Super Mario Galaxy – Luma Theme Guitar Tab

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This is the Super Mario Galaxy Guitar Tab. Luma Theme Guitar Cover.

Composed by Mahito Yokota.

The guitar tuning is 6(D) 5(A) 4(D) 3(G) 2(B) 1(E).

Composed by the legendary Mahito Yokota, the Luma theme song is one of the touchy songs from the 2007 video game Super Mario Galaxy. The song is part of a long soundtrack compiled by two of Nintendo’s super composers, Mahito and Koji Kondo. While the original version of this song follows a rather vibrant vibe, when played on guitar this song sheds a veiled romantic feel that might go unnoticed.

Lumas are star-shaped creatures that exist on various planets within the Super Mario Galaxy series. These creatures play almost the same roles and follow pretty much the same storyline in the gaming series. However, there are slight variations in color and transformation in each of the Mario Galaxy releases. Additionally, there are several differences in the names of the main characters in the game.

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For instance, the recent version of the game, Super Mario Galaxy 2, refers to the main character as Baby Luma. You can also find unique lumas such as the purple creature dubbed Lubba and Polari, (a dark brown luma character that resembles a jelly drop but has hands). The original Luma theme song gives Rosalina’s story an emotive touch while bringing out her motherly and gentle personality

When making this relaxing game cover song, I incorporated a high-quality audio interface, one that I would recommend to anyone wishing to do what I do. I also recorded the song in two guitar parts to make it as alluring and as natural as possible. Just wanted to let you know that I would receive a small commission from the link if you decide to purchase the product.

It’s also good to note that earlier Mario versions favored electronic music compositions over other types of music. However, as time progresses, the developers have been looking for new ways to incorporate soothing music into the gaming series. This particular Mario Luma song is a confirmation of great music that is about to come in future versions of the game. It’s just the tip of the iceberg in an entire collection of emotional songs in the Super Mario Galaxy gaming series.


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