What Does Playing Guitar Say About You

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There’s no question that playing the guitar is a physically and emotionally challenging activity. It takes time, effort and skill to develop the ability to play even basic songs. So, what does it say about you when you decide to pick up a guitar and start learning? Keep reading to find out.

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What Does Playing Guitar Say About You
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The Perception of Guitar Players

Most guitar players are perceived as sensitive, romantic, intelligent and cool. Whatever the reason for this perception, we can’t deny that there is something about this instrument that seems to make players attractive.

Research was done by French researchers to prove whether women are more likely to be receptive to romantic advances from guitarists than non-guitarists. The research found that straight women were more willing to give out their contact to guys who appeared to be guitarists. Furthermore, the research found that when the guitarist was holding a guitar case, 31% of women agreed to give their phone numbers, but when he was holding nothing, only 14% cooperated.

This research proves that the guitar case- a statistically significant factor proved that guitar players are perceived as attractive by an average woman who was thus more likely to give him her phone number when he had a guitar case in hand.

Playing Guitar Is a Great Way to Express Yourself

There are moments when we find it hard to verbally express our feelings. However, many guitarists find it easier to show their emotions, process them, and feel heard through playing the guitar.

In an interview with musicradar.com, Kirk Windstein of Crowbar – a guitarist, says, “I run through a lot of emotions when playing guitar. I consider it a perfect vehicle for letting out my feelings. When I play i often feel my aggression, sadness and any anxiety leaving my mind and body.”

For some people, playing the guitar might be a hugely cathartic form of communicating your views, feelings, passions and fears.

It Will Help You with Relaxing and Relieving Stress

If you ask any passionate guitarist, they call the guitar their ‘happy place.’ A session, as short as 15 minutes, will lift your mood from bad to good. On those bad days, your guitar will uplift your mood in the evening and makes you smile. Additionally, if you are one of those guitarists who become anxious before a performance, by playing the guitar for yourself, you will relax and be less tense.

Playing Guitar Is a Fun Way to Connect with Other People

Playing with others helps you connect with people with the same interests, and even if they have a more advanced skill level. You can still have fun playing music and learn something new.

Music unites people and learning such a popular instrument as the guitar gives you more opportunities to build relationships with others.

For example, when you consider the teacher-student relationship and hire a guitar teacher to help you learn, you will build a relationship with that teacher from your in-person and one-on-one online lessons.

When you finally learn to play very well, you can become a teacher and build relationships with your students.

Moreover, birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, learning the guitar makes it easier for you to connect with other musicians. Whether you start a band or not, being a proficient guitarist will get you noticed by other musicians.

What Does Playing Guitar Say About You
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/friends-spending-time-together-with-guitar-3777729/

It Can Make You Smarter and Improve Your Memory

A government-commissioned study has shown that learning to play the guitar at school improves children’s memory and intelligence. Additionally, the research found that it enlarges the left side of the brain. That will help the students to remember a fifth more information when compared with non-musical pupils.

In another study by the psychologist Lutz Jäncke at the University of Zurich, it was found that the major parts of the brain that control hearing, memory, and hand movements become more active when playing the guitar. They lead to growth and a positive change in the brain architecture. The same changes were also seen in people over the age of 65.

It’s A Great Form of Exercise

Even if you are strumming a simple 1-4-5 G, C, D chord progression or a skip-string playing guitar, all these feature coordination between your hands and your eyes. When you learn the guitar, you develop the ability to make your hands do what you want them to do when you want them to do it, together in synchronization. With continuous exercise, there will be an improvement in the skill that allows you to play the guitar correctly.

Different guitars have their unique varieties of string setups, tuning and fingerpicking. However, improving coordination while playing guitar will inevitably help with other instruments-particularly the stringed and percussion instruments.

It Can Improve Your Mood and Boost Your Confidence

It is simple to set small goals in playing guitar music. For example, aiming at finishing a piece or playing to the end of a line of music. Whenever you accomplish these goals, it will give you a great sense of achievement. Reaching the stage where you must perform in front of an audience will require a certain confidence level. If you have been accomplishing your goals, it means you have been building confidence over time in a particular genre, and you will reap rewards that can affect many other areas of your life.

Playing the guitar from time to time can help us overcome shyness and stage fright. Developing the confidence to perform in front of family, friends, strangers, and even virtually/online will help you reach many avenues in your guitar career. When you learn the guitar, you are confident to try performances.


Playing guitar benefits your overall well-being and mental health in many ways, including helping you develop a greater sense of personal achievement. Additionally, playing the guitar calms the mind and body, decreasing heart rate, lowering anxiety and depression in general, and reducing stress levels. It is the perfect stress buster! Get started to play with our free guitar tabs.

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