Mario – Shiveria Town Guitar Tab

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This is the Mario Guitar Tab. Shiveria Town Guitar Cover.

Composed by Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii and Koji Kondo.

The guitar tuning is 6(D) 5(A) 4(D) 3(G) 2(B) 1(E).

Shiveria Town is a vibrant theme song from the 2017 Nintendo Switch video game Super Mario Odyssey. The track is part of an 82-track soundtrack composed by Noto Kubo and Koji Kondo, with the help of other support composers. Shiveria town, in particular, was the work of one of Nintendo’s prolific composers, Shiho Fujii. While the composers of the original version of this song performed it using bagpipes, I found the tune more relaxing when played on the guitar.

The theme song appears predominantly in the precincts of Shiveria Town within the Snow Kingdom. However, a slightly altered version of the track plays for a second time in the racecourse entrance segments of the game, particularly in the Bound Bowl Grand Prix entrances. If you are a fan of bouncy and playful gaming music, you will like the pulsating vibe in the original song.

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Most importantly, the game’s developers matched the game’s environments and milieu to the music applied in each scene. For instance, this specific song creates an aura of tranquility in the snow kingdom, hence befits the town’s serenity. Shiverians live in the big and warm excavated settlement underneath the ice. They are portrayed as cheerful people who are full of action.

Other notable songs from the video game include Bubblaine, Fossil Falls, Tostarena: Night, and Honeylune Ridge. One lovely thing about Super Mario Odyssey that makes the game totally worth it is its breathtaking views and places. In the history of the Mario gaming series, there has not been a game that matches Odyssey’s technical and musical quality. The addition of Cappy as a sidekick in Mario Odyssey is also a smart move that makes the action-adventure platform game more interesting.

Most gamers have been asking whether Super Mario Odyssey 2 is coming out anytime soon. The answer is no official release date has been dropped yet, but we should expect the second installation to debut somewhere between late 2023 to early 2024.


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