Can You Plug Two Guitars Into One Amplifier?

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I know you like to play the guitar and sometimes want people to show your guitar-playing skill. It may be otherwise, but the importance of an amplifier regarding playing the guitar louder is needless to say. But then again, you can’t randomly connect or plug guitars into the amplifier.

Can you plug two guitars into one amplifier? The straightforward answer to this question is yes. That’s it? No, there are quite a few things you need to take into consideration. Sometimes, plugging two guitars into one amplifier may reduce the guitars’ sound. Furthermore, it may also happen that the amplifier becomes damaged. 

Nevertheless, you may never want to destroy your amplifier and have a bad experience while playing the guitar. No worries! I will pinpoint some crucial facts regarding plugging two guitars into one amplifier and more. 

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Can You Plug Two Guitars Into One Amplifier?
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How Many Guitars Can You Plug Into an Amp?

Every amplifier for your guitar has some limitations. You can’t plug any guitars randomly and want a smooth and loud sound from the amplifier. 

But, if you have an amplifier, you may want to use it as efficiently as possible. You may need to plug more than one guitar into an amp simultaneously.

However, you can plug more than one guitar into an amp at a time. But, the condition is that you should do so based on the amplifier’s capability. 

In most cases, you can plug a maximum of two guitars into an amplifier. Why? This is because the most familiar amplifier has only two inputs where you can connect two signals

Furthermore, you also need to make sure that the amplifier you tend to use must have two separate channels. For example, how can you plug several guitars if only one input channel exists?

Plugging two guitars simultaneously into an Amplifier is possible using ABY switch, you can easily find it on Amazon. But it will decrease the sound performance. 

For example, you will often find that the first guitar sounds much louder than the second. More precisely, the good quality will be pretty poor connecting two guitars simultaneously. 

Can an Amp Have Two Inputs?

Yes, why not? Most of the amplifiers available on the market have two input signals. So, if you want, you can plug two guitars or other musical instruments at a time. However, some controversies and confusion about whether it is possible to get good sound quality. 

In most cases, the two inputs are used for guitar and vocal, But if you want to plug two guitars into the two available inputs at a time, it may reduce sound quality. 

Furthermore, the additional gain can damage the whole amplifier system. Therefore, you need to be pretty careful in this case. But, some musicians use an additional micromixer to plug two guitars into a single amp.

Why Do Guitar Amps Have High and Low Inputs?

Some amplifiers have two types of outputs; high and low. However, there is a possible reason behind this as well. 

As you know, not all musical instruments need to send the same electric signal to the amplifier. 

Moreover, electronic guitars usually have high electrical input, or impedance produces high input. On the other hand, some instruments, like acoustic guitars, have low impedance. 

However, the lower input instrument should plug into the low impact of the guitar amplifier. Nevertheless, if you plug two high-input instruments (guitar) at a time into the amp, it brings some issues. 

But, it is not recommended to use both inputs at a time, which is why modern-day guitar amplifiers come with only one. 

Types of Guitar Amplifiers 

If you want to ensure good sound quality from your electric guitar, you should choose a suitable guitar amplifier. At the end of the day, you may never want to hear bad sounds while playing your guitar and waste a lot of money. 

That’s why it becomes essential to know the guitar amplifiers available. Nonetheless, there are four types of amplifiers on the market, each with its distinct characteristics.

Tube Amps

The tube amplifier is one of the most common and highly used guitar amplifiers. The core benefit of this amplifier is that it provides smooth and clear sounds. Furthermore, the tube amplifier is louder than any other amplifier available on the market. 

Therefore, if you are looking forward to buying a better-performing guitar amplifier, the tube amplifier will be a decent choice.

Solid-States Amps

The key feature of a solid-state amplifier is that it uses transistors for preamp and power parts. This simply means, like the tube amplifier, you can have a clean sound tone. Besides, the solid-state amplifier is highly reliable, so you don’t need to repair it for a long time. 

Modeling Amps

The modeling amplifier is for you if you are searching for the most advanced and full of modern technology amplifiers. The popularity of modeling amplifiers is increasing day by day. 

One of the possible reasons why this type of amplifier is so effective is because it can recreate tunes of different amplifiers. In addition, this is one of the most flexible modern-day guitar amplifiers.

Hybrid Amps

You may find the hybrid amplifier a bit weird and exciting. But why? The reason is that the hybrid amplifier combines different amplifier technology. Moreover, this is why modern people don’t like to buy and use this amplifier. 

But, you can still expect a clear sound tone from it, which can become handy in some cases. 

Can You Daisy Chain Guitar Amplifiers?

Fortunately, yes. You can perform a daisy chain guitar amplifier whenever you need more sound. However, there are many ways you can do so. But, the most prominent way is to use a buffered AB/Y splitter. 

If you don’t use the buffered AB/Y splitter in those cases, you may run into trouble with the amplifier while daisy chaining. 

Moreover, you will find two types of splitter on the market. These are active splitter and passive splitter. To plug a guitar amp into another guitar amp, you should use the passive AB/Y splitter. 

Nevertheless, the  AB/Y splitters will enhance the sound performance by maintaining signal strength. 

How Do I Set My Guitar Amp to Stack?

You can set your guitar amp to stack in different ways. Moreover, the sound performance will also depend on how your stack the amplifier. 

However, the easiest and most efficient way to set your guitar amp to stack is to make one amp as a foundation amp. Then you can add one or more amps. 

Furthermore, make sure the amps you tend to put on the foundation amp are smaller. Otherwise, the foundation amp won’t be able to take the load. Moreover, sometimes, it may damage the amps if you can’t set your amp to stack correctly. 


At the end of this article, we hope we have been able to remove your confusion about whether you can plug two guitars into one guitar amplifier. To summarize, though you will find two input signals, you won’t get better sound output by plugging two guitars into a single amplifier. 

But you can do so if you don’t mind getting a poor sound performance pretty often. 

In some cases, using an additional mico-mixer to input the guitar and the micro-mixer into the main input signal of the amplifier may do the job. Nonetheless, someone practicing the guitar should try to use a separate amplifier to detect real guitar tunes. 

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