Which Is Better Yousician or Simply Guitar? | Comparing the Best Learning Tools

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Many online platforms help you with learning guitars. You can take courses or go through a learning process laid out by apps such as Yousician or Simply Guitar. If you are looking at these platforms, you may wonder if Yousician or Simply Guitar is better.

Yousician and Simply Guitar are good guitar learning platforms suitable for beginners. However, Yousician has more depth and features compared to Simply Guitar. Simply Guitar is simpler to use and has better support for beginners than Yousician.  

This article explores which is better, Yousician or Simply Guitar. We compare the user experience of both platforms and come out with a verdict.

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Which Is Better Yousician or Simply Guitar? | Comparing the Best Learning Tools

What Is Yousician?

Yousician is a software or app you can use to learn musical instruments. It teaches guitar, piano (keyboard), ukulele, bass, and vocals. Yousician is currently used by over 25 million people worldwide.

Yousician is a popular music learning platform available as a software/app subscription. You use Yousician to learn how to play a musical instrument. It is accessible from many digital devices, including desktops. 

Yousician is one of the most popular guitar learning platforms today. This is because of the gamified experience it provides to users. It is currently used by over 25 million people worldwide.

You may now use Yousician to learn to play guitar, piano (keyboard), ukulele, bass, and vocal. Once you have chosen an instrument, you can go through the courses. They usually contain lessons, exercises, tutorial videos, and minigames to motivate you. 

What Is Simply Guitar?

Simply Guitar is a mobile app that helps you to learn and play the guitar. The app has video lessons, tutorials, and interactive exercises to support your learning journey. The app is accessible on mobile devices and is developed by JoyTunes. 

Simply Guitar is a mobile app that helps you to learn how to play the guitar. The app offers a step-by-step curriculum designed for hand-held beginner guitarists through the learning process. 

You can access many materials inside, such as video lessons, tutorials, and interactive exercises. These materials teach you to play chords, strumming, and playing along to songs. 

The play-along is adjusted in difficulty, meaning beginner players play very simple notes compared to players further along the progression. This keeps the learning process easier and helps players to remain motivated. 

Simply Guitar is accessible only on mobile devices and has no desktop version. 

Which Is Better, Yousician Or Simply Guitar?

Choosing the right platform to learn guitar is challenging for many aspiring guitarists. However, it may be easier to compare them side-by-side, looking at the right aspects. 

AspectsYousicianSimply Guitar
PlatformsApp StorePlay StoreWindowsMac OSApp StorePlay Store
InterfaceLess clear structuresEasy play interfaceLack of content helpEasy menu navigationClean, easy playing interfaceLess cluttered
FeaturesGamificationImmediate feedbackFollow/Friend featureLeaderboard scoreFeedback adjusterArtist taught coursesGamificationImmediate feedbackImmediate rollbackPractice mode
ContentA set path for beginnersCustomized lesson plans, by themes and skillsLarger collection of play along songsChoose between lead/chord pathMany pop and rock songs in play alongs
Price7-day free trial$89.99 billed annually (or $7.49 billed monthly)14-day free trial$149.99 a year (or $12.49 a month) $18.66/months for 6 months$24.99/month for 3 months


Platforms refer to how you can access Yousician and Simply Guitar. The idea here is that you want something that can be easily accessed, no matter your device. This makes learning easier, and you may progress faster too.

For Yousician, you can access it on more platforms. You can download the Yousician app on your Apple and Android phones and tablets and access the program. If you use a laptop or desktop, there are also desktop apps you can download and launch.

For Simply Guitar, however, you are not that lucky. You can access Simply Guitar from your phone app, iOS or Android. However, it does not have a desktop version and is not accessible from the web either. 

WINNER: Yousician


Interface points to the design, interface, and look of the platforms. You want an interface that is easy to navigate and does not confuse you. You also want a modern, up-to-date interface that looks great and can keep you interested in using the platform.

Yousician has a simple interface, especially on the interactive fretboard. The chords, notes, and indicators are large enough to see them clearly from your phone. 

Our issue with Yousician is the navigation menu. For some odd reason, they placed the learning-related tutorials under the main tab ‘Missions.’ These tutorials can be placed under the other, more suitable main tab, ‘Courses.’

With Simply Guitar, the navigation is also simple. This may be because Simply Guitar does not have as much content as Yousician. 

There are three main tabs, ‘Courses,’ ‘Songs,’ and ‘Chords.’ The learning materials are under the ‘Courses’ tab; the other two are self-explanatory. 

WINNER: Simply Guitar


Features are the special ‘bells and whistles’ that make the learning platform special and different. You generally want a platform with special features that you can utilize well.

First, both platforms include features such as gamification and immediate feedback. 

Gamification brings in scores, stars, stamps, and badges when you make certain achievements in the app. This makes it feel like a video game, keeping you motivated as you pick up your guitar skills.

When you play songs or practice on the interactive fretboard, you get immediate feedback on your play. You may see more encouragement, scores, and stars popping out if you get it right consistently. If you get it wrong, these apps will also let you know.

With Yousician, you have some nice ones for sure. First, they have the friend and follow feature, which allows you to be social on the platform. You can challenge each other or just help each other out in your learning journey.

You also get access to artist-taught courses, which allows you to learn directly from the pros. You can also adjust the accuracy of the feedback, depending on if you prefer more lenient or strict feedback.

With Simply Guitar, the best feature may be the immediate rollback. Whenever you make a series of mistakes in succession, the app rolls back by two or more bars, allowing you an instant opportunity to practice. 

There is also a practice mode, with you selecting parts of the song and practicing on a loop.

WINNER: Yousician


Content refers to educational materials inside the apps. These refer to tutorials, play-along tutorials, and more. You generally want supportive tutorials and also a large number of play-along videos. 

Yousician has a wide range of materials. These tutorials focus on specific skills, such as chords, scales, or arpeggios. There are also artist-taught videos, which allow you to learn directly from the pros. 

The play-along video catalog is also wide and large. You can play classical, jazz, pop, rock and more songs. These play-along videos are also difficulty adjustable, which means as you progress in the app, the play-along becomes increasingly challenging. 

The catalog should easily please fans of Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, or Adele for sure. If you want to play a specific song, you can easily filter through the catalog by artist, song title, genre, or more.

With Simply Guitar, you may get a wider range of beginner materials, which may be very helpful if you are new to guitar playing. However, as you progress, you may notice a general thinning out of the content for you. 

This may be because Simply Guitar has not been in the market for as long as Yousician. This means Yousician may have more content since they have a head start. However, Simply Guitar is actively adding content to its platform, which means this problem will iron itself out soon. 

With the play-along videos, Simply Guitar’s catalog simply cannot match Yousician’s range. Simply Guitar’s catalog focuses on modern, pop, and rock songs. You may not find much classical or jazz music to play along to. 

You may also find it hard to filter through the catalog in Simply Guitar. You only work with a search bar, meaning you cannot filter the catalog by songs, artists, or other aspects.

WINNER: Yousician


Price is how much you will be paying to use the app. On the surface, you want to pay as little as possible. However, think a little further, and you may see the need for value. 

You may be a little more, but if you get much more back in return, it may work out better. There are also factors such as scalability, access, and support you can factor in.

With Yousician, you start with a generous 14-day free trial. Once you are done, you can look at signing up for a $89.99 annual fee or pay $7.49 monthly. 

You can take other more expensive packages, such as adding in additional instruments or having more accounts. However, these are not our focus here, so we won’t confuse you with the pricing. 

With Simply Guitar, you have more flexibility in the pricing structure. You start off with a 7-day free trial. Once you finish that, you can choose from several paid accounts.

You can pay a $149.99 annual subscription or $12.49 monthly instead. There are also options for a 6-month subscription at $18.66 monthly or a 3-month subscription at $24.99 monthly. 

With Yousician, you definitely pay less. But you have fewer options on subscription plans, with you either paying monthly or annually. Simply Guitar may be more expensive, but you have much more flexibility in your paid plans.

We have to go with Yousician here. The pricing is lower, and they offer better content than Simply Guitar. On top of that, Yousician has better features that can provide further motivation to learn guitar, such as the social element. 

You can also learn other instruments on Yousician, such as bass, ukulele, piano, or vocals. These may cost more, but there is a sense of familiarity. Simply Guitar also has additional instruments, but not as wide a range as Yousician.

WINNER: Yousician 

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