Are Guitar Bridge Pins Universal?

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Are you looking for new guitar bridge pins? Maybe you’re not sure if the bridge pins you have will fit your guitar. Or maybe you’re wondering if there’s a standard size for guitar bridge pins.

Guitar bridge pins are definitely not universal as guitars use different types of bridge pins, and some guitars even have proprietary bridge pins that can only be used with that particular guitar. That said, there are some aftermarket bridge pins that fit different guitars, so you may be able to find a set that will work with yours.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of guitar bridge pins, how to measure them, and where to find aftermarket bridge pins that may fit your guitar.

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Are Guitar Bridge Pins Universal?

Different Sizes of Guitar Bridge Pins

Guitar bridge pins come in different sizes, depending on the instrument and the manufacturer. The most common size is 6mm, but there are also 5mm, 7mm, and 8mm sizes. The size you need will depend on the type of guitar you have and the manufacturer’s specifications.

If you have a guitar with a tremolo bridge, you will need to use the correct size bridge pin. If you use a different size, the tremolo bridge will not work correctly.

If you have a guitar with a fixed bridge, you can use any size bridge pin. However, keep in mind that the larger the bridge pin, the more stable the bridge will be.

When choosing a guitar bridge pin, you’ll find the following sizes available:

Size 1

This one has a 3-degree tapered shaft. It fits all of the Martin guitars that were prior to 1994 and all Collings guitars made before 2002. It’ll also fi Guild, Huss & Dalton, and Santa Cruz guitars that have a 3/32″ string slot.

Size 1T

This is a 3-degree tapered shaft that has a small tenon. It is for the newer vintage Martin guitars as well as the post-2002 Collings, Guild, Huss & Dalton, and Santa Cruz guitars that have a 3/32″ string slot.

Size 2A

This size has a 3-degree tapered shaft and it’s a bit longer than size 1. It’ll fit most of the Taylor guitars made before 1994 and old models of Gibson guitars.

Size 2B

This one has the same size as that of 2A but is a bit longer. It is 0.197 inches in length and 0.098 inches in diameter. It typically fits Martin HD-28.

Size 4.1 and 4.2

These bridge pins have larger heads and they fit Jumbo and Dreadnought guitars. The 4.1 is for guitars with a 1/4″ bridge pin hole, and the 4.2 is for guitars with a 3/16″ bridge pin hole.

Size 4.3

This size bridge pin has a smaller head and it fits Maton and Grand Concert guitars.

Size 4.2C

This type of pin has a 5-degree taper and a 4.2-millimeter diameter at the base. They’re made of carbon steel and are used on electric guitars and Collings guitars.

Size 4.2D

It tapers down to 0.144-inches and has a shaft of 0.207-inches. The most significant aspect of these pins is that they don’t feature a skirt. They fit Takamine, and Guild guitars.

Guitar BrandBridge Size
MartinSize 1 or 1T
CollingsSize 1T
GuildSize 1 or 1T
Huss & DaltonSize 1 or 1T
Santa CruzSize 1 or 1T
TaylorSize 2A
GibsonSize 2A
MatonSize 4.3
Grand ConcertSize 4.3
JumboSize 4.1 or 4.2
DreadnoughtSize 4.1 or 4.2
TakamineSize 4.2D

If you’re not sure which size bridge pin you need, you can always measure the bridge pin holes on your guitar.

How To Measure Guitar Bridge Pins?

Measuring guitar bridge pins is a relatively easy task that can be accomplished

with a few simple tools. The most important tool you’ll need is a set of calipers, which will allow you to take accurate measurements of the pins. You’ll also need a ruler or tape

measure, and a pencil or pen.

Here are the steps: 

  1. Begin by removing the string from the guitar
  2. Next, use the calipers to measure the diameter of the bridge pin at the base. The base is the widest part of the pin, so this measurement will give you the most accurate reading.
  3. Once you have the diameter, use the ruler or tape measure to measure the length of the pin.
  1. With these two measurements, you can now determine the size of the bridge pin. Most guitar strings are sized for bridge pins that are between 6 and 7 millimeters in diameter and between 25 and 30 millimeters in length. 
  1. If your pin falls outside of this range, you may need to buy a new set of strings or have your guitar adjusted to accommodate the different size pin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bridge Pins Really Make a Difference?

Yes, bridge pins can make a difference in the sound of your guitar. They can affect the sustain, tone, and volume of your guitar. Also, if you have a guitar with a tremolo system, bridge pins can help keep your guitar in tune.

Are Guitar Pins Different Sizes?

Yes, guitar pins are different sizes. Most guitar companies use different size pins for different models of guitars. Additionally, some companies use different size pins for different colors of guitars.

What Size Are Fender Bridge Pins?

Fender bridge pins have dimensions of 2.1 x 2.2 x 1.5 inches. They are made of a plastic material and have a metal string retainer.

Final Thoughts

That marks the end of our discussion about whether bridge pins are universal or not. As it turns out bridge pins are not universal, so you might have a hard time finding the right size.

If you are having trouble finding the right size in a store, you can order some online. Just make sure you know the size you need and don’t buy the wrong ones.

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