ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System Review: Top Way to Play?

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I recently got my hands on the ChordBuddy guitar learning system, and oh boy, has it changed the way I look at learning guitar! You see, I always wanted to strum some tunes but found making chords harder than I’d like to admit. ChordBuddy, as featured on Shark Tank, popped up on my radar, and I thought, why not give it a whirl?

Practically serving as a training aid, ChordBuddy easily attaches to the neck of your guitar. It’s as if I had training wheels, but for guitar chords! In no time, I was playing songs stress-free, following along with the included songbook and lesson plan. I also took a deep dive into the app that replaced the old DVD lessons. For a beginner like me, those visual lessons were a game changer.

ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System Review: Top Way to Play?
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Though clear instructions made it a breeze to use, I did run into a hitch with getting a snug fit on a couple of my guitars. Bear in mind, it’s designed for full-sized guitars, and the fit is crucial for it to work correctly. The buttons were a tad small, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker. Also, while plastic might not evoke luxury, funnily enough, durability wasn’t in question for my daily use.

Bottom Line

If you’re itching to play the guitar without the initial finger fumbling, ChordBuddy might just be your best bet to jumpstart your musical journey.

It’s beginner-friendly, comes with loads of helpful materials, and you’ll play tunes on day one. So, don’t let the fear of complicated chords keep you away.

Click here to check out the ChordBuddy and start strumming away!

ChordBuddy “Made in the USA” – Guitar Learning System Overview

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the ChordBuddy learning system, and my, was it a game-changer for me as a beginner guitarist. This system is specifically tailored for right-handers and fits most full-sized guitars. Initially, what grabbed my attention was the promise of playing the guitar on the same day I got it, and ChordBuddy didn’t disappoint.

The learning kit comes with a two-month lesson plan and a songbook filled with 35 tunes, which was fantastic as it broke down chord theory and strumming patterns in a way that was digestible and not overwhelming. I didn’t have to worry about finger pain; the device allows you to play chords by pressing buttons instead. Over time, you can remove tabs one by one to gradually take on the chords without assistance, which I found to be a clever way to transition into playing guitar traditionally.

Another feature I appreciate is the switch from a DVD to a downloadable app, offering visual lessons and tutorials that I could access from my device anytime. However, I must mention that fitting it onto the guitar can be tricky as it didn’t match up with every guitar I tried. Also, while the material may feel a bit cheap to some, I saw it as a reasonable trade-off considering the accessibility and convenience it offers to learning guitar.

For those eager to dive into guitar playing without the steep learning curve, ChordBuddy is a supportive companion. Just make sure your instrument is compatible for a smooth start to your musical journey!

ChordBuddy “MADE IN THE USA” – Guitar Learning with Songbook, Lesson Plan, App, and Right Handed ChordBuddy
  • RIGHT HAND CHORDBUDDY: For right handed players who strum with the right hand & make chords with left. For full size guitars measuring 1.5″ – 1 7/8″ across neck at nut & 4” nut to 3rd fret.
  • GUITAR PRACTICE SET: Play the guitar the same day you get it with ChordBuddy, the easiest guitar learning system for all ages. As seen on Shark Tank, ChordBuddy makes mastering guitar chords simple.

Ease of Learning

Having just had a hands-on experience with the ChordBuddy, I find its design quite intuitive for newcomers to guitar playing. The system cleverly simplifies the finger positioning for various chords with the press of a button which is perfect for beginners like myself. Transitioning from one chord to another was smooth and with the helpful lesson plan, I could understand chord theory and strumming patterns for different songs within a few practice sessions.

While it promises to fit a range of full-size guitars, some friends of mine did mention having trouble attaching it to their instruments, particularly with larger models like a Gibson SJ 200. Another point to consider is the size of the buttons, which can be challenging for those with larger hands. Thankfully, my guitar was a match, and setting it up was a breeze.

The 2-month lesson guide, coupled with the app’s visual aids, certainly bolstered my learning curve. The songbook is a gem, offering a variety of songs that kept me engaged. One hurdle I noted, however, was for those with hand injuries, as it may not fully resolve the difficulty of fretting.

In summary, the ChordBuddy is mostly a boon for beginners striving to play songs quickly and without the initial finger pain, but it’s essential to check the compatibility with your guitar to avoid any disappointments.

Innovative Learning Tools

Recently, I’ve spent some time with the ChordBuddy, a gadget acclaimed for its effectiveness in simplifying guitar learning. Intuitively designed for right-hand strummers, it’s been a hand-saver for my sore fingers, letting me press buttons to play chords instead of contorting my hands. Transitioning to playing chords unaided is doable, too, thanks to tabs that can be removed as I grow more confident in my skills.

I’ve found the accompanying lesson plan and songbook incredibly beneficial. Over two months, it steps you through chord theory, strumming patterns, and provides a range of songs to get stuck into. As someone who’s a visual learner, the shift from DVD to a downloadable app with visual song lessons has been a game-changer.

But it’s not all sunshine; fitting the device onto my guitar wasn’t a cakewalk. Despite claims of wide compatibility, it snugly fit some guitars better than others. And while the plastic build is nothing fancy, it gets the job done. The ChordBuddy offers a solid foundation for beginners but be sure to check your guitar’s measurements for an ideal match. The promise of playing from day one? Absolutely delivered on that front.

App Integration

After spending a little time with ChordBuddy, I’m pleasantly surprised at how the app complements the physical product. It’s jam-packed with visual song lessons and tutorials that make the learning process fun and interactive. I didn’t miss the old DVD lessons one bit. It’s pretty convenient to have everything on my phone, which I can take anywhere, from my cozy bedroom to a sunny park bench.

The app’s layout is intuitive. I found myself breezing through the lessons, building up from simple chords to more complex strumming patterns. The freedom to practice at my own pace, without pressure, is a game-changer. However, it’s worth noting that the transition from using the ChordBuddy’s tabs to playing chords unaided is a leap. The app encourages but doesn’t fully bridge that gap – it’s a stepping stone more than a full path.

So, while the app is a fantastic start, I had to dig a little deeper elsewhere to master the chords on my own. Despite that, the app remains a valuable tool in my guitar learning journey, especially when used alongside the songbook.

Pros and Cons


After jamming with the ChordBuddy for a few weeks, I can definitely speak to its strengths. Firstly, the concept is a winner for beginners; it simplifies chords into a one-button push, which means I could start playing songs from the included songbook right away. It felt encouraging to produce music from my guitar without the initial struggle. The accompanying two-month lesson plan is clear and practical, offering structured guidance, and when I didn’t feel like reading, the app was a handy alternative for visual lessons.

Getting the ChordBuddy attached to my guitar was a snap, and I noticed that my fingertips were grateful for the break from pressing strings. For anyone with hand issues or discomfort while playing, this gadget is a blessing. Moreover, the idea of being able to remove one button at a time to learn actual chord fingerings is innovative and thoughtful, offering a gradual learning curve. The build quality, while not premium, is sufficient for its educational purpose.


However, the ChordBuddy is not without its flaws. It claims to fit all full-sized guitars but finding the perfect fit was tricky. I tried installing it on my friend’s guitar, and it was a no-go—this might be a dealbreaker for some, especially if you have an uncommon guitar size or shape.

While pressing buttons is a neat workaround, it didn’t quite give me the satisfaction of mastering chords traditionally; there’s something about directly touching the strings that feels essential to the guitar experience. Additionally, I noticed that transitioning between some chords wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped, with occasional clashing of the plastic tabs. Durability might be a concern too, as some parts feel flimsy, and I worry about how it would hold up over time. Despite these drawbacks, the ChordBuddy system has a lot of potential for those just starting out or with finger dexterity issues.

Customer Reviews

After giving the ChordBuddy a whirl, I noticed a mix of praise and criticism in the reviews. On the positive side, several users found it incredibly easy and fun to pick up. I must say, having used it myself, the sense of progress was immediate. The included songbook and lesson plan are nice touches that definitely aid beginners.

There’s a heartwarming sense of achievement when I watched my dad strum his first song, clearly showing that it’s user-friendly for all ages. And for those with hand issues, this gadget seems like a real game-changer, making guitar playing accessible.

However, not all guitars are created equal, and fitting issues are a common complaint. It’s frustrating when you’re ready to jam out, and it doesn’t clip on properly. My experience echoes this—double-checking compatibility is crucial. Also, some mentions of the buttons being small and the build quality feeling a bit fragile came up, and while I didn’t have a major issue with this, it’s something to consider.

All in all, I see the potential in the ChordBuddy, especially for making learning more approachable, but it’s wise to ensure it fits your guitar and meets your expectations for material quality.


After spending some quality time with the ChordBuddy, I’ve got a mixed bag of thoughts. On the one hand, this little device is a game-changer for beginners like me. With the songbook and app in hand, I found myself strumming along to songs much quicker than I expected. It’s gratifying to play recognizable tunes almost immediately. The books are genuinely helpful, and it’s pretty awesome how it helps those with hand issues.

That said, I hit a few snags with the ChordBuddy. Fitting it onto my own guitar wasn’t as smooth as I hoped; it seems like it might not accommodate all guitar types. I had to fiddle with it to avoid harming my guitar’s neck. Additionally, the quality of the plastic didn’t impress me—it feels a bit fragile, and for something that’s meant to be pressed repeatedly, I’m not convinced it will last as long as I’d like.

Overall, despite some design drawbacks, I can’t deny its utility for the beginner musician. It’s a novel approach to learning guitar, and for many, it will be a valuable tool. Just do check your guitar’s compatibility, and handle with care.

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