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To most players, the Super Mario Bros. series represents the pinnacle of gaming. Super Mario games have released some fantastic tunes throughout the past three decades. This series has a rich history of wonderful music, from its earliest 8-bit tracks to its most recent fully orchestrated works. Keep reading to know which one was the most iconic Super Mario song!

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1. Secret Course (Super Mario Sunshine)

Mario Sunshine’s hidden levels feature an uncanny acapella version of the Super Mario theme music. Some of the game’s trickiest jumps are accompanied by music that has a laid-back, whimsical vibe. The Secret Course track is quite good for being made almost entirely of simulated human voices. It may not sound like a real acapella band, but it is pleasant to the ears, and the music is very enjoyable. The cracking percussion in the background ties the whole thing together into a song that would make one want to listen to it over and over.

2. Underworld theme (Super Mario Bros)

This Koji Kondo’s “Underworld” theme from Super Mario Bros is music that has an unrelenting, spooky repetition that greatly bolsters the game’s underground atmosphere. Occasionally, it seems as if the notes are reverberating within the cave, bouncing off the walls and responding to each other. The Underworld Theme is among Mario’s simplest musical compositions. It was written by Koji Kondo in the 1980s, utilizing only an electronic keyboard because of the technical constraints at the time. 

3. Overworld Theme (Super Mario Bros 2)

The Overworld Theme from Mario 2 is the most iconic tune from the game. Almost all players adore this sweet and memorable tune. The tune’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody make it feel like it belongs in a classic tavern. Thanks to its extensive use throughout the game, it’s not easy to tire of.

4. Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine)

The tropical vibe of Mario Sunshine is beautifully captured in the game’s Delfino Plaza theme. It has a soothing effect while also providing a burst of vitality. The theme from Delfino Plaza is one of those rare songs that never get old, no matter how long you listen to it. Although the cycle only lasts a minute or so before starting over, it manages to engage the player throughout, despite how long a person could search for the island’s hidden level.

5. Overworld Theme (Super Mario Land)

The original GameBoy’s sound card was rather basic. Only tiny chip music came out of it. However, despite these obvious limitations, the GameBoy sound card was responsible for some of the best music of video games. There’s a plethora of memorable tunes in Pokémon Red and Blue. The GameBoy version is when we first heard the Tetris theme tune that can be heard in Super Mario Land’s early stages. Since then, it’s been sampled in numerous remixes and meme videos. It’s an upbeat, nostalgic number that fits Mario perfectly, but it doesn’t steal anything from the classic theme.

6. Grass Land Theme (Super Mario Bros 3)

As they explore the game’s first overworld, Super Mario Bros. 3 gamers will be serenaded by this soothing melody. The Grass Land Theme is upbeat and inviting, just like the series’ other memorable melodies. The off beats, or when notes occur between the regular “beats” of the music, are used to great effect. Songs that make use of off-beats have a bouncing, upbeat feel to them. The Grass Land Theme is the tune that makes you want to go for a jog down a sunny street or, at the very least, to dance around your living room.

7. Slider (Super Mario 64)

The question “Why does this go so hard?” is often asked by listeners of Slider, a song widely associated with high speeds. We don’t know enough to give a satisfying answer, but that won’t stop us from trying. Without any shame, Slider is a fast swimmer. This feature significantly increases heart rates in a section of the slide that is normally quite slow. It would seem that a jaunty tune played at 200 beats per minute and featuring banjos and whistles would top our list of musical annoyances. However, upon hearing the song, one cannot dispute its catchy melody.

8. Overworld Theme (Super Mario Bros)

Just what is it about the classic Super Mario Bros theme that makes it so memorable? Could it be how its melody floats between different pitches with such grace? Is it the complex dialogue between the lead melody and the bassline? Or perhaps the real hero that unites this song is the basic, chippy drum rhythm. It’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever fully appreciate the brilliance of the first Mario tune. The most iconic video game theme ever composed results from a mysterious alchemy of elements. This song has been captured like lightning in a bottle, as evidenced by the various remixes that have been made of it.

9. Dire Dire Docks (Super Mario 64)

Even the tune of Super Mario Bros is no match for Dire Dire Docks. It’s not just the best tune for a water level; it’s also the best in any Mario game. There’s a gentle introduction to Dire Dire Docks in the color aqua. Then, the stunning vibraphone hits draw the audience in. Its two melodies dance together for a while, seemingly lost in thought. Sounds of swelling ambient synthesizers can be heard in the distance. The introduction of drums occurs right when the listener is about to give up hope that the music can improve further. Meanwhile, the song’s melancholy refrain serves as a reminder that the world is still a beautiful place.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen in this article, there has been a lot of iconic music for the Super Mario video games since its inception. The composers of this video game’s iconic music used instruments like guitars and keyboards. Did you know you can also create amazing video game music using your guitar? Get access to our free video game guitar tabs here.

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