Is It Bad To Play Music Through A Guitar Amp? | All You Need To Know

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A guitar amp or amplifier is an electronic device used to produce sounds in its stronger version. Since the guitar amp is used for amplifying the sound, it is commonly used as a speaker to play music. But what are the consequences of using the guitar amp as a music player? Have you ever wondered? 

Is It Bad To Play Music Through A Guitar Amp? You can use the guitar amp to play music, but it might invite some risks. A guitar amp is manufactured in such a way it enhances the frequencies an electric guitar produces. When you play the music that is bass-heavy, the guitar amp might face some troubles. 

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However, it is not risky to use the guitar amp in all scenarios. You can obviously play the music on a guitar amp if you know the tricks.  

In this article, I will help you understand the guitar amplifier or amp, and I will also explain the ways of using the guitar amp as a music player or speaker. Moreover, I will be sharing lots of tricks to protect the guitar amp. 

So, without any further ado, let us get started. 

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What Is A Guitar Amplifier, And How Does It Work? 

A guitar amp is a device that helps to strengthen the electrical signal of different types of guitars which includes; electric guitar, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar. The Guitar Amplifier intensifies the sound by changing the signal from pickups

Generally, you will find two kinds of guitar amplifier configurations; a combination amplifier, and the other one is a standalone amplifier. They both come with different purposes. 

The combination amplifier comes with one or more speakers and an amplifier in a single cabinet. On the other hand, the standalone amplifier uses one or more external speaker cabinets to pass the amplified signal.

The Guitar Amplifiers also modify the instrument’s tones by changing its frequencies. They come with two amplifying circuit stages, and many have tone-shaping circuits.

Does Using The Guitar Amp As Speaker Damage It?

To be honest, using the Guitar Amp as a speaker can be a viable option, but it might have some associated risks. There are special techniques using which you can definitely use the guitar amp as a speaker. 

That is, you need to know what you are doing, or else you might damage it. Guitar Amp is manufactured in such a way that they are adaptable to any frequencies created by a guitar. 

But when it comes to playing music, each music produces various frequencies, which might blow up the guitar amp in an extreme situation. It occurs mainly when the music you play at a high volume has so much bass, which might destroy the guitar amp.

The other reason behind such accidents can be the unmatched voltage of the amps and the device. It is common for the Guitar amp to have lower voltage from the pickups, which is much lower compared to the computer or mobile phone. 

With the blessings of technology, you will find various applications you can download on your mobile device so that the Guitar Amp and the phone become compatible

You also need to know that not all amp is capable of playing music by a device like, a phone or computer. They can be used for guitar. 

My suggestion to you is that if you want to play music on a Guitar Amp, try to play songs with low-bass music. And remember to keep the volume low. Try to use an adapter when connecting the device with the amp. 

How Can I Turn My Guitar Amp Into A Music Player?

As promised earlier, I am going to provide the simplest way to use your guitar amp as a music player or speaker. Although the process is simple, you need to be extremely careful doing that. 

Let me provide you with a step-by-step process of turning the Guitar Amp into a Music Player;

Step 1 – Gather The Things You Need

A list of things you will need includes;

  • Guitar Amp
  • Any Device (Computer, Phone, other devices with a 3.5 mm jack)
  • 0.25 to 3.5 mm cable adapter

Step 2 – Prepare The Guitar Amp

You need to lower the volume of the Guitar Amp and plug in the lower side of the cable with it. Remember, if you keep the volume high, the Guitar Amp’s well-being might compromise. 

Step 3 – Connect The Device

The device you want to connect should also be set to lower volume. You might use your computer, laptop, or even smartphone. 

You need to plug in the cable with the device. In this case, you need to use the 3.5 mm side of the cable. You also need to set the device to output mono sound. 

Step 4 – Play The Music And Turn Up The Volume

Now, it is time to slowly turn up the volume and play the music. Avoid playing songs at louder volumes and songs with heavy bass. 

Is It Bad To Play Bass Through A Guitar Amp?

Yes, it is bad to play bass through a guitar amp. To be honest, it is not wise to play music with heavy bass on a Guitar Amp because it does not match with the frequency the Guitar Amp can handle. 

If the songs with heavy bass are played on a guitar amp, the amp’s machine might blow up and damage it for life. It would be best if you used software to lower the bass level of the songs. Guitar Amps come with up to midrange or bass level. 

When you play songs with lower bass, it will play a great role in saving your gear. Moreover, you will also have better sound quality.

Tips You Need To Remember

It would be best if you remember certain things to avoid accidents or protect the Guitar amp. The list is given below;

  1. Always try to play songs at low volume on the Guitar Amp. 
  2. A song with heavy bass should be avoided.
  3. In order to reduce the bass, try to use software to reduce the level of bass.  
  4. When it comes to choosing between an open-back cabinet and a closed-back cabinet, you need to choose the open-backed cabinet. It will keep the machine from being hampered. 
  5. It is suggested to avoid playing consecutively for more than 30 minutes. Take a short break after every 30 minutes is prescribed. 
  6. Always use an adapter to match the voltage level of the device and the Guitar Amp. 
  7. Playing music on a guitar amp will not deliver the sound the way a speaker does, so you need to compromise with the sound and turn up the volume slowly. 
  8. Remember to change the device’s output into the Mono setting because the sound should travel through one channel. 

Related Questions

What Can You Not Do With A Guitar Amp?

Although a guitar amp can be used as a speaker, you should avoid certain things, so the guitar amp is not hampered. It would be best to keep in mind that you cannot play music at a higher volume when attached to other devices. 

Then again, avoid connecting the guitar amp with other external speakers. As the change in the voltage level might damage the device. Lastly, keep the guitar amp turned off when not in use and let it turn off completely before turning it back on.   

Is It Okay To Sit On Guitar Amp?

Yes, you can definitely sit on a guitar amp if the upper portion of the amp is plain. However, if you are overweight, you need to avoid such an experience. 

Can You Use A Guitar Amp As A Phone Speaker?

Yes, you can use the guitar amp as a phone speaker. Nonetheless, it would be best to remember that you cannot connect them without an adapter. You can also download the application to connect with the guitar amp. 

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