Is Guitar Harder to Play Than Piano?

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It’s a debate that has raged on for years – is guitar harder to play than piano? While both instruments have their own unique set of challenges, it really depends on your skill level and what you want to achieve musically. To get to the answer also depends on many variables. In this post, we’ll take a look at the differences between these two popular instruments and unpack the facts about these instruments. By the end of this article, you will be able to make a decision that’s right for you. Stay tune (pun intended!)

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Origins of Piano and Guitar

One interesting fact about the guitar is that the guitar is much older than the piano, with the first one made in Ancient Egypt. On the other hand, the piano was created in 1655 as an improvement of the harpsichord.

Is Guitar Harder to Play Than Piano?
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How the Piano and Guitar Compare

Using the following factors, we shall determine which instrument is harder to play.

The Easiest Instrument for Learning Songs

The initial step of determining if an instrument is easy to learn songs is to define what that means. Learning an instrument means knowing how to play the chords of a song on the guitar or the piano. It is easier to learn a song from the guitar than from the piano because most students will pick chord formations and strumming patterns on the guitar more quickly than they would on the piano.

Therefore theoretically, students can learn several chords in a few hours on a guitar, enabling them to play a song the whole day unlike the ease to playon a piano.

Additionally, the formation of the guitar chords makes it much easier to ensure you’re playing the right notes. In general, if you have your fingers in the right places on the guitar, only the right notes will be able to make a sound.

Simplest Layout

The piano has the simplest layout in appearance than the guitar because it has white and black Keys that have the same pattern. The notes on the piano are broken into smaller groups called octaves which are made up of 7 white notes and five black notes.

The guitar layout may look a bit complex because most guitars have six strings, with each string sectioned apart on the guitar neck’s fruits. To form and change the pitch on a guitar, you need to pick a particular string and place your finger on a specific fret. The guitar is played in a horizontal position, with the top strings having a lower pitch while the bottom strings have a higher pitch.

When you compare the layout and playing position of the piano, the guitar is easier to learn how to play a song from no experience. This is only need to learn the placement of the fingers to make the chords. Therefore, learning a song on the guitar is easier than on a piano.

Easiest Techniques for Beginners

The period within which you start playing an instrument is when you are referred to as an early beginner, usually between the first and second months. The beginner experience is different for both the guitar and the piano players.

For instance, the beginner experience on a guitar can be tricky because you must press hard enough on each string to form the chords; otherwise, it won’t sound clear. The pressure exerted on the strings can be quite uncomfortable in the beginning. Extra coordination is needed since one hand forms the chords while the other plucks or maintains a strumming pattern.

However, the piano keys are quite simple to press to form the chords, but the wide keys pose a challenge to beginners. The guitar, an acoustic six-string instrument, may pose a challenge for the beginner, but the chord formations are easier than the piano.

Easiest Techniques for Intermediates

When you reach the intermediate stage, it is not easy to tell whether the piano or guitar is easy to learn. Both the guitar and piano have a unique set of challenges.

For the guitar, some variations are needed in terms of strumming patterns or picking. It can be challenging to achieve the exact sound you want because you need a lot more pressure to press on the strings. At this stage, the Barre Chords– involve the index finger putting equal pressure on all of the strings and the rest of your fingers forming the chord- present a real challenge. The tactic can take a long time to master if you haven’t experienced a hand cramp before. You will after you attempt this tactic.

On the other hand, the piano has a massive surface area to cover. An average piano is around 150cm (5ft) wide, and most musicians who use piano love to show how well they are experienced with the entire surface and keys. For that reason, piano students will have to cover a huge amount of musical space in a split second, which is quite a challenge for intermediate students.

Learning Material

Guitars are easy to master than piano because you can learn guitar through video games. You can use your free time practicing your guitar tabs, which are essential in chord formations.

The video game guitar is tailored toward music lovers and musicians, making it an essential element in learning and playing guitar. Some of these games include:

  • Guitar Hero

This classic video game guitar has a vast library of songs across various game versions. This is one of the best games for browsing video game guitar covers.

  • Rock Band

Sharpen your guitar tab skills by playing Rock Band, which features a video game tab for guitar games you can enjoy with your friends, form a band, and play the game for hours.


Overall, it is easier to learn the guitar than the piano. Considering the layout, learning songs, and availability of learning materials like video games and a few other things, the guitar is the best choice for a beginner.

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