Great Fairy Fountain Guitar Tab: Learn Zelda’s Magical Melody

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The “Great Fairy Fountain” is an iconic piece of music from the renowned “Legend of Zelda” series. Composed by the gifted Koji Kondo, the soundtrack of the game series has captivated gamers and music enthusiasts alike for decades. This particular melody is known for its ethereal beauty and has been a favorite for musicians to adapt to various instruments, including the guitar.

Learning to play the “Great Fairy Fountain” on guitar allows you to bring a piece of the magical Zelda universe to life. Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or a newcomer to the instrument, there are tabs and playing techniques available to suit your skill level. With the right learning resources, you can immerse yourself in the soothing tones of this beloved theme and perhaps even add your own flair to the arrangement.

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Key Takeaways

  • “Great Fairy Fountain” is a mesmerizing soundtrack piece from “Legend of Zelda.”
  • Koji Kondo’s composition translates well for guitar arrangement and performance.
  • Accessible guitar tabs facilitate different skill levels to learn and enjoy playing.

History and Origin

The Great Fairy’s Fountain theme is a piece of music that carries the essence of adventure and magic from the Legend of Zelda series, composed by the acclaimed Koji Kondo. It’s a melody that has become synonymous with the series’ most enchanting moments.

Composer Insights

Koji Kondo, the composer behind this enchanting theme, is a name you might already know if you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda. His work has shaped the auditory landscape of the series. The first time the Great Fairy’s Fountain theme graced our ears was through the game A Link to the Past. Kondo’s compositions have a way of capturing the essence of Zelda’s worlds—his Great Fairy’s Fountain theme is no exception, with its delicate and mystical air that evokes the soothing presence of the Great Fairies in the game.

Game Legacy

When you talk about the legacy of the Great Fairy’s Fountain theme, you’re diving into the rich tapestry of Zelda’s history. This melody has been a recurring piece, making an appearance in numerous games including the beloved Ocarina of Time. It’s more than just background music; it’s a signature tune that signifies healing and guidance, echoing throughout the decades of Zelda titles. The theme has not only persisted across the franchise but has also been cherished in the fan community, inspiring countless guitar renditions and tabs to highlight the melodic beauty this piece holds.

Guitar Adaptation

When playing the “Great Fairy’s Fountain” on the guitar, you’ll find that the type of guitar and the tuning greatly influence your rendition of the song. Let’s explore the specifics to help you capture that enchanting melody perfectly.

Guitar Types

Your choice of guitar for this piece matters. Ideally, you’ll get the most authentic sound from an acoustic guitar, specifically one with nylon strings. The mellowness of nylon strings complements the harmonic landscape of the “Great Fairy’s Fountain” theme, which originally comes from a rich, synthesized soundtrack. Acoustic guitars are preferred for their warm tonal quality that resonates well with the song’s soothing nature.

However, you’re not limited to nylon-string guitars. A steel-string acoustic can still produce a beautiful rendition of the song with a brighter timbre. If you choose an electric guitar, consider using a clean setting with a bit of reverb to mimic the ambient qualities of the original composition.

Tuning for the Song

The tuning of your guitar plays a pivotal role in capturing the essence of the “Great Fairy’s Fountain”. For this piece, the standard E tuning will work well:

  • E (6th string, thickest)
  • A (5th string)
  • D (4th string)
  • G (3rd string)
  • B (2nd string)
  • E (1st string, thinnest)

Before beginning, ensure your guitar is perfectly in tune. Being even slightly out of tune can noticeably affect the song’s ethereal quality. If you’re looking for guidance on tablature that’s specifically arranged for the acoustic guitar, consider using this Great Fairy’s Fountain tab from Songsterr which indicates the nylon guitar part, conducive to your acoustic setup.

Playing Techniques

Mastering the “Great Fairy’s Fountain” on guitar involves a combination of specific playing techniques. Your focus on fingerstyle patterns and understanding the underlying chord structures will be critical to authentically capturing the essence of this enchanting piece from the Legend of Zelda series.

Fingerstyle Approach

In playing “Great Fairy’s Fountain,” your primary technique will be fingerstyle. This entails plucking the strings directly with the fingertips, fingernails, or picks attached to your fingers, as opposed to using a standard flat pick. To reproduce the delicate harp-like quality of the original music, practice maintaining a gentle touch and fluid transitions between arpeggios.

  • Thumb (P): Handles the bass strings (E, A, D)
  • Index (I): Plays on the G string
  • Middle (M): Assigned to the B string
  • Ring (A): Plucks the high E string

It’s important to keep your hand relaxed while assigning each finger to its respective string to maintain consistency and control. For an example of finger placement and technique, see this Great Fairy Fountain tab.

Chord Structures

The harmony of “Great Fairy’s Fountain” on acoustic guitar closely follows chords that might mimic the sound of an orchestra. Your ability to understand and execute these chord structures will add richness to your performance. Most of the piece revolves around extended chords and may require you to stretch your fingers to reach certain frets accurately.

Here is a brief overview of the chord progression used:

  • Am9 – Sets a mystical tone
  • D9/F# – Introduces tension
  • E – Offers a resolution

Some chords may be unusual, but they provide the atmospheric sound characteristic of The Legend of Zelda’s music. Consider watching tutorials like How to play Great Fairy Fountain on Guitar for visual aid in mastering these chords.

Learning Resources

When you’re ready to bring the magical tones of the Fairy Fountain theme from the beloved Legend of Zelda soundtrack to life on your guitar, you’ll want the best resources at your fingertips. You’ll find comprehensive tablatures and instructional videos that cater to both steel-string and nylon-string guitar players, ensuring that you can produce the enchanting sound just like in the game.

Tablature Guides

  • Online Tabs: Check out this clear and accurate version of the Great Fairy’s Fountain Tab to help you get started.
  • Guitar Tab Books: Purchase tablature books from music stores for a more traditional learning approach.

Video Tutorials

Remember, patience and consistent practice with these resources can make your rendition of the Fairy Fountain theme both accurate and captivating.


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