Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

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Hello all, I have a list of some vital accessories and products I have used in my playing as well as teaching of guitar over the years. Here is a video from my YouTube channel on my top 10 accessories. The list below will have my thoughts on each product as
well as an amazon affiliate link if you want to purchase any of the items on the list. With using the affiliate link to amazon, greatly helps my channel on YouTube and my overall brand as well. Without further ado let’s get into the list.

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1. ErgoPlay Guitar Support

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

The ErgoPlay guitar support will help you to maintain a more comfortable posture. I have been able to stay for more than 2 hours playing and my back would be fine. It builds a perfect stand between you and the instrument. Your back can stay straight more easily and both feets are going to stay in the floor which is great for a more natural sitting. The ergoplay is completely adjustable which for me is a plus.

Here is a little story about how I began to use it. After many years of using the footstool, one of my teacher in my visit to Spain convince me to try the ergo play. And man, it was one of the best decision i have made as a classical guitarist. I really love to have the guitar in the center as well with no back pain. I totally recommend this products. You can see that I use it in all my videos. The ergo guitar support is awesome and is perfect for both beginners and veterans players, and is conveniently available on Amazon. You can see their current price here.

2. Snark Guitar Tuner

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

Snark makes a fast, super tight tuning device with easy to read display and a tap tempo metronome. Equipped with calibration and transpose features. A great product for the price and something I have used for years. Also, a great product for beginners and more seasoned players as its easy-to-read display and user-friendly operation.

After many years of playing guitar, if there is one tuner that I can rely 100% it would be this tuner. Yes, you can use your phone, but I have noticed that there are many inconsistencies contrary to the shark tuner. I really hate to tune with the phone. In fact, it would be my last option after tunning with the ear. I had tried many other tuners and for the price, this tuner is perfect Also, it is very easy to change batteries and with a package of 6 batteries, you are good to go for a long time. You can even buy the shark tuner in different colors if you want to identy yours. It is perfect for teachers in group settings as well as beginner guitarists.

I want to remind you that tuning by ear is essential. It is something that take time to practice. And probably, if you don’t know how to do it then I recommend you to hide the tuner and try to tune by ear for a time. But once you master it, you can comeback with the tuner. I have been playing for more than 20 years and I use the shark tuner probably all the time. This tuner is available in amazon with many good reviews. I would say is one of the highest in comparison with other tuners. Here is the link for the tuner.

3. Nail Care

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

The MOST important aspect of playing guitar are your fingers to pluck the strings. Keeping your nails low and smooth is key in getting the full life out of your strings and a great sound. 4-Ways nail shaper, file nail edge, remove ridges, smooth nail, shine nail, It’s easy to make your nails a high gloss shine without polishing top coat, that can last one week.

What I’m showing you here is what it have giving me result after many years trying different things. I began with two different type of sand paper after using the nail file. That gave me result but I would hate how much I had to be looking for pieces sandpapers and it was not just as easy as the nail shaper.

Here is the instruction on how I use these accessories:

-First, use the nail file to get the nail to the right level. For me the lower the better. But be careful that you don’t go too low.

-Second, use the nail shaper to smooth the nail. You are going to use from 15 to 20 seconds for every part of the area that you filed. Remember to not overdo it. It can damage the nail

-Make sure that the nail is smooth. You need to touch with the other nail the end of the nail. You need to see if is smooth as possible

In amazon you can find both; the nail file and nail shaper. Here are both links for amazon; Nail File \ Nail Shaper.

4. D’Addario Classic Guitar Humidifier

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

A little known about tool that is very important in keeping moisture out of the guitar. This product protects your guitar without
damaging the finish. It is suspended by the strings so no clips or fasteners makes it easy to maintain the integrity of your guitar and no scratching the finish. An exclusive non-drip design releases moisture evenly and slowly.

I began to use this accessories when I moved to Milwaukee to study my Master Degree on guitar. One day I was having a food gathering with my professor and the studio and he told me about the winter and how it crack the guitar. So, obviously I was not ready for this because Im from Puerto Rico. Then, winter came and my guitar got a crack. I definetly learned from that experience.

Now I don’t leave home until my guitar have the humidifier in the guitar. Rememeber that you need to get it wet with no water dripping. You don’t want water driping to your guitar. You can dry it a little bit with a towel. Also, don’t even plan to leave the guitar in the car by itself because you have the guitar humidier. The guitar never should be in the trunk by itself. This is an important accessories to take car of your instrument and you can the humidifier on Amazon at a modest price. Here is the link for you to check it out.

5. D’Addario Classical Guitar Capo

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

A small “clamp like” device used to raise the pitch of your guitar. The D’Addario capo is a one handed operating tool made of ultra-light aerospace grade aluminum and is designed for 6-string classical guitars. Although there are other capos for electric guitars and others; I use a classical guitar so these products will be made for that.

This item is essential for every guitarist. Electric guitar, any acoustic guitar as well other instruments like mandolin and what else. This prefer this brand in specific because is very easy to use. I have tried many capos this one is by far the most comfortable. I have used it on concerts. You can even change it with one hand. Thats why I prefer this brand. Also, many others would scratch a little bit the neck of the guitar. This one is just perfect and it have cushion. Here is the product on amazon with a good price.

6. Savarez Guitar Strings

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

These Savarez 540R classical guitar strings normal tension are one of my favorites. They are carbon trebles, silver plated wound basses, making them extremely durable and dependable. Very good for seasoned players as well as beginners.

This is my set to go. I tried La Bella, Hannabach and other and nothing life the beautiful tone this strings release. Very important: every one has their own opinion about strings. Also, some strings work better in some guitars than other. In my case, Im happy with Savares Alliance or and second D’addario Pro Arte. In fact, I use Savarez full set except the first string which I change it for first string of d’addario. I also use normal tension. Again, this set is perfect for my guitar. Also, I want to mention that I try to buy at least 3 set at a time. That way I don’t need to worry later about buying new strings. Also, it is great to buy them directly from amazon. Here is the Savarez string link with a great price. Here is for the A’ddario Pro Arte strings.

7. Guitar Slip Prevention

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

The Oasis Guitar Grip-Strip ( especially when used in conjunction with the guitar support) makes for a great anti-skip device while playing. This product is a pre-cut strip and is not expensive; you could also get a cheaper version by buying a non-slip area rug pad and cutting it into strips(this is what I’m using right now).

I began to use this strips when I began my studies at university. Today I use and also give 2 pieces of strips to the students. It is great to maintain the guitar in the right place without the need to be worrying about the guitar to slip. Also, it helps the guitar to be steady making it easier for the guitarist to use the hand. That way you can use your hand freely. Im going to share the amazon link of the cheap material which you need to cut as well the one that is already done. Puroma Non-Slip Area Rug Pad / Oasis Guitar Grip-Strip (already made).

8. Music Stand

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

A music stand is always important when playing or teaching as it plays a vital role in ensuring the sheet music is readable and playable. The product I’ve recommended here is one as old as my parents parents, the Manhasset brand of music stands has been around since the 1930’s. Seasoned players will know about the brand and trust it; as should beginners, great for both.

I don’t have too much to said about stands other than how easy make your life as a musician. Good for practicing solo or with a group of people. Also, good for concerts. This stand is good because it is very strong it probably will serve you well for years. From many amazon choices, this is the one I most recommend to you. Here is the link for the stand on amazon.


Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

I use and HIGHLY recommend the Bam High-tech Classical Guitar Case. This case is super durable and can stand the test of time regardless of if you’re just storing your guitar or traveling with/transporting your guitar. A nice side handle for carrying, or the option of backpack straps which are removable. A removable accessory pouch is convenient as well as male/female air tight seal.

The case is light and strong. I was not sure if i was going to be able to find it on amazon but luckily I was. What can I say about this famous case for professional clasiccal guitarist. I has been using it and I love it! Here is the link for this fantastic case.

10. Ipad Pro 2nd Gen

Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)
Top 10 Guitar Accessories (For advance guitarist)

An innovative and 21st century alternative to traditional sheet music. This iPad (in addition to the other accessories like the pencil
and page turner pedal) make for playing and or teaching guitar or any instrument for that matter super convenient. Most instruments require 2 hands, so when reading sheet music and it’s time to turn the page this can pose quite a challenge. The iPad
itself can replace sheet music, using the pencil (and software) can make for editing the sheet music super easy and expedite that process as all electronic alternatives do. And of course the wireless page turner pedal makes for that completely hands free scenario that is ideal. Affiliate Amazon links to all 3 products will be below as well.

Apple iPad Pro 2nd 12.9in


Stylus Pen for Apple iPad Pencil

Moukey Wireless Page Turner Pedal

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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