Classical Guitar Support Ergoplay Review: Enhancing Your Playing Comfort

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A decade ago, a conversion to a different guitar support altered my approach to playing the guitar fundamentally. Moving away from the conventional footstool, I embraced the ErgoPlay support, a device that not only enhanced the stability of the instrument while I played but also offered an improvement in ergonomic comfort. This particular support is designed to alleviate the strain on the back that often occurs during prolonged periods of practice or performance.

Classical Guitar Support Ergoplay Review: Enhancing Your Playing Comfort
Best Guitar Support: Why I Use The Ergoplay Support?

The transition to the ErgoPlay support proved to be a pivotal choice that brought about long-term benefits to my posture and playing technique. In sharing my experience, you’ll discover various guitar supports like the ErgoPlay, which have set a new standard in the world of classical guitar. I’ll guide you through my personal journey, highlighting how opting for a support like ErgoPlay can be transformative for any guitarist looking to improve their play while maintaining physical health.

My Transition to the Ergoplay Support

Initially, I learned to play classical guitar utilizing a footstool, finding comfort and seeming functionality in this traditional posture enhancer. Years of practice brought not just familiarity but also an unintended consequence—a gradual onset of back discomfort that crept into my awareness with insistent persistence. The pursuit of my passion had unwittingly led to stress on my body, a revelation I encountered during a life-changing semester in Madrid under the tutelage of Demetrio Ballesteros.

Ergoplay Johannes Tappert Guitar Support Black:

  • Development: Conceived by Johannes Tappert for professional players, it comes equipped with two self-adhesive films for secure mounting.
  • Design for Comfort: The 235 mm thigh rest, padded with cellular rubber, offers both height and tilt adjustability to suit individual preferences.
  • Stability during Play: With three adjustable suction cups, the guitar support ensures firm attachment to the frame.
  • Weight Distribution: Optimized to improve the balance of the guitar, aiding in a more comfortable playing experience.

Heeding the advice of Maestro Ballesteros, I embraced the shift to the Ergoplay Support, an accessory that revealed itself to be astoundingly influential in how I approached guitar practice. The benefits materialized in a more ergonomic posture while playing, evidenced by a marked reduction in the strain I had previously accepted as a norm.

Ergoplay guitar support, Multicoloured, Einheitsgröße (tappert_SML)
  • Professional play aid developed by Johannes Tappert, with 2 self-adhesive films
  • Teat replaceable and easy to remove
  • Comfortable thigh support 235 mm with cellular rubber, individually adjustable in height and inclination
  • Frame attachment with 3 adjustable suction cups
  • Balanced weight distribution for improved balance during play

Guitar Support Appearance

  • Footstool: A simple, raised platform to elevate one foot, thereby changing the guitar’s angle.
  • ErgoPlay Support: An apparatus attached to the guitar’s side with suction cups, featuring adjustable rods for positioning.

Evaluating the Ergoplay Guitar Support

When assessing the Ergoplay Guitar Support, we must weigh both its benefits and drawbacks carefully.


  • Enhanced Comfort: The Ergoplay Support provides a substantial increase in comfort over traditional footstools by reducing the strain on my back and legs during extended playing sessions.
  • Adjustability: With its adjustable features, I can tailor the support to my body size and preferred playing angle, which is essential for both ergonomics and technique.
  • Stability: The support’s design offers a stable platform for the guitar, which helps maintain consistent positioning while playing.
  • No Leg Crossing Required: It allows me to sit in a more natural position without having to cross my legs, which can be beneficial for my posture and comfort.


  • Dependency: Continuous use of the Ergoplay might make it challenging for me to adapt to playing without support, such as in situations where I have to use a different guitar or support system.
  • Potential Damage to Finish: The suction cups, despite being generally safe, could potentially mark or damage the guitar’s finish if not used with care.
  • Portability and Setup Time: It’s more cumbersome to transport and set up than a simple footrest, which could be inconvenient especially when I am moving around frequently.

By considering these factors, I can make an informed decision about whether the Ergoplay Guitar Support suits my classical guitar playing needs.

Optimal Timing for Guitar Support Transition

From my experience, the transition to using a guitar support such as ErgoPlay should be tailored to individual students. Typically, I suggest making the switch around the high school years, though middle school students could also adapt well. It’s crucial for students to have a foundational period—usually two years—using a footstool before transitioning. This initial practice helps them appreciate the contrasts between both supports.

  • Initial Stage: Two years of using a footstool
  • Evaluation: Students assess personal comfort with the footstool
  • Transition: Consider introducing ErgoPlay in high school, or possibly during middle school

It’s normal for students to find the ErgoPlay odd at first. That’s why I emphasize understanding both the advantages and the limitations of ergonomic supports compared to traditional footstools. Adult learners should also start with a footstool, but anyone experiencing back discomfort might benefit from ErgoPlay or similar products early on. It’s all about finding the right fit for each student’s comfort and posture.

Alternatives to the ErgoPlay Guitar Support

  • Oasis Guitar Support
  • Tenor TPGS

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