Does Video Game Music Improve Focus?  

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Music has been around for hundreds and thousands of years. During this time, we’ve come to look to music for many things: as the solution to many of life’s great struggles, and as a means to celebrate something fantastic in our lives. And, more recently, as the means to motivate us through a particularly monotonous task. Whether it’s a boringly long car journey, tedious daily chores around the house, or that final push to meet an important deadline at school or work, music helps us through. In many cases, music helps us to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

Video game music in particular is a highly popular genre to improve focus. Video game music simultaneously stimulates your senses and blends into the background of your brain. Helping gamers engage in a repetitive task without interruption, video game music may well be the helping hand you need to sharpen up your mind. 

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Does Video Game Music Improve Focus?  
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Why video game music?

Songs from games are repetitive by design. The reason for this is fairly simple: video game developers want to keep game players engaged and focused on the game they are playing. 

One thing you may have noticed is that many video games have no lyrics. Composed with a simple melody, video music is specifically designed to prevent the player from being distracted and maintain their focus on the game. Since there are no lyrics to distract the player, gamers can focus entirely on the game’s narrative without allowing their mind to wander. 

Encouraging progress

Video game soundtracks encourage progression throughout the game. Strategically composed and paced throughout the game, video game music is designed to bring a sense of accomplishment when carrying out a certain action or task within a game.

Since video game music encourages progress in games, listening to video game music while working will likely give you the same effect it does while you’re gaming. By listening to video game music, you’ll gain the encouragement you need to progress through the task, rewarding you with motivating notes and crescendos as you edge towards completion.

Improving focus 

Music is an effective means of improving focus. Zoning out the distractions in the office, in your home, or your wider surroundings, music helps you to focus on the task at hand. Thanks to music, your brain no longer has to focus on possible interruptions. Playing an instrument can also help. When learning to play the guitar, we are actively focusing on one specific thing and encouraging the brain to concentrate on a solitary task. Read more about this here.

As video game music follows a narrational flow, it’s likely one of the very best types of music to enhance your focus on the task at hand. Without lyrics, video game music is unlike other genres whose lyrics are likely to have a distracting effect. 

Increases productivity

Minecraft is currently the best-selling game of all time; its soundtrack may just be the key to its success. The composer C418 brilliantly utilizes music to recreate the atmosphere of the game in music format. They are extremely unobtrusive and, more often than not, gamers don’t notice the song begin to play as you create the fortress of dreams. Specially designed to boost your ability to focus, the soundtrack has a quiet and repetitive nature that’s fantastic for immersing you into any task at hand, which by extension bolsters your productivity. 

Enhances concentration

The human brain has evolved over millions of years to tune in to human voices and faces. In the early days of humanity, it is believed that this ability served as an advantage to hunters, allowing them to detect people and animals nearby to protect themselves in the event of an altercation.

In an open office plan, human dialogue slips into your range of hearing just often enough to keep your mind wandering. In fact, a study on open offices found that chatter was the least conducive to productivity, while continuous background noise helped to boost performance. 

With repetitive notes and calming tones, video game music is perfectly balanced to enhance your concentration on a single task.

The best video game tracks

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to video game soundtracks. With a score that is full of creativity and intensity, the soundtrack has incredibly catchy and memorable tunes that can now fill you with a warming sense of nostalgia.

Songs from Super Mario Galaxy, Genshin Impact, and Xenoblade 2 are also highly popular and bring a sense of peace and tranquillity that makes focusing on a task an easy feat. Whether you’re new to the world of video games or are a hardcore gamer looking for some of your favorite tracks, you can find soothing covers to boost focus and productivity here.

Learning to play video game music

Whether you’re a video game fanatic or a guitar enthusiast, video game guitar tabs may be exactly what you’re looking for!

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Easy to follow

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Try for yourself

The next time you feel yourself drifting off and becoming distracted from the task at hand, play a video game soundtrack and see how the music affects you. Whether you need a little bit of encouragement or a way to zone out distractions, video game music is a perfect choice.

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