Ori – Naru Embracing The Light Guitar tab

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This is the Ori Guitar Tab. Naru Embracing The Light Guitar Cover.

“Naru Embracing the Light” is one of the beautiful songs from the action-adventure game Ori and the Blind Forest. This track is drawn from the game’s soundtrack that enlists several overly sentimental songs. Given that the game is full of poignant scenes, you can expect that most of its songs are nostalgic.

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When Moon studios released Ori and the Blind Forest back in 2015, gamers around the globe gave mixed reactions towards the game’s concept. Honestly, this was one of the videogames that nobody imagined would garner such a fan base.
However, as word spread around, the Metroidvania video game gained its footing in the gaming realm. Today, the game is featured in almost all major gaming platforms, including Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. Did I just say Nintendo switch? Well, yeah, and surprisingly the game plays seamlessly on NES consoles. You can watch the gameplay of Ori and the Blind Forest on Nintendo Switch here.

The original Naru, Embracing the Light track was composed by Gareth Coker featuring Rachel Mellis. Essentially, Gareth was contracted as the lead composer for the game. He is featured in almost all Ori and the Blind forest songs. Other songs from the album include Finding Sein, Up the Spirit Cavern walls, Lost in the storm, and The Spirit Tree. Some of the notable contributors to the soundtrack are Aeralie Brighton, from Final Fantasy 7, and Tom Boyd.

The Naru Embracing the Light tab is not that complicated. If you’re thinking of recording this song on guitar, I’d recommend this particular audio interface, it’s what I use for projects like this. Here is the amazon link. Just to let you know that I would receive a small commission which would help me to create more content. The track can also be played effortlessly on piano. Conclusively, I think Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the decent, artful games you can ever play on Nintendo switch. Additionally, the game’s music is blissful. 

Composed by Gareth Coker.

The guitar tuning is 1st(E) 2nd(B) 3rd(G) 4th(D) 5th(A) 6th(D).


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