What To Do If Guitar Gets Wet?

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Guitars are sensible instruments. They need to be kept dry and cool place. However, you have somehow got into such situations where the guitars might get wet and we get nowhere to go to. In such situations, many people take the wrong step and end up hampering the guitar’s overall situation. But, What To Do If The Guitar Gets Wet? 

When the guitars get wet, wipe off all the excess liquid from the guitar. Then blow-dry the parts using a hair dryer for approximately 10 to 12 minutes. Remember to keep the electricity off while they are wet and do not turn it on until it is completely dry.

Yes, recovering from the wetness of a guitar is not easy. It will require a lot of dedication and care. In this article, I will give you an overall idea to get rid of the wetness of the guitar. 

I will also mention various consequences that might occur if you do not take care of your wet guitar properly. Lastly, you will also learn what happens to the guitar, if it gets wet. 

So, without any further ado, let us keep reading. 

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What To Do If Guitar Gets Wet?

What To Do When Guitar Gets Wet?

A guitar can get wet and lead to unexpected damage. That is why experts recommend guitarists keep their guitars away from water. However, just like any other accidents, the guitars can get wet and get hampered.

So, what are the things You can do when the guitar gets wet?

Wipe The Excess Water

The first thing you need to do is take paper towels or soft microfiber cloth to take off all the liquid from the guitar. If water is stored inside it, you need to take it out as well. 

Do not use any harsh clothes, as they can scratch the guitar and leave marks on it. Remember the later you get to get the water out of the guitar, the more hamper it is going to experience. 

The wood might suck water which can make the guitar lifeless and dull. It will lose its original tuning and sound brightness. 

Use A Dryer To Make The Guitar All Dry

Even after wiping all the water from the guitar, there remains water or the wood might still stay wet. And the more the guitar is exposed to water, the more the wood and metal parts of the guitar soak water. 

In such situations, electric guitars might get risky to use as there remain chances to get an electric shock from them. Remember if the electric guitar gets wet while being connected to the electricity, it is more harmful. 

Set the hair dryer to medium speed and cool setting, and make sure to blow air from at least one foot apart. 

Keep The Guitar In Dry Place

You need to remember the guitar needs to be kept in a dry place. Once your guitar gets in contact with water, it can stay wet for a long time. 

It can take from several months to years and cause permanent damage to occur. As mentioned, you need to get rid of any liquid that came in contact with your guitar as early as possible. 

During cold weather, the guitar texture can get damaged as it holds moisture in the wood. However, the scenario is different for acoustic guitars because they are usually made with 50% relative humidity. 

Keep The Guitar Out Of Its Case

If you keep the guitar in a guitar case while it is wet, it will not help to dry it out. Rather the wood and metal of the guitar will get damaged. 

You need to let the wetness to be dried out before putting it into the case. The natural airflow needs to be maintained. 

In addition to that, you need to make sure the guitar case is also dried out completely. Or else it will make the guitar even wetter. 

Does Water Ruin Guitar?

To be honest, water can damage your favorite guitar. However, depending on your primary treatment, the level of damage might vary. That is if the guitar is kept all wet, the guitar will surely get more damaged.

On the other hand, if you are quick with the guitar getting all dried, then you can be assured that the guitar will be in its best position. If a guitar is kept watery, both its sound and different parts will get compromised. You might not be able to play the guitar

The extra weight gained due to the absorption of water might make the tone of the guitar will get dull. You need to suck all the water from the guitar and make it dry as soon as possible.

Should I Play Guitar In The Rain?

It is not recommended to play guitar in the rain. Direct contact with water will surely compromise the quality and the tone of the guitar. Let me also warn you that if the guitar is wet for a long time, it might damage the wood’s temper.

More than that if you are playing electric guitar in rain, you might get into an accident as an electric shock might occur. 

What Happens If An Electric Guitar Gets Wet?

Electric guitars are forbidden to get in contact with water even for a small period of time. As electric guitar requires live electricity, contact with water will surely make a disaster. 

The Electrical components inside the electric guitar which are sometimes not seen from the outer side can cause harm to the user. Moreover, the guitar’s quality will be compromised. 

The risk is higher when the water gets in contact with the guitar and the electricity is going through it. When in rain, never plug or play the guitar. Rather disconnect it quickly and take it inside. 

What To Do If My Acoustic Guitar Gets Wet?

Acoustic guitars are 50% tolerable to humidity. If the acoustic guitar is not completely wet, you can simply use a soft microfiber cloth or paper towel to take off all the water and let the natural air do the rest of the work. 

You can skip using a heater or hair dryer to blow dry it. It will do no good but harm to the acoustic guitar. Wipe all the parts of the guitar; fretboard, tuning keys, bridge, front & back side of the guitar; make sure not a single drop of water is not present. 

You can also use silica packs to keep the acoustic guitar away from the natural humidity in places where humidity is higher because they will soak up all the wetness and keep the guitar perfectly dry. 

Final Thoughts:

Guitars can be sensitive to water. Electric guitars are way more dangerous to play in rain. However, no matter what the type of guitar is remember not to take them out in the rain. 

Keep the guitar away from water and even if it gets in contact with water, let it dry out as early as possible. 

You can take out the excess water from the guitar using a soft microfiber cloth or other soft tissues. You can also use the hair dryer keeping it in a low and cool setting to dry out the guitar. 

No matter what you do, keep the guitar in a cool and dry place. The storing of guitars should not be compromised.

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