Top 5 Easiest Song To Play On Guitar on Rocksmith 2014 (Easy Guitar Songs)

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Rocksmith has made playing guitars more accessible. People can get the experience of playing electric guitar in a band. The video simulations and the controllers give the privilege of enjoying such a facility. However, many find it difficult to get used to a pattern of Rocksmith and search for easiest guitar songs to be played on it. 

Blitzkrieg Bop is one of the easiest songs to play on Rocksmith. However, finding an easy song to play on Rocksmith can vary from person to person. You can also play a different song and the easy one for you.

In this article, you will know a lot about Rocksmith. You can discover various ways of playing guitar in Rocksmith. You will also get to learn about the easiest and the hardest song to play in Rocksmith. 

So, without any further ado, let us get started. 

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What Is Rocksmith?

Rocksmith is basically a simulated guitar video game where you can experience playing guitar in a band. Even though you will not be playing an actual guitar, you will get an overall experience of playing guitar. 

Since playing guitar using Rocksmith seems to handle the buttons and switch, many people do not consider this fruitful. However, you will gain an understanding of chords and tunes, and it does improve your dexterity. 

That is, Rocksmith will definitely not make you the expert on the guitar but will give you an understanding of it. You can play Rocksmith on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation platforms. You can choose the complexity level of the song. 

What Are The Basic Features Of Playing Rocksmith?

Rocksmith will help you enhance your musical side. You can join the game, and then you will have to perform a skill test where your skill level will be judged. The game will then tailor the songs in such patterns that make your learning path easier. 

Once you get used to the process, you will develop your skills and then progress towards the harder songs. There is a system called Riff Repeater, which helps you learn the chords if you struggle

Even if you struggle at the beginning, you will need to give some time and practice the challenges to get used to them. You can track your progress as the statistics will show an overall graph of your progress. 

You can use that to motivate you to improve and get better at it. Your progress will notify you how much practice you will need. 

Does Rocksmith Help To Learn Guitar?

The video game Rocksmith will use fun elements and give you a relaxing atmosphere to learn guitar. In the beginning, Rocksmith will give you a bunch of songs that can be played at different difficulty levels.

If you want to take time and learn the process slowly, you can always use the easy mode. You can pick songs from your favorite artists. Sometimes you might require to buy those, and sometimes you will get them for free. So, whichever suits you, make sure to do that. 

You can practice different segments of the song by using the Riff Repeater mode. This way, you can learn the song very quickly. 

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Is Rocksmith Good For a Beginner guitar?

Rocksmith can be a good starter for a beginner. You can choose to start with Rocksmith. However, you will need to keep in mind that you will not become an expert on it, but you will have some basic knowledge of guitar which will help you in the future. 

You can get knowledge about chords and other basic features. Many suggest kids to start with Rocksmith and then move to a real guitar. In such a way, they can get an understanding of it.

Top 5 Easy Guitar Songs To Learn on Rocksmith For Beginners:

#Name of Easy Guitar Song To Learn on RocksmithRock Band
1.Blitzkrieg BopRamones
2.Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand
3.R U Mine?Arctic Monkeys
4.Knights of CydoniaMuse
5.My Own Summer (Shove It)Deftones

Which Devices Can Be Used To Play Rocksmith?

Certain devices can be used to play guitar song on Rocksmith, which include:

1. PlayStation

2. Xbox 

3. Android Devices

4. IOS Devices

5. PC

Related Questions

What Is The Hardest Song On Rocksmith?

When you are a beginner, you might find a lot of songs to be difficult one. But once you get accustomed to it, you will feel the songs are easier to play. However, what I have experienced and seen people from the surrounding experienced is that Stach Boogie to the hardest to play in Rocksmith. 

However, there are a certain group of people who claims that the Karawan Bonus to be a difficult song to be played in Rocksmith. 

Can You Learn Guitar Chords On Rocksmith?

To be honest, you can learn about guitar chords just by playing Rocksmith. The video simulation game will expose you to various complicated chords. You can also challenge yourself by choosing difficult levels of expertise on it.

Moreover, using the Riff Repeater feature, you can create segments of your songs and then learn them. Dont forget to practice different chord progression out of the game. Also, practice strumming with open chords.

Is Rocksmith Good For Practice?

Rocksmith can be fun to practice. You can choose any of your favorite songs. The best part is that you can smoothly by using the Riff Repeater feature. You can simply segment the song and then practice it as much as possible. 

If you want to train your kid, you can let him practice in Rocksmith so that he gets familiar with the chords. Practicing some open chords would also be great. With open I mean open string. That way you can practice strumming. Nothing better to get better first with open string. Then you can continue with major chord.

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What is the easiest and simple best guitar to learn on Rocksmith?

The best guitar to learn on Rocksmith is the Fender Squier Stratocaster Electric Guitar. Its classic design and feel make it easy to play, while its versatility means you can use it for a variety of different styles. It also comes with the added bonus of being compatible with the Rocksmith video game and accessories, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to get into playing guitar. The Fender Squier Stratocaster is a great option for beginners and experienced players alike. Also the Fender guitars are great for this. Fender player as well Stratocaster player should be happy with how free you can be about this.

Final Thoughts

For the guitarist, Rocksmith can be a good source of entertainment no just for people that play electric and acoustic guitar. The learning of guitar can be easier just by using different chords. Even though Rocksmith will not make you an expert, you will be able to have a good understanding of the guitar as a beginner guitaR. 

You will be able to check your progress and push yourself to do better in it. You will find it more interesting to learn new chords and songs when you practice more often. 

When it comes to playing the music, people might find it difficult to play some of the songs. Some people also ask about the easiest songs to play on Rocksmith. However, you cannot say which one will be difficult for you.

The hardest song to play on Rocksmith might also vary. Nonetheless, I would suggest you choose the familiar and easier song to play at the beginning. Once you find the Rocksmith to be easy, you can definitely challenge yourself with hard songs. 

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