The Best Video Game Tabs for All Types of Guitarist and Gamers

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Most of us would have spent some time playing video games and may have found ourselves loving some of the tunes. Many can easily hum out the Super Mario Bros or Tetris themes. 

Some even choose to learn these tunes on their guitars too. 

If you want to do this, you are in for a treat here. We will review the best video game tabs from which you can learn and play.  

The best video game tabs you can learn today include:

  • Lost Wood – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
  • Emotion / An Unwavering Heart – Pokemon
  • The Accordion Song – Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Dearly Beloved – Kingdom Hearts
  • Tifa’s Theme – Final Fantasy
  • Main Theme – Legend of Zelda
  • Ordon Village – Twilight Princess
  • Winter (Nocturne On Ice) – Stardew Valley
  • Super Mario Bros Theme – Super Mario Bros
  • Korobeiniki – Tetris

In this post, we explore the best video game tabs that you can try today. We also discuss why they are popular as well. Finally, we answer some common questions about learning video game guitar tabs.

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Best Video Game Tabs

Lost WoodThe Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of TimeTab
Emotion / An Unwavering HeartPokemonTab
The Accordion SongSonic The HedgehogTab
Dearly BelovedKingdom HeartsTab
Tifa’s ThemeFinal FantasyTab
Main ThemeLegend Of ZeldaTab
Aquatic AmbienceDonkey Kong CountryTab
Winter (Nocturne Of Ice)Stardew ValleyTab
Super Mario Bros ThemeSuper Mario BrosTab

Lost Wood – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Why I Like This: This tune reminds me of wandering around the Lost Wood, trying to get past it. The tune is also full of mystery and has a catchy melody. The tune also sounds great on a classical guitar.

The Legend of Zelda is a popular video game series from Nintendo, first released in 1986. It follows the journey of a hero named Link as he seeks to defeat the evil Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda.

The game is known for its rich fantasy world of the Kingdom of Hyrule. There are many intricate puzzles and quests. It has captured millions of fans worldwide and is playable on many consoles. 

You might have remembered the unique background music if you had spent time in the Lost Woods area in the game. The melody features a whimsical and enchanting composition, usually played with Ocarina. 

The song plays in a repetitive, catchy melody and has detailed harmonies. The song also has a sense of mystery and adventure and helps you to immerse yourself in the game. 

For guitar, the song is played in FACGBE tuning. This means you need to adjust some of the strings. You can use an electric tuner to help you achieve the right tuning. The song is best played on a classical or acoustic guitar. However, you can also play it with an electric guitar.

Emotion / An Unwavering Heart – Pokemon

Why I Like This: This song is poignant yet uplifting at the same time. The tune brings out a sense of ‘spirited resistance,’ which can motivate many. Pick up this song, and play it to motivate yourself and others.

Most of us would have had memories of playing Pokemon as a child. In fact, many adults still love the game today. In the game, you become a Pokemon trainer. You capture and then train creatures called Pokemon to battle each other. 

As you do that, you explore the Pokemon world, plan battle strategies, and upgrade your beasts. Since its debut in 1996, Pokemon has been a phenomenon enjoyed by millions around the world. 

The tune ‘Emotion’ or ‘An Unwavering Heart’ can be best described as a tragedy-like tune. You may recall the tune being played during significant moments in the game’s storyline, usually during emotional moments. 

The tune has a beautiful melody and is played using a piano and many string instruments. It aims to evoke a sense of hope and build up your perseverance and determination. It works so well; some even use it to motivate themselves daily. 

The tune is played on guitar to the DADGBE, or Drop-D tuning. This helps to make the guitar sound better. It helps to play more expressively in this song, as it is designed to draw out a sense of spirited resistance in the listener.

The Accordion Song – Sonic The Hedgehog

Why I Love This: This tune evokes a sense of merriment and joy. It also has a playful, waltz-like tune that can brighten your day. This tune also sounds amazing on a classical guitar.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a popular video game series published by Sega. In the game, you play the character Sonic, a blue hedgehog with blazing speed. You guide Sonic in his quest to battle against the evil Dr. Robotnik.

Sonic the Hedgehog has evolved into more than just a simple video game. There are cartoon series, movies, and even racing games. The character remains popular and captivating to millions of fans worldwide.

The Accordion song is a playful, waltz-like song played on an accordion. It was released in the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog video game installations. The song may also conjure an image of a medieval town market, with people enjoying a feast together. 

The tune is played on a DADGBE or Drop-D tuning on a guitar. To achieve the best sound, use a classical guitar. However, the acoustic guitar may also work well. If using an electric guitar, keep the settings clean so you can hear the individual notes well. 

Dearly Beloved – Kingdom Hearts

Why I Love This: This is the main theme of Kingdom Hearts. Play this tune on the guitar, and you will excite any game fans. The tune is also slow and easy, and relaxing to play or listen to.

Kingdom Hearts is a popular video game franchise co-developed by Square Enix and Disney. In the game, you play a young boy named Sora. You take on the task of saving various Disney-themed worlds from evil forces. 

You embark on adventures, battling enemies and exploring worlds such as Monstropolis, Agrabah, or Neverland. The game remains popular, with millions of fans worldwide.

The tune ‘Dearly Beloved’ is the main theme of the whole video game series. It has a beautiful and melancholy piano melody, evoking a sense of nostalgia. You usually hear the tune during the game’s title screen.

The song’s serene, emotional, and melodic tune makes it popular, even with those who do not play the game. It is also synonymous with Kingdom Hearts. 

The strings are tuned in a less common setting when playing on guitar. The tuning is Eb, Ab, D, G, A, and E. This means the 6th string is in E flat, and so on. Try playing the tunes slowly, and add expressions to make the tune more catchy.

Tifa’s Theme – Final Fantasy

Why I Like This: This song is slow but brings out a feeling of strength, resilience, and warmth. You can play this song and motivate yourself. It also sounds amazing on a classical guitar.

Final Fantasy is an ever-popular, long-running, and highly-influential video game series. The game is developed by Square Enix and spans multiple generations and platforms. The game also comes with special elements, such as Active Time Battle System.

However, the series can be confusing to some, as each game is set in a unique fantasy universe. You also play different characters, taking different quests. Most may remember the characters such as Squall, Cloud, or Zidane. 

The tune ‘Tifa’s Theme’ is an emotional and melodic song played to celebrate the character Tifa Lockhart. Tifa is the main character in Final Fantasy VII. The song is played with a soft piano accompaniment and may make you think of Tifa’s struggles and determination. 

The beautiful and profound melody also helps to bring out a feeling of strength, resilience, and warmth. It can also be a great motivational song and is loved by millions of Final Fantasy fans worldwide.

The tune is played on a guitar to the DADGBE, or Drop-D tuning. You can use an electric tuner to help you achieve the right tuning. It can be difficult, but the song is playable with some practice.

Main Theme – Legend of Zelda

Why I Like This: This is the tune most will remember about the game, and you could drive these fans wild if you play the tune on your guitar. The song also uplifts spirits and prepares you to tackle the tasks ahead.

This will be an instant favorite. You will hear this tune playing when you load up the game’s title screen. Zelda’s main theme helps to bring up a sense of excitement, where you will pick up a sword and embark on a quest to success.

The song has also gone through many revisions. The first version is a regular 8-bit tune, while modern ones are played with an orchestra.

Evolution of The Legend of Zelda Theme Song (1986 – 2019)

You can assume the same thing when you play the tune on your guitar. The good thing about this song is that it is played in standard tuning, EADGBE. You do not need to do fancy tuning to prepare the strings for the song. 

Aquatic Ambience – Donkey Kong Country

Why I Like This: This is probably the second, more recognizable soundtrack in the Donkey Kong video game series. It also has a tranquil, chill vibe to it, making it relaxing. 

Donkey Kong is a popular video game series released in 1981. In the game, you play the role of Donkey Kong himself as he quests to reclaim the stolen banana hoard from the evil King K. 

Along the journey, you are accompanied by a sidekick, Diddy Kong. Along the quest, you will hop from tree to tree, eat bananas, and fight King K’s evil Kemlings. 

The song Aquatic Ambiance is usually played during some underwater levels in the game. It gives you a tranquil, still atmosphere, just like your ears may hear nothing underwater. The melodies are also soothing and ambient. 

There are percussive underwater sounds and occasional bubbles too. Aside from the main theme, this is probably the most recognizable soundtrack from the Donkey Kong series. 

When playing the tune on the guitar, you need to change the string tunings. This particular song is tuned to E, B, G, D, G#, and F. It can also be a little hard to pick up. But learn it up, and you will bring a smile to many people’s faces when you play the song out next time. 

Winter (Nocturne On Ice) – Stardew Valley

Why I Like This: This song evokes a meaning of peace and tranquility, perfect for winter times when everything stands still. This track is also not too difficult to play with some practice.

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulator introduced in 2016. It became a popular game for many people as it helps to generate a calm feeling when playing it. The game has a charming feel, making you feel relaxed and nostalgic for that mid-west farm feel.

In the game, You can do things such as planting and harvesting crops or raising livestock. You can also start mining or just hang out in the town with other players in the nearby Pelican Town. 

The Soundtrack’ Winter’ is also known as ‘Nocturne On Ice.’ The track is soft, delicate, and smooth. The song is played primarily with piano but accompanied by synthesizers and chimes. 

As a result, the track evokes a sense of inner peace, tranquility, and introspection. This track perfectly accompanies your farm in winter, when your farm is covered in snow, and everything stands still. 

This indie tune can be played on your guitar with some adjustment. The tuning is adjusted to E, B, G, D, A, E. Play this song in public and instantly get the attention of Stardew Valley players.

Super Mario Bros Theme – Super Mario Bros

Why I Like This: This is the ultimate video game music that even non-gamers will know. This is also a timeless song. Play this, and get everyone to hum along with you.  

The Super Mario Bros does not need an introduction. Super Mario Bros first came into the market in 1985, published by Nintendo. The game exploded in popularity and remains one of the best-seller titles for Nintendo today. 

You play as Mario, a short, fully mustached plumber in the game. You join his quest to save Princess Peach. Along the journey, you may be joined by his sidekick, Luigi. As you embark on the quest, you jump through obstacles, eat mushrooms to grow big, and collect coins.

The Super Mario Theme was featured along with the game’s first edition. It is still used today, with improvements to the track. The track has also been played using a wide variety of instruments as well, such as Marimba and Saxophone.

On a guitar, the song is played to a regular tune, which makes your life significantly easier. The song can be harder to pick up, as it contains triplet notes and half-beats. This makes playing to the right beat a challenge.

But once you get this right, you can be a superstar everywhere. Play this on the road, and do not be surprised if people stop and take videos of you playing. You may even earn some tips too!

Korobeiniki – Tetris

Why I Like This: This is also the most popular video music game in history, possibly rivaling Super Mario Bros. This is also a piece of classic Russian folk music, making it fun to play.

Tetris is a classical puzzle game developed and released in 1984. It is one of the most recognizable and enduring games of all time and has, at times, been called the best thing that has ever come out of the Soviet Union. 

In the game, you have a simple objective. You must arrange falling geometric bricks called Tetrominoes into complete horizontal lines. When you form a complete line, it disappears, forming spaces for you to continue stacking. 

The theme music Korobeikini is used as the soundtrack for the game. It is actually a Russian folk song depicting the meeting between a peddler and a girl. The lyrics describe them haggling over prices. 

For this tune, you play it on the guitar with a down-tuned guitar. The tuning for the strings is Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, and Eb. The tune is quite easy to learn on the guitar as well since it is a folk song, to begin with.

Start by playing slowly. When you get the hang of it, try to play faster, to get that jumpy, exciting tune you usually hear from the video game itself. 


Is Learning Video Game Songs Hard?

The difficulty in learning video game songs may depend on the song you choose and your ability to play the instruments you choose. 

Some songs can be easy, such as Korobeiniki from Tetris. You can pick up these songs in several hours of practice if you have the basics. There are also very hard ones, requiring months of practice to play well.

The key is to practice and perfect your skill. You can play any songs you want, with good practice. 

Is It Easier To Learn Video Game Songs On Guitar Or Piano?

When you look for video game music, you may hear some played on guitars or piano. They both sound so good you are not sure which instruments to use. Would it be easier to learn video game songs on a piano? 

Learning video game songs on guitar and piano may be easier. This is because the piano may be harder to pick up, especially if you are brand new. 

In most cases, you will need months of instructions before playing a decent piano tune. You can achieve the same in several hours on a guitar. 

This means you can pick up video game songs on your guitar faster than on the piano. 

Should I Learn Video Game Songs Using Tabs?

Using a tab to learn video game songs rather than chords would be better. This is because tabs can notate the playing better and in more detail. This means you can play the tunes as close to the original music as possible. 

Chords may be a simpler way to play music, but often it is not accurate enough. The best, however, is to use sheet music. It should notate the best video game music, although you will need some formal training to learn how to read it. 

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Can I Use Electric Guitar To Learn Video Game Songs?

You can use an electric guitar to learn video game songs. However, consider adjusting the sounds of the electric guitar to clean to make it less aggressive. This is because raw, dirty guitar sounds may not reflect the songs well. 

Learning video game music on an electric guitar should be the same as other guitars; you can use similar tabs too. Check out our collection of video game guitar tabs to get started.

Is It Weird To Play Video Game Songs On Guitar?

It is not weird to listen to video game songs, but it is also not weird to play them on your guitar. This is because different people enjoy different types of music; there is nothing wrong with enjoying video game music

Video game music can also sound incredibly great on guitars. In fact, you can easily put a smile on many people’s faces if you can play songs from their favorite video games. That should easily remind them of their childhood and younger days and even earn you a tip too!

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