Is It Bad To Leave Your Guitar Out? 

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Once you buy a guitar, your first question will be how to store this magnificent and valuable instrument. Many people doubt whether it is safe to keep their guitar out of the case since we are all aware that this is a delicate instrument. Therefore, is it bad to keep your guitar out of its case?

Leaving your guitar out of the case is harmless if your instrument is not exposed to direct sunlight, drastic temperature changes, and high levels of humidity. In addition, you need to ensure that your guitar will be out of reach for pets and children. If these conditions are met, you do not have to worry about damaging your instrument.

You are at the right place if you want to find out how to properly store a guitar. Whether it is harmless or not to leave your guitar out depends on several factors. Here, we will discuss those factors, so in the end, you will be sure what is the safest for storing your instrument!

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Is It Bad To Leave Your Guitar Out? 

Is It Okay To Leave Your Guitar Out Of Its Case? 

Many people wonder what is the most practical and safest way to store a guitar. Leaving your instrument out might come with several benefits, but there are a few points you have to consider before doing so. Most guitar lovers and enthusiasts leave their guitars out at all times, but they might not live in the same conditions as you do.

Leaving your guitar out might be completely harmless if you are certain that the environment where you intend to keep it is perfectly safe. There are factors that can affect the condition of your guitar, so you need to take them into account when deciding where to store your instrument. Here are some things you need to consider: 

  • Direct exposure to sunlight. 
  • High levels of humidity. 
  • Drastic temperature changes. 
  • Accessibility for children and pets. 

Direct Exposure To Sunlight 

Leaving your guitar in a room that includes multiple windows that are exposed to sunlight might be bad for your instrument. Guitars are made of wood, and direct exposure to sunlight might not only change their color, but it may also cause expansion of the wood structure. 

Some guitars, especially the pricey models, are made of high-quality materials, so they might not get damaged to a great extent. However, it is never advised to take that risk because once the structure of your guitar gets damaged, it is beyond repair. Therefore, always store your guitar in a case if the room is directly exposed to the sun. 

High Levels Of Humidity 

Humidity and moisture are great enemies to this precious instrument. If you leave a guitar in a room that is characterized by high levels of humidity, you are running the risk of damaging the wooden sound box and the overall sound of your guitar. 

High levels of humidity will cause the guitar to absorb moisture, which can shrink the wood of the instrument. This will lead to sound changes in your guitar, which might not be noticeable at the beginning, but they will eventually progress for the worse. 

The case you get when you buy a guitar is not given to you as a gift or as a tool to transport your instrument from one place to another. Its main role is to protect your guitar from humidity because it is made of materials that absorb moisture.

Drastic Temperature Changes 

Wood is very sensitive to temperature changes. High temperatures can cause the failure of the glue which keeps the whole guitar together. Low temperatures can lead to cracks in the guitar finishes. If the temperature in the room where you store your guitar changes drastically all the time, then you might end up with a complete failure of your instrument.

So, if your room is prone to temperature changes, forget about leaving your guitar out. The safest way will be to keep it inside its case the whole time. 

Accessibility For Children And Pets 

When you leave your guitar in a room where children or pets have access regularly, then the risks here are obvious. Accidents can happen all the time, and you may end up with scratches on the wood of your guitar. Moreover, every fall of your instrument can result in sound and tone changes or completely broken strings. 

In addition, if you have clumsy family members or friends, we would not suggest leaving your guitar out. This is a fragile instrument, and if your house is a place where accidents happen all the time, then your guitar is not safe out of its case. 

What Are The Benefits Of Leaving Your Guitar Out? 

As previously mentioned, leaving your guitar out can result in several benefits. However, this should be only considered if the factors we discussed above are not in the way.

First, when your guitar is easily accessible, you will be encouraged to practice more and on a daily basis. Every guitar enthusiast is urged to play when they see a guitar, so you will make no mistake with leaving your guitar out when it comes to this. 

Second, leaving your guitar out can improve the appearance of your room. Many people put their guitars somewhere in the room for aesthetic purposes, and the setting can really look nice and cool. You can achieve even more awning effect if you place your guitar on the wall or on a stand


Can A Cold Room Damage My Guitar? 

A mildly cold room cannot damage a guitar, but to be on the safe side it is better to keep it in a case. However, if you live in a place where the temperatures reach freezing levels, then you need to properly store your instrument in a case and at room temperature. Otherwise, you might end up with cracks on your guitar. 

Is It Okay To Hang Guitars On A Wall?     

It is perfectly safe to hang your guitar on a wall as long as you have checked that the hangers are securely fastened to the wall. Also, you have to make sure that the room where you intend to hang your guitar is not prone to high humidity levels and drastic temperature changes. 

What Temperatures Are Bad For Guitars? 

Extremely low and high temperatures can cause damage to your guitar. You should not keep your guitar at temperatures that go below 0 or over 35 degrees Celsius. Low temperatures can cause cracks in your guitar, while high ones can cause the failure of the glue that holds the guitar structure together. 


As you can see, storing your guitar out of the case is okay as long as the instrument is not exposed to extreme changes and conditions that may occur in a room. You might even benefit from leaving your guitar out since it will encourage you to play more. Hopefully, now you can determine the right place for your instrument without any consequences! 

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