Where Is My Mind Guitar Chords: Master the Pixies’ Classic Hit

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“Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies is a song that resonates with many guitar players for its haunting melody and enigmatic lyrics. The distinct chord progressions contribute to the song’s enduring popularity, cementing its place in the alternative rock genre. A staple for both novice and experienced guitarists, this track offers a combination of approachable simplicity and sonic depth, making the learning process both enjoyable and rewarding.

Where Is My Mind Guitar Chords: Master the Pixies' Classic Hit
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Comprehensive tutorials and guitar lesson content are readily available for those looking to master “Where Is My Mind.” The song’s structure is inviting to guitarists, who can learn the chords and play along with the original recording or even perform their renditions. The song’s chord progression, with its mix of major and minor tonalities, captures the essence of the song’s introspective theme.

The availability of official tabs and chords online has made it easier for enthusiasts to access accurate guitar chords for “Where Is My Mind.” Eager learners can find resources that cater to various playing styles and skill levels, allowing them to play this iconic song with precision. The song remains a beloved piece for those aiming to delve into the Pixies’ rich musical legacy.

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Guitar Essentials

When approaching “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies on guitar, one must ensure proper tuning and capo placement for accurate rendition.


The guitar should be tuned to standard tuning (E A D G B E) for this particular song. It is vital for the guitarist to use a reliable tuner to ensure each string is at the correct pitch.

Capo Placement

For “Where Is My Mind,” no capo is required. The original song is played without the use of a capo, which allows the guitarist to play the chords in their standard positions.

Song Breakdown

“Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies features a captivating blend of chord progressions, a consistent strumming pattern, and a distinct song structure that contribute to its timeless appeal.

Chord Progressions

The song utilizes a relatively simple chord progression that cycles throughout. In the key of E major, the core progression alternates between E major (E), C# minor (C#m), G# major (G#), and A major (A) chords, creating a moody and evocative sound palette.

Strumming Pattern

The strumming pattern for “Where Is My Mind” is steady and approachable, even for beginners. It follows a consistent down-down-up-up-down-up (DDUUDU) pattern. This pattern should be played with a relaxed wrist to capture the song’s easygoing vibe.

Song Structure

The song is structured with distinct parts, following a sequence that includes:

  • An intro that sets the ethereal tone
  • Verse sections featuring the main chord progression
  • A chorus that maintains the progression with a more forceful strum to differentiate from the verses
  • An outro similar to the intro, bookending the song neatly

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