Kawai H-811 Review: Is it Still Worth it?

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Kawai H811 is a vintage acoustic guitar that is preferred by people who love electric guitars. Kawai has always been well-known for its electric guitars. Although Kawai was founded by a Japanese named Koichi Kawai, the company was later brought into Teisco Guitar Company.

Throughout the years, Kawai guitars have received mixed reviews from guitarists. When it came to Kawai H811, the acoustic guitar received many positive comments. This is one rare guitar that comes with 12-Strings and is great in action. It comes with a natural finish and has a dreadnought body type. 

In this article, you will learn various aspects of Kawai Guitars and the backstory of the company as well as a review of this guitar. You will also get an overall review of the Kawai H811 Guitar. 

So, without any further ado, let us get started. 

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Kawai H-811 Review: Is it Still Worth it?

Background Of Kawai

The Japanese guitar company Kawai was founded back in 1927 by Koichi Kawai. Originally, the company was devoting its focus to building quality pianos. In 1954, a production line for the guitar was added to the production list and eventually captured a big portion of the market. 

The main reason behind that was Kawai was the first company to produce inexpensive acoustic guitars, which later moved towards electric guitars. However, there were people who claimed the guitars to be shabby. 

After gaining popularity, Kawai acquired the guitar company Teisco in 1967. However, instead of merging both companies, they operated both companies separately. They not only introduced original brands, but they also made products for other companies. 

They produced guitars of different shapes and body structures. These guitars had thinner bodies and were lighter than usual. The electric and bass guitars by Kawai had interesting shapes, and the guitarist craved them.  

Kawai H-811

Even though Kawai H-811 was not one of the well-renowned ones, it was not a bad guitar. Many guitars from the same company still hold their marks. Kawai has made guitars both in Japan and the United States. 

Although the origin story of Kawai H-811 is vaguely stated, the approximate production year fell in the 1960s, and it was manufactured in Japan.  

Kawai is a vintage acoustic guitar. The size of the guitar is 4/4, and the body type is the dreadnought. It is an authentic Kawai product. 

Even with such specifications, you can buy the guitar at a very reasonable price. The second-hand ones are even cheaper. 

Size & Weight

This vintage guitar is a 4/4; full-sized guitar. Because of its size, it’s perfect for youths. However, I won’t recommend this guitar for beginners. I will tell you why in the later part of this article. You will not find the weight of this Kawai h811 guitar anywhere on the internet.

The weight of this guitar is around 4 – 5 pounds which is pretty average for any full-sized acoustic guitar. The strings, tuning machines, and bridges add up to the overall weight of this guitar.

The bridge of this guitar is made of wood, but the tuning machines are made of metal. As there aren’t many metal parts in this guitar, the weight of this guitar is average.


Kawai h811 is one of the most durable vintage guitars you will see. Although you might not find a brand new version of this guitar, I have seen people who have been able to use this guitar for a long time without any major issues.

People who have used Kawai h811 in the past have reported that their guitar lasted for more than 10 years. I have heard people using Kawai h811 for more than 20 years in the forums. I don’t know how that is possible. Many users have used the guitar for years and then passed it on to their next generations as well.

So as per the opinions of many people, I think the Kawai h811 is on the highly durable acoustic guitar side. What do you think?

However, if you buy a used one right away, I don’t think it won’t last that long. If you are planning on getting this from someone make sure the condition is good.

Sound & Design:

If you are a collector then the design might look fascinating to you. The sound quality is not top-of-the-line. But from a collector’s point of view, it seems fine.

In my perspective, the Kawai h811 has an interesting shape and design. All Kawai guitars are unique and unusual to a certain point. Many people love the way it looks.

The guitar comes with 12 strings; that is, the guitar is enhanced with richness, and the beauty of the sound is unexpected. The warmth in the tone and the overall sound quality will blow your mind. When it comes to sound; Kawai guitars live up to a certain appreciable standard without any doubt.

Related Questions

Where Can I Find Information On Kawai Guitar?

Finding information on Kawai guitars online can be tough; however, you will find some information on their official website. You can also find information about Kawai Guitars in the local guitar stores. 

Who Is The Founder Of Kawai?

Koichi Kawai is the founder of the famous Kawai Guitar Company. Back in 1927, he founded the company in Hamamatsu, Japan. He was in the research team Kawai and under his leadership, Kawai developed many musical instruments like guitars and pianos.

Does Kawai own Teisco Guitars?

Yes, back in 1967, Kawai bought the Teisco guitar company. Even though they acquired the Teisco company, they operated both companies separately. So, you can say Kawai owns the Teisco company’s guitars

Does Kawai Manufacture Guitars?

Yes, Kawai does produce guitars. Although the Kawai company was first established to make pianos, later, they started a different production line for guitars.

Final Thoughts:

After all these years, I don’t think you should buy a Kawai h811 guitar. If you are a beginner then avoid not only this Kawai h811 acoustic guitar for now. You should get started with an electric guitar as electric ones are easier to play.

But from a collector’s point of view, if you want a vintage guitar and you can find a good deal (around 80-90 bucks) then it’s fine I guess. But don’t spend a lot of money on this guitar as there are very good options in the market right now at very competitive prices.

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