Is 25 Too Late to Learn Guitar?

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There are no boundaries when it comes to learning. Anyone can learn anything until death.  Learning the guitar? No exception. I have seen many people in their middle age sit in the park and practice plugin guitar. Is 25 too late to learn guitar?

25 is not too late to learn guitar, you can learn guitar no matter how old you are. A well known singer Chuck Berry learned to play guitar around age 30 whereas A lot of people around the world started learning guitar at later age. Learning guitar at any age can be a great mindfulness activity.

However, in this exciting blog (probably), I will share with you some fascinating facts about playing guitar

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Is 25 Too Old to Learn Instruments?

First of all, 25 is not a huge age. If you are 25 years old and want to learn instruments, there is no confusion that you can’t. Moreover, there’s no mandatory age for learning the instruments you like the most.

I won’t care even if you are 75 years old (Really) and want to learn guitar. What about the experts? Or the famous guitarist? 

They, too, agree that mastering musical instruments has no age limitation. However, it is always good to start early when learning anything. But, tell me, do all people always bear the same interest?

No, right? 

However, in this modern world, where learning becomes much easier, you can learn any of your favorite instruments. Guitar, piano, obe, you name it. Anything that you want, you can learn. 

25 is the age of the spirit! You can learn and play guitar like a pro, even if you can’t sing like a professional singer. Nonetheless, this is not only for playing guitar but also for other musical instruments. 

You will be amazed that guitarists like Johnny Ramone, Chuck Berry, and James Lewis Carter Ford started learning guitar after they were 25. 

Legendary Guitarists Who Started Playing Late

Many guitarists and singers you may know started playing late cause not all of us have the same hobby or passion from an early age. So, here are the lists of guitarists who started playing late.

James Lewis Carter Ford

Ford was born in 1921 and he started his music career after his retirement when his wife gave him a guitar as a birthday present. 

He started learning the guitar and released his first album at the age of 77.

Johnny Ramone

Johnny was born in Queens on October 8, 1948. He was the founding member of Ramones. He had an interest in music from an early age as he grew up surrounded by rock musicians.

Johnny started his music career at the age of 26 with Dee Dee Ramone and Tommy Ramone.

Chuck Berry

Berry was born in 1926 and started his musical performance at the age of 15. But after a tragedy in his life he was arrested and imprisoned for 3 years. After the release he didn’t go for the music professionally until he was around 30 years old.

All of these three legendary guitarists started their career late and you can start playing guitar at any age.

How Many Years Will It Take To Learn Guitar?

Well, it depends. If you can progress fast, you can learn guitar in a short time. On the other hand, if you learn slowly, it may take a long time. However, on average, it will take around 2-3 years if you want to learn guitar properly.

Besides, if you spend more time daily learning guitar and are focused enough, it may take 1-1.5 years or so. 

You should keep patient whenever you want to learn a new skill, whether it is learning coding or guitar. Yes, you can have a goal that you can achieve within a specific period of time. But, take enough time to learn something properly. 

It may take a comparatively long time to learn the fundamentals of playing guitar. Once you pass this step, you will find a lot of ease while learning advanced techniques. 

2-3 hours a week? Bare enough. 

How Hard Is It to Learn Guitar?

We often make a mistake, and that is, we think the skill that takes a long time to learn is hard. But this thought process is not correct. To achieve the ability to play guitar like a pro may need some time. But, it is not hard. 

Yes, there are some stages when learning guitar that may seem a bit difficult to you. 

Beginning stage? Most probably, yes. 

But, if you ask the expert the hard thing regarding learning guitar, they will most probably say, “Keep up the commitment.”

However, learning guitar may seem complicated, like learning calculus. But when? 

If you don’t follow the correct methods or techniques to learn it. 

Furthermore, as a guitar learner, you should have a goal. A specific goal considering what level of proficiency you want to achieve regarding playing guitar

However, don’t be so ambitious if you are in the beginner stage. But, who am I to motivate you to be ambitious in this case?

No, what I’m trying to accomplish is that you should set smaller goals. 

For example, if you set a goal within a few months, you will become good at chord charts. Therefore, if you do so, it will boost your confidence. 

Furthermore, strings and strumming may seem harder for you if you have practiced guitar for a long time. In this sense, you should give your hands and fingers enough rest. 

Can You Learn Guitar on Your Own? 

We live in an era where self-learning has become much easier. You can learn anything on your own. However, when it comes to learning guitar on your own, the concept will remain the same.

You can learn guitar on your own. How? You will find a huge amount of guitar learning material online. What you need to do is to make the best use of them. 

However, strategy is the most important thing about learning guitar on your own. You should create an effective strategy and need to practice guitar according to it. In addition, commitment is another crucial fact. 

So. First, learn how to hold a guitar. Next? You can learn basic chords, strum, and play guitar with songs. Besides, don’t forget to track your progress. This will help you measure what level you are currently at. 

Following your favorite guitar can be another important more in learning guitar. Well, you don’t need to copy him. Instead, you can know his journey and the tips and tricks he shares for a learner like you. 

Final Words

Playing guitar smoothly is like an art. And, to be a  master of any art, you need to spend on learning it. You can’t become a pro guitarist overnight. But, if you have passion and commitment, you can learn guitar in a short possible time. 

So, it doesn’t matter how old someone is. It is just a number that has no relation to the capability of playing guitar. It doesn’t even matter whether someone is 90 years old. 

However, disciple is another important thing you keep note of. If you can follow the discipline, it will help you take your guitar playing skill to the next level.  So, why late? It’s time to turn your dreams into reality. Let’s face it. 

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