Kirby Super Star – Save Hut Guitar Tab

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This is the Kirby Guitar Tab. Save Hut Guitar Cover.

Composed by Jun Ishikawa. 

The guitar tuning is 1(E) 2(B) 3(G) 4(D) 5(G#) 6(E).

Save Hut is among the easily recognizable tracks from the 1996 SNES video game Kirby Super Star. While the Kirby soundtrack has many songs, Save Hut is arguably the most ripped and most loved of all tracks in the Kirby Super Star soundtrack. The original composers of this song, Jun Ishikawa and Dan Miyakawa, happen to be renowned video game composers in the SNES realm.

For instance, Jun’s work is featured in practically all Kirby albums, starting with Superstar, the Triple Deluxe (2014), the Star Allies (2019), and their latest installation, Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Dan, on the other hand, is a legendary saxophonist. His wonderful contribution to the Superstar edition of the game is unrivaled. 

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The Save Hut song first appeared in Kirby’s mini-game scene, The Great Cave Offensive. Later on, the developers applied the track to all non-hazardous sections of the game. Essentially, these are places within the game that allow players to restore their health or save their progress. Other noteworthy songs from the soundtrack include Triumphant Return theme song, Dynablade’s Nest, and Revenge of Meta Knight.

The latest addition to the series, Kirby and the Forgotten Land (mentioned earlier), has some of its songs inspired by this soundtrack. For instance, the old-style King Dedede’s Theme song from Superstar has evolved from what it used to be in the 90s into something modern.

In Forgotten Land, King Dedede’s theme song is slightly altered to become Roar of Dedede, with a few variations in arrangement and instrumentation. Below, I have attached the Save Hut Guitar Chords. You can try playing the song on the guitar using my chords. To make this video possible, I used a 4k Editing PC Build. That is the setup I use for editing my videos. I would recommend that setup to anyone having trouble editing their 4k videos.


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