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Kingdom Hearts – The Unforgettable Soundtrack

Kingdom Hearts is a video game series that is loved by millions across the world. The game not only has stunning visuals but also a beautiful and unforgettable soundtrack. One of the most beloved songs from the Kingdom Hearts series is “Dear Beloved,” which has touched the hearts of many gamers and non-gamers alike. In this blog post, we will dive deep into “Dear Beloved” and explore why it has become such a beloved theme.

Dear Beloved” is the main theme of Kingdom Hearts II and is played at the end of the game’s credits. The song is a beautiful and emotional ballad that is sung by the Japanese singer and actress Hikaru Utada, who also performed the theme song for the original Kingdom Hearts. The lyrics of the song speak of the bond between friends and loved ones, which is a central theme of the Kingdom Hearts series and what makes it so special.

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The melody of “Dear Beloved” is powerful, and the orchestration complements it beautifully. The song starts with a simple piano melody, and as the song progresses, you hear more of the orchestra joining in. The chorus of the song is where the orchestration really shines, with the string section coming in and complementing Utada’s vocals perfectly.

One of the reasons why “Dear Beloved” is so special is that it brings back memories of playing Kingdom Hearts II and the emotions that came with it. The end of Kingdom Hearts II is a bittersweet moment, as players have grown attached to the characters over the course of the game. When “Dear Beloved” starts playing, it brings those emotions back, and many gamers cannot help but shed a tear.

Dear Beloved” has also transcended the gaming community and has become a beloved song in its own right. The song was included on Utada’s 2006 album “Ultra Blue,” where it reached number two on the Oricon chart in Japan. The song has also been used in various TV shows and commercials in Japan, further cementing its status as a beloved song.


“Dear Beloved” is a beautiful and emotional ballad that perfectly captures the essence of the Kingdom Hearts series. The song’s powerful melody, unforgettable lyrics, and orchestration have made it a beloved theme that will forever be remembered by fans of the game. Whether you are a gamer or not, “Dear Beloved” transcends the gaming community and is a song that can be enjoyed by anyone. So, if you have not heard it yet, take a few minutes to listen to it and let its beauty wash over you.

Composed by Yoko Shimomura.

The guitar tuning is 6Eb 5Ab 4D 3G 2A 1E.


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