Super Mario Bros 2 – Overworld Guitar Tab

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A Closer Look at the Super Mario Bros 2 Overworld Theme

If you grew up playing video games, then there’s no way you haven’t heard of the Super Mario Bros franchise, one of the most iconic games of all time. And if you did play the game, then you must have heard the Super Mario Bros 2 overworld theme. This classic theme, composed by Koji Kondo, is a timeless masterpiece that even after all these years, still manages to capture our hearts. In this blog, we will take a closer look at this epic composition and understand why it is so special.

The Super Mario Bros 2 overworld theme is one of the most iconic video game music tracks of all time. It’s hard not to hear this music composition by Koji Kondo and not feel a nostalgic rush. The melody is so simple yet memorable that it gets stuck in your head for days. The tune consists of a catchy whistle-like melody that repeats itself throughout the song. Its up-tempo beat and cheerful notes transported all players to the charming game world of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach.

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The musical construction of this song is beautiful, starting with a classic melodic pattern. It blends well into the game’s upbeat rhythm and background, giving it an ’80s feel. The musical structure features the melody with playful percussion instruments that perfectly match the overworld’s adventurous nature. The beautiful melody combines with percussions to form the track’s rhythm, which keeps one engaged and wanting to play more of the game.

If we listen carefully, we can hear various embellishments added to the melody, including some percussion like bongos, castanets, and cowbells that keep the track interesting throughout the game. These small but noticeable additions give Super Mario Bros 2’s overworld theme its unique character.

Another interesting feature of this track is the way it progresses as the player makes their way through the game environment. As the player journeyed on, the music changed to provide an appropriate, context aware feel. As the players beat tougher levels, the overworld theme becames more complex, making for a thrilling and exciting experience.


The Super Mario Bros 2 overworld theme is a timeless classic. Its simplistic but memorable melody, combined with the percussions and rhythm that give off a playful, adventurous feel, has cemented it in our hearts. The music composition has left its mark in the history of video game music. It reminds us of fond memories, happy days, and the wondrous nostalgia of childhood. It is one of the many reasons why Super Mario Bros is a legendary game and a perennial favorite for gamers young and old alike.

Composed by Koji Kondo.

The guitar tuning is 6(E) 5(A) 4(D) 3(G) 2(B) 1(E).


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