Which Super Mario Game Has the Best Soundtrack?

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The Super Mario Bros. series has a music library as well-known as Mario and Luigi. The Super Mario franchise encompasses many games and soundtracks that evoke fond and nostalgic memories that will undoubtedly rub off on you once you’ve gone through our list. But which of those Super Mario Games has the best soundtrack? Keep reading to find out the one I believe has the best soundtrack!

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Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Super Mario Galaxy was never going to miss the list of Super Mario games with the best soundtrack. The outstanding gameplay and vividly detailed world make it impossible to overlook how magnificent this game was. Within the first minute of loading the soundtrack, you will be blown away by the music. In contrast to previous games, Nintendo chose to use a full orchestra, which pays off. The soundtrack incorporates both digital and classical instruments. Computerized sound effects, winds, and wood sound effects combine in a delightfully odd concoction that captures Mario’s sense of adventure as he takes off into space.

The soundtrack alternates between a dramatic crescendo and a soft xylophone track before returning to something fully orchestrated. Oh, and don’t forget go down an extremely thrilling memory lane with a remix of Super Mario Bros 3’s World 8 theme. Each of the game’s musical pieces is equally excellent and fits the world Nintendo was attempting to create. Space Junk Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, and Star Festival were among the standout tracks.

Super Mario 64 (1996)

There are plenty of fantastic tunes in Mario 64. Everything about the Super Mario 64 game, in particular, filled you with excitement and wonder about where future Super Mario games would take you in the future. Super Mario 64 made extensive use of a variety of instruments. The opening track, for example, combines steel drums and a drum machine with the original Super Mario theme. It was detailed and crisp and welcomed players into the game by demonstrating how far the series has progressed since its 2D days.

Later tracks, such as Dire, Dire Docks, were equally – if not more – impressive. The piece used a simple piano melody that cleverly overlapped with another piano melody, a drum beat, and some string instruments to give the impression of an underwater vibe. It is a complex arrangement that keeps the water world-level design simple. This game’s standout tracks included Piranha Plant’s Lullaby – Piano, Cave Dungeon, and Dire, Dire Docks.

Super Mario 3D World (2013)

The sound arrangement in Super Mario 3D World is an eclectic mix. There was a marching band and a full orchestra one minute, a traditional Indian vibe the next, and pieces that gave a fresh twist to Ninty classics the next. A wide range of sounds somehow works together without becoming too bombastic. This game pays homage to everything from The Legend of Zelda to Donkey Kong, sometimes even with the help of a big band. Piranha Creeper Creek, World 3, and Shifty Boo Mansion are some of the best tracks in Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario Sunshine (2002)

The soundtrack to Super Mario Sunshine is equally deserving of praise. From start to finish, Delphino’s warm, tropical sounds are consistently outstanding; from the moment the title screen greets the player, they are hit with the warm, tropical sounds of Delphino. Nintendo used a variety of interesting instruments, such as marimbas and steel drums, to create the exotic vibe that truly distinguishes Sunshine from other games in the series. The soundtrack never lost its sense of humor. One moment you’ll hear a track with a lot of maracas, and the next, you’ll hear an unusual arrangement with steel drums. The soundtrack contains an array of unusual instruments, but it never becomes out of sync with the tropical setting.

The Delphino Plaza piece, for example, encapsulates the beach, a holiday world of Sunshine, with bongos, accordions, and a few other instruments. It’s effective, warm, and inviting, but most importantly, it’s catchy and never gets old, even after a hundred listens. Deep Sea of Mare, Noki Bay (Yoshi), and Secret Course are some of the other notable soundtracks from Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995)

Before 1995, all Mario games featured upbeat music that played as you battled your way through various worlds. Yoshi’s Island, on the other hand, begins with a slow track that uses a xylophone to initially evoke warm childhood memories. Still, nefarious undertones permeate the track as the tempo changes. The track then smoothly returns to warmer tones, and the game begins. The soundtrack alternated between dark and light tracks, sometimes allowing foreshadowing, sometimes keeping the player on their toes, but mostly allowing the story’s darker themes to seep into the gameplay.

The final boss fight music, Koopa, is one of the game’s many exceptional tracks. The beat begins slowly and builds over a few minutes, eventually reaching a satisfying crescendo as the action on screen concludes. Above Ground, Ending, and Mid-Boss are three more fantastic songs from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.

Luigi’s Mansion (2001)

The atmosphere in Luigi’s Mansion is creepier and less upbeat than in other Mario games. A quirky experience that knows when to slow it down, ramp up the tension, or change the tone entirely. The game frequently and effectively switches between taut piano orchestrations and syncopated beats to keep the player on edge. Most tracks last between 30 and 50 seconds because Luigi moves quickly between rooms. The beats seamlessly transitioned from emphatic to tranquil to a tune that indicates a ghost has entered the room. Among the standout tracks from Luigi’s Mansion are the Super Mario Bros. Ballroom and theme

Final Thoughts

Our blog post gives you a glimpse of some of the best tunes from the Super Mario series. While our list is not exhaustive, gamers of Super Mario would have to agree that these soundtracks indeed added to a better experience during an adventure to the Mushroom Kingdom!

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