Pokemon Tablature – National Park Guitar Tab (Pokémon)

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National Park theme is a composition made by Go Ichinose and is part of the beloved official Pokémon games HeartGold & SoulSilver. In this region of the game, we can find several trainers, important items as well a Bug-Catching Contest.

The theme begins with an introduction that contains arpeggios and beautiful chord movements. Also, the chord arpeggio movements are full of chromaticism, giving it a “jazzy” feel. This introduction has enough tension that makes you have the next section as a surprise. All this is played on a piano.

The main section or in this case “Part A” of the track, begins with a soft piano having a “sinphony effect in the back and also a bass that is independent but together (weird to explain but pleasant.” For “Part B,” we get a more moved section with drums and a more moved tempo. The great thing about this piece is that it does make you feel comfortable being in the place as well as remembering it. 

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Composed by Go Ichinose.

Pokémon Theme Tab Details

In this tab you can find the traditional score with the notes as well the tabs. This great theme pokemon is perfect for intermediate players. Here you can view the pdf but if you can go to patreon if you want to download the tab or to check my other video game tabs.

The guitar tuning is (6)E (5)A (4)D (3)G (2)B (1)E.

Pokemon Tabs


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