Why Does My Guitar Amp Pop When I Turn It Off?

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Can you think of tuneless music? It is such a piece of music that won’t give you pleasure. So, when you listen to or sing a song that must be musical, you feel relaxed. A guitar can give you that relaxation. But, unfortunately, the amp popping problem can make you worry whenever you play the guitar.

Why does my guitar amp pop when I turn it off? When the amplifier is turned on, a constant voltage source passes through the amplifier. When you turn off the switch and keep your amp standing by, you disconnect half of the high voltage. That releases a lot of energy and makes a pop noise.

However, there are some solutions if you want to solve the guitar amp popping problem. Here you will get an intelligent answer about amp popping.

Keep reading the blog to the end.

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Why Does My Guitar Amp Pop When I Turn It Off?
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Why Does my Solid State Guitar Amp Pop When I Turn it Off?

Solid state guitar is long-lasting because of its amplification method. It is very comfortable to play. In this guitar, two circuits have been used for the transaction of electricity. That converts electricity into an audio wave.

There is a muting circuit that helps to mute pop noise. When you turn off your guitar, the amp has already used electricity.

So, Interrupting of current flow is being started. This interruption of current flow makes a pop noise. Sometimes, an Extreme power supply can make a pop noise. 

Besides, if there is no standby switch, it may cause the amp to pop. Similarly, if you do not discharge the cord before the turn off the amp, that causes the pop noise. You also can try removing the amps filter cap too. 

Why Is My Guitar Amp Popping?

If you have a guitar, you may be familiar with the amp pop problem. It’s not an instrumental problem. This problem generally occurs because of the voltage difference. 

When you turn off your guitar, the voltage difference can make a noise because of the high voltage of energy released when you switch it off. 

There is nothing to worry about. The guitar amp needs high voltage to work. So, it has standby switches and capacitors. 

The standby buttons help the tubes to warm up before sending the current supply to the capacitors.  After warming the tube, they pull the voltage to an average level as the capacitor can work better.  

 How Do I Stop My Amp From Popping?

Amp popping is a very natural problem. The 12V amp you see to the left of the Circuit is 6V. When the power is on, the left side of the Circuit jumps to 6V and goes through the speaker. When it turns off, the opposite happens. 

You can follow the steps below if you eagerly await to solve the problems.

  1. Firstly you have to turn off your stereo receiver. It’s a receiver that inputs all sound sources and outputs to one or more speakers.
  2. Make sure that your stereo receiver and your speaker wires are connected in the right way.
  3. If any electrical devices can interfere with speakers’ sounds, you have to turn them off.
  4. The speaker’s wares have to keep away from the electrical cord.
  5. If you face the problem again, you must reset the receiver from factory default settings.
  6. You also can replace the ware of speakers that can give the solution.
  7. If the issue is not solved, you can connect another set of speakers.

How Do I Stop My Speakers From Popping When I Turn Them Off?

Mainly the speaker has a fantastic layout according to the audio signal. When an AC signal passes through the driver, the driver moves inside and outside, producing a  featureless sound wave.

At the peak of the audio signal (maximum positive voltage in a given ), the driver pushes the movement as far as possible. Then, at a damaging strike or surge (maximum negative voltage in a given), the signal is pulled inward until it stops during the cycle.

To illustrate the point, we can have a look at a simple sine wave diagram:

Why Does My Guitar Amp Pop When I Turn It Off?

The sine waves ensure the audio signal frequency. The dotted line represents the null voltage. The positive highest point represents the peak, and the negative highest point represents the bottom. 

It also represents the conversion of an audio signal to sound. However,  if we observe the wave, we will see that there is no interruption. So, this will give an excellent sound.’

Now we can see what will happen if there is some interruption in the sine wave diagram.

Why Does My Guitar Amp Pop When I Turn It Off?

The sine wave diagram shows that the peak point suddenly falls for the current supply interruption and produces a no voltage period. After that, it creates the trough.

So, the audio signals can not convert into smooth sound. That’s why there will be a popping sound. 

If the interruption of current flow often occurs, then a crucial change can be seen in the type of wave diagram. 

Why Does My Guitar Amp Pop When I Turn It Off?

From the sine wave, we can understand that there are many interruptions in both the highest and lowest point. That will cause the speaker to pop. 

How to Fix the Popping Problem of Speakers?

  1. First, you must fix your cables; if you have to repair the threads, you can. 
  2. It is observed that the current interruption occurred due to a loose and faulty connection of ware. So. It is preferable to fix up open relationships.
  3. If there is any issue with re-soldering the connection, you can solve the problem by replacing the cables.

Why Is My Amp Crackling Solid State?

Amp can crackle your solid state because of the discontinuation of the power supply. In addition, it causes leakage in caps. Besides, burnt circuit boards, lousy components, and bad solder joints cause solid-state amp crackling. 

If the connection is placed in a narrow space, that also causes amp crackling. 

How to Fix the Crackling of Solid State Amp?

  1. Check the circuit joint carefully before replacing any component.
  2. You may clean the jack, controls, and switches.
  3. Check the joints are narrow or spacious.
  4. Use a spray to check whether the joints are harmful or not. That will help to find out the problem quickly.

Why Does My Bass Amp Pop When I Turn It Off?

It is a common problem. It causes the discharge of all capacitors together. The volume setting can not be affected anytime because releasing energy straight to the speaker.  

If the voice coil is hit abnormally, that also causes the problem. Besides, A faulty connection is also responsible for that.

How to Fix up the Bass Amp Popping?

  1. Before turning off the amp, make sure the volume is down.
  2. Plug in headphones or a jack before turning off the amp.
  3. Discharge the supply of power before turning it off.

Why Does My Amp Crackle at a High Volume?

If there is a faulty tube, it can cause amp crackling. It also pushes for temperature variation. Besides, discontinuing volume stored in dust or dirty places also causes high volume crackling.  

  1. Fixing up the  crackling of amp  at high volume
  2. Keep in a clean place
  3. Control the volume knob
  4. Make sure the temperature is not high.
  5. Replace the old amps knobs.


Why does my guitar amp pop when I turn it off? It can be said that there is no confusion about the answer to this question. Nevertheless, you also have gathered some knowledge about this problem’s fixing process.

Don’t you want to hear the pop noise anymore? First, make sure your electric connection is safe and secure. Then, you should maintain cleanliness. 

If you want to play guitar without facing pop noise, Then the only solution is to follow the above instructions.

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