What Does a Typical Guitarist Look Like, and Why?

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We often think of guitarists as a specific type of person – maybe someone who is serious and intense, or maybe someone who is laid-back and cool. But what does a “typical” guitarist look like? And why do they play the guitar? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the common characteristics that make up guitarists, as well as some of the reasons why people choose to play this instrument. Stay tuned!

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What Does a Typical Guitarist Look Like, and Why?
Photo by Vovan Gord: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-wearing-gray-fedora-hat-playing-acoustic-guitar-3379019/

The Hipster

These guitarists are often those with an oversized pair of glasses and with long hair. The long hair is inspired by their mentors who have been playing guitar before them. They’re easy to spot and they possess an in-depth knowledge of offset fenders. The hipster has a deep knowledge of esoteric music and will find great pleasure in helping to find new sources with interesting new sounds.

The Old Master

These are bona fide industry legends that look like drug addicts in the 70s. They have those weird old-man fingers, mostly knuckled with long nails and played pre-1960s, mostly rock and roll. The old master can pull off different techniques with one note than most people can do with 100 notes. Their style is old school, and they are a living connection to the greats. Don’t be mistaken by the hearing aid and the comfortable shoes; the old masters are guitar player gurus!

The Pro

You will know them by their meticulously maintained Mesa boogie and a simple pedal board as their main gears. They’re usually dressed in black to fade into the backing band, and they can play anything anonymously. There’s no stage they haven’t played, but no one knows their name, and that’s how they like it. The pro does not care for your flashy finishes or gimmicks, but they care for hard practicalities when it comes to playing guitar.

The Wizard

The wizard has a mighty beard than Gandalf, which is well flexed. He is a big fan of anything acoustic with strings – guitars, mandolins, and banjos. He’s brilliant in fingerpicking patterns, and you will hear the sound of the earth long ago – in the old tunes and chords he plays.

The Dentist

They have an overly confident dentist smell of leather and wealth. He will wear watches that are more expensive than most cars. These individuals may have been in a band when they were younger, toured a little, and maybe nearly made it. When the band broke up, they may have gone back to college, and 30 years later, they are rich enough to buy more boutique pedals, super high-end guitars and hand-wired amps than anyone else. Their favorite manufacturer will have serious financial difficulty if the dentist is removed from the picture.

The Aging Rocker

You will know them by their long thinning hair and faded jeans jacket. They bring memories of when the guitarists looked like pretty girls. These guitarists are the keepers of the sacred flame and always search for a great rock savior.

The Metal Head

They look technically aggressive and they wear black -all their T-shirts are black, their guitars are black, and there are high chances that at least one of their long fingernails is painted black too. These guitarists have stayed on the path because they have seen every iteration of the musical journey come and go.

The Weekend Warrior

You will notice them with their studded faux leather wristband and Foo Fighters T-shirts. From the looks, the weekend warrior has the healthy glow of someone that only plays music for fun, and they appear to have very high self-esteem. They are in bands that do covers.

What Does a Typical Guitarist Look Like, and Why?
Photo by Wendy Wei: https://www.pexels.com/photo/grayscale-photography-of-man-with-guitar-performing-on-stage-1918159/

How To Dress for Playing Guitar

Put On a Wristband

Most guitar players put on a wristband to help reduce sweat, friction between the arms and the instrument, and support. Additionally, some guitar players will begin to have sore wrists from aggressive strumming. Wristbands help alleviate this problem.


When it comes to clothing, it depends on the occasion. For example, if you are playing for a rock band, you will dress differently from when you are playing for jazz.

If you are hired for a gig to play guitar, your outfit will be advised by:

Event Theme

If you’re being hired for a job, ask about the dress code ahead of time. Party planners or clients will tell you to know whether you’re expected to show up in a tux, casual all-black, or entirely different.


When you’re hired for a show, it is easy to put looks before comfort, but remember that your main goal at any job is to deliver a great performance. Therefore, items of clothing that interfere with that goal should be left at home.

The setting

Be mindful of the physical climate you’ll be performing in. For example, if you are going to be playing in a large auditorium that will be kept cold ahead of time, to avoid overheating when hundreds of people pack in, ensure you wear plenty of warm clothes.

The Gear That Every Musician Should Have

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are essential guitar accessories because you will always need a spare set if a string breaks. Strings are ‘breakables’ as they don’t last forever and eventually need replacing.

Guitar Tuners

A guitar tuner is one of the essential accessories to own because it does exactly what it says; it keeps your guitar in tune!

Guitar Capo

The capo is one of the best guitar accessories for any guitarist. It allows you to sharpen your guitar tabs skills and change the pitch of a song without having to tune your guitar differently.


So, what does a typical guitarist look like? A lot of guitarist characteristics have been described above, explaining s a typical guitarist. However, if you are ready to learn guitars and how to play them yourself, check out our free online guitar tab library for all skill levels from beginner to advanced, so everyone can join in on the fun!

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