a book, getting proper in-person lessons or online guitar lessons to show you how to play.

Highly Recommended

I consider the below to be highly recommended. They will make your guitar practice more effective and help you to progress on the instrument much more quickly.

Proper Lessons

Although you can start reading a how-to, learning guitar book, watching videos on YouTube or asking your friend for help, structured lessons are highly recommended.


Yes, you can play and learn guitar without a metronome, but practicing with a metronome will ensure you play with a good rhythm.


Playing Guitar Hero helps you coordinate what you see on a screen with your finger movements. The game is fun because it has music playing in the background, and regardless of how you play, good or bad, it still sounds good.
Several advantages are associated with this game, including helping the guitarists with rhythm, finger strengthening and hand-eye coordination. Therefore, everyone who can play Guitar Hero alongside real guitar can enjoy the bragging rights of being a Guitar Hero for a real guitar.

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